Trust your gut feeling

  • I have a decision to make and have been struggling with it for the past few months. I'm so wrapped up in the pros and cons that I'm overthinking it and don't have a strong feeling either way. Without even describing the question, I wonder if people here can get a gut reaction answering either yes or no? If anyone is curious, i'll let you know the actual question later. All welcome to respond.. Thanks!

  • Dear stonyeye, I just clicked on and read your post - and there is an overwhelming 'Yes with joy' in my mind.

    Blessings and light

  • Hi stonyeye,

    Lol - of course I'm curious now. In the meantime, as I read your question I also felt 'yes'. And the phrase, 'in old age, it's what we didn't do we regret more than what we did' also popped into my mind.

    Btw, I was nervous at first about responding but then I figured, fate leads us in unexpected ways. Hope that makes sense!

    Bright blessings.

  • Thanks Emereaux and Witchone! I know it's bizarre to answer without knowing the question but this would be a big life change for me and I don't want the pros and cons weighed anymore. I've weighed them to death already. I'd rather know the intuitive response from other people.

    Witchone, I feel the same when responding to other people's posts but I'm so glad you did. I know you are very very intuitive and I value what you and others here have to say. I'll post again with the question a little later but first want to see if anyone else replies.

    Thanks you two!

  • Also, i definitely agree with the phrase that we usually don't regret what we did. We regret what we didn't do. Good to remember!

  • Stonyeye, Very curious about the details too, but sometimes it's better when you don't know all the details beforehand - especially as an empath, I can get in my own way because I can over-personalize information and overdo the analysis if I'm not aware of staying clear. Does that make sense? But my response was strong and immediate and I trust the Yes for you. You're an empath too? I also sense a male energy around you in relation to the 'No' choice.

    And Witchone, I agree totally - I'm also hesitant to weigh in with responses, but sometimes I really do feel led too, and must.

    Very curious and will be checking future posts.

  • Exactly Emereaux! It's for that reason that i don't want to put my question out there yet. On paper, the answer looks clear cut but I would really like to know what pure intuition tells you without all the details to analyze.

    Please don't ever feel hesitant to give responses. Your opinions and instincts mean a lot and just so you know, you are RIGHT ON about the "no" choice. I'll wait a little longer to explain. Sorry to be so cryptic.

  • Thanks for the feedback and support! But no worries - I'll keep checking back. I'm very curious about other responses to your question as well!

  • Stonyeye,

    Hi, i picked up on "yes",and that you should do this for you,this should be your decision and not to let someone change your mind.

    peace,blessings,love and light 🙂

  • Can anyone help me?

  • Thanks Witchone, Emereaoux and Patricia for answering my cryptic question! I'll go ahead and tell you now that I am trying to decide if I should move back to the UK. I lived there for 5 years and I moved home to US about two and a half years ago to help my parents who were having some health problems. At the time, I also thought it would be a good idea to come home after 8 years living overseas (I was in Sweden for three years before London) and lay down some roots after hopping around so much. I felt that it was harder to start a more permanent life in the UK as it isn't my original "home" and was nervous about settling down there for good. All logic aside, I really miss my life in London though and have been debating whether to try and get my old job back there. One of the issues that holds me back is is expensive to live in London and not a great place for saving money. It is a very transient city so people area always coming and then going out of your life. If i moved back, a lot of the friends I made there have already moved on to other places. However, I felt like I was able to learn and grow so much when I lived in London. There are so many opportunities for meeting interesting and diverse people and I can't explain it but I just felt more alive there than I ever have in my life. The pros for staying home are that life is just easier for me here. It's easier to save money and I can have luxuries that I wasn't able to afford in London. Things life having pets, a car, some land. Not to mention I have so many friends here who i have known since childhood. It is always nice to know someone who knew you when and understands your history. Finally, my main concern for leaving is that my dad is alone and although he won't admit it, I know that he would really like me to stay close by and not move across the ocean again. I love being near him and would feel like I was abandoning him but I feel such a pull to go back to London. I don't know why and can't really explain it. Sometimes I wonder if I lived there in a past life. The attraction to live there is that strong. On paper, when I write out the pros and cons, the answer to me is obvious that i should stay home and work towards making a real life here again. However, I can't stop thinking about going back to the UK and feel inexplicably drawn there. From your answers, it sounds like it would be a good move again for me. I'm just worried about leaving my dad alone. He is divorced and my brother is living overseas already too so I am the only family he has nearby. Ok, that was a lot of details. If you are still reading (lol!) does anyone have comments to add now that I've told you the story?

