Guardian Angels

  • Hi All,

    I received a free reading from someone on a website some time ago and every now and again she contacts me with offers, etc. She sent me an email telling me she knew the names of my Guardian Angels and even created a page for me to view. I understand that she is requesting a fee for the research she's done but I don't want to be duped.

    The reading says I have a prinicipal guardian angel and two minor angels. How can I know this is accurate? Since the teaser reading she sends me vague emails.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Ya, i totally agreed with Azaza12. We dont have to spend money to know your guides...just need some time and practices will do.

    Now that Azaza12 have shared the experience. Think i had it too.

    Cos actually, i'm also trying to connect with my guides.

    I heard a male 'voice' or should i said, a thought when i asked some questions during my meditation months ago....

    and just yesterday, i dreamt of a guy telling me something regarding a situation i'm in with my ex. Guess he answer my query through dream. cos i spoke to him few nights before i went to sleep. Chatting and telling my problem out to the air.

    i actually wake up asking myself, who is that that Azaza have pointed out....i guess he is my guide that i heard or spoke with.

    Quite a young chap...but din remember his face though....

    So i presume that is my guide huh 😜


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