  • Hi,Can you help me with a situation with mychildren as well as the relationship with the scorpio man. I have been trying to follow my gut as far as all of these things are concerned but it just seems that I get no where in the process. Would like to know if my relationship with him will ever be back in order and will he realize what he has walked away from and come home .As far as my children are concerned I have been going through a legal battle for the 3 of them. Was wondering if i will win this and they will come home or will i lose them forever

  • Hi SE,

    Yep London is a vibrant city - even more so at the moment maybe. Yet it can be lonely. And damn expensive as you say. Have you thought of moving somewhere just outside London? I live 20 mins by train from London. I'm also about 20 mins by road from a taste of the countryside. Prices here are expensive, but nowhere near as bad as London itself. Worth thinking about.

    I still feel the answer is yes. With regards your concerns about your father - would you be able to set a sum of money aside in a separate account so you could just jump on a flight home if he truly needed you? If so, that's what I'd do.

    If you do decide to come to London again, and would like to 'meet up' I'd be happy to buy you coffee - lunch, whatever felt comfortable. Oh and just to clarify what must be obvious, I am female, and oh sooooooooooooooooooooooo old (lol) and about as dangerous as a bunch of bluebells. 😉

  • Stonyeye, I agree with witchone. My answer is still yes. You have unfinished business there. Would your dad be open to going with you? Is that an option that you (or he) would even consider? I understand why you are so torn - my parents are older too - it would be hard for me to make that decision as well. But what is over in London for you is something not available to you here - I don't know if it is a relationship or something related to your former job - but it's something that will bring you joy (I feel that strongly) - despite some of the downside that you cited earlier. And frankly, it sounds like a really exciting adventure!

    Let us know what you decide!

    Wishing you light and love in the coming New Year!

  • Hi Witchone, First of all, I would love to meet up with you if I come back and I'm flattered you asked. I've read a lot of your posts and you seem lovely. I'll definitely take you up on the offer for a nice lunch out. I'll be sure to let you know what happens.

    I think that is very good advice about living more towards the outskirts. My old job is located smack dab in the most expensive part of London so living there would not be an option, unless i wanted to turn my entire paycheck over to a landlord! I would have to look into travel costs and weigh the benfits of costly travel and a longer commute but i'm a lot more familliar with the transportation there and could probably swing it if I research areas more carefully. When I first moved there, the only place I considered was right in zone 1 where all the action was! lol! Those rent prices absolutely killed me.

    Yes, I would definitely make it home to visit for holidays and that wold be a good compromise. Not exactly the same as living in the same country but it would be something.

    I'm glad to have your intuitive opinion on the whole matter. I've been so caught up in the pros and cons and emotions about the whole thing that it's hard to listen to my own intuition. Thank you so much for your replies. They really are very helpful. I hope I will meet you in person one day!

  • Hi Emereaux, so you still think yes too? Ok. I am taking this all into serious consideration. I feel very much what you described....that there is something in London that I might not find at home. Unfinished business as you say. I still can't figure out what it is but it's just a feeling. It's good to see that someone else feels that for me too!

    I'm pretty sure my dad would not come out with me. He has a life here and is happy. I think the busy streets of London and the cost would drive him crazy. He likes his space! It is so difficult though to leave a parent isn't it? He has helped me so much while I was growing up and I now I have an opportunity to give something back and hate to just leave him. I know he would tell me to go live my own life and that he is fine but i know what is in his heart. It's not easy for him to be so far from his family. My brother and I are his only family and both being so far away is difficult. Well, you understand.

    Thank you so much for your replies. Both you and Witchone have been so kind to talk this out (or write this out) with me. It is very helpful for me to hear your gut feeling on this. As I said above, my intuition is all out of whack on this subject! Thank you Emereaux. I feel like you are a new friend. I'll look for you on the boards and will definitely keep you updated, especially after you've spent your own time to help me out. Happy New Year to you too! x

  • Stonyeye,

    Sorry if I am butting in, but I have been in a similar situation to yours, and made the decision 8 years ago to leave everything behind and follow my dreams.

    Long story short, while I was born in the US, my dad, an oil engineer, took a position overseas when I was 15 yo. I spent 15 years living all over South America and spent summer vacation in Europe (dad's side is from Spain, mom from Italy). Eight years ago, I felt I had gone as far as I could with my career while living in South America, and decided to come back to the States. I have never regretted that decision, even when it meant starting from scratch with no family nearby whatsoever, and no friends.

    I now have the most wonderful bunch of friends, my "adopted family" that I love as though they were my own, a great career, and while I still have yet to meet my life partner, I am very happy. I talk to my mother every week on the phone, and probably share more with her now than I did when I lived at home.

    Without my asking one day my mother told me how proud she was to see how far I had come along with my career, how much I had grown emotionally and spiritually by living on my own, and how happy I was, she said she couldn't be happier. Although she would have like for me to live closer by, my happiness was more important, and that she understood.

    I think your dad will feel the same. Your child's happiness means everything to you, even if it means they might leave your side.

    I strongly recommend that you follow witchone's advice and keep some money saved, so that you could go home immediately to be by your dad's side if there ever is an emergency. And don't forget to communicate. Living nearby doesn't help if the communication lines are down. Physical presence doesn't mean much if communication is not there.

    And follow your dreams, there is no point in spending time regretting lost dreams, better to spend time pursuing them, wherever they may lead.

    Best of luck !!!!

  • Hello Everyone & Stonyeye,

    This is my very first response ever, but I felt compelled to comment, as when I was reading Stonyeye's original post re: the mysterious dilemma,I immediately saw the Fool card in my mind's eye, and heard the lyrics to Fiona Horne's song "Over the Edge" from her Witch Web album. Here are the lyrics, keeping in mind I hadn't read what the issue was at this stage...

    Say good-bye,say hello

    My arms are open, like the Fool

    My head is flung back

    In my mouth a flower

    It tastes so sweet

    I'm calling out...

    "Catch me Universe, I'm looking forward to

    seeing where I land!"

    Just jump she said

    Step off the ledge

    Out of the door

    Over the edge

    Fall into bliss

    And it's abyss

    Get back up again

    And once more over the edge

    Time to fly

    Fear is the key

    To all that can and will be

    Say goodbye say hello

    Time to fly

    Time to go

    Wow!!! I'm feeling goosebumpy guys, don't know about you!

    My feeling is, once I read the actual issue, is that the US is like a comfort zone, a holding pattern? And although safe, boring, ho-hum, stagnant. Whereas London is calling, beckoning, waiting, haunting your thoughts.

    You need to be there girlfriend.

    As for dad, my gut is that there is nothing left worth holding onto at home, and he will have the time of his life there with you. Literally. I also get the feeling, that you have to make some definate decisions here as far as your own life is concerned before he will contemplate even holidaying there. Once you mean business, get him to come on a holiday with you to ease him into moving. Trailblaze!

    Is there family property your dad has been given the responsibility of caretaking?

    If I'm on to something, he may just accept that responsibility as a done deal, but once he becomes open to the idea that he is a free agent and needn't spend his twilight years anchored to a piece of Earth, this just may lift the burden off his shoulders and open his mind to the other option of going with you. What has he to lose? Maybe responsibility, fear of change is keeping him mired. Is there property/realestate to be sold that will finance your dad and buy him a home over there? Country cottage perhaps like in the BBC series "All Creatures Great and Small"?

    I may just be raving on like a mad woman now, but my response has pretty much written itself.

    Very keen to hear what you make of my ramblings Stonyeye & anyone taking an interest.

    Sisterly love from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia X

  • P.S. - Imeant to call myself WitchyWoman, but submitted WitchWoman instead, silly me!

    I can't figure out how to edit this forum name, does anyone know please?


  • Lol thanks SE. I'm still on my best behaviour though. 😉

    Back to your question, Summerbutterfly made a very good point about parents and how we want our childrens happiness more than anything. It made me think about it from a parental point of view - wondering how your dad may feel. My children are only teenagers but the two older ones are both interested in conservation and intend to make their career in that area. It's almost certain they will live and work abroad and I think I've just taken that as a given. So, I got to thinking about how do I actually feel about the prospect. And I realised that while I will no doubt miss them - I'm at ease with it and indeed very happy they have found something they believe in and have a passion for. And lets face it, we are blessed to live in times where communication and travel is so easy. If I had lived 2 or 3 hundred years ago I probably would have barely known anyone outside my village/town. Now I have friends not only from all over the UK but from all over the World. And I can talk with you and others on forums such as this. It's quite mind blowing really.

    I'll start saving for that lunch........

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