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  • Good Afternoon All,

    I wanted to know if it meant something if cats keeping occupying the outside of my home! Had a period where a Momma cat and her two kittens lived in my backyard for a while. As the kittens grew they finally were able to leave on their own. They come back now and again, I suspect to see if we would feed them again. Lol.

    Last night I open the door, a delivery person was at the wrong house and there sat an Orange cat on my steps. They never try to get in and the neighborhood has its share of stray cats but he left once I shooed him away. This one was orange.

    I had a dog for the longest time and don't recall many cats coming around. Lol. Was just wondering.

  • you both are very lucky, I moved in with ma in law who is not a great catlover, when I met my hubby, I had two cats at that time, one had never been outside and had been about to be put down so living in a house was a new experience for her the other was a street rescue cat, she was suposed to be more street savvy. The older one, chrissi-cat was really funny she didn't seem to understand glass, at least when a bird was sitting on it, and gave us quite a few funny moments when she tried to catch birds who were sitting on a glass roof, which she was below, unfortunately they made friends with a cat that lived over the road from us, and she didn't make it home one morning after her pre breakfast walk, the other cat, Pops, must have seen what happened she never went out the front of the house again, she'd been in a house where the woman had dogs, and bred them, her mum was a pretty little tortie who was let have kittens far too young, she was 18 months when she had Pops,( her original name was lucky as she was the only survivor of her litter, her mums second,) she had been fed on dog food, so was not a healthy cat, (later when I heard what happened to her mother and half siblings I wished I'd taken them all, but thats another story), after Chrissi died she was lonely I think, she invited all the neigbourhood cats into our conservatory as it has a catflap, we would look out and there would be at least 4 or 5 strange cats sitting on the sofa which freaked ma in law, but not me, later we got another last chance cat, I called her pasht, which she liked, but she was terrified of uniformed men, I never knew her history but she was february born like me, she and Pops didn't even mind when I had my son Dylan, Pops decided he was hers to look after, sleeping in his room, and always near him, but her bad start caught up with her, and we found her one morning as if she'd just looked up to listen to something ,but gone, then we just had Pasht, and she'd learned to love everyone including ma in law, who sometimes found herself with a new bedmate especially if she was feeling down, and in time she loved her too, but one morning she found her, (something had happened we never found out what ) she was dead, and in a horrible way, poor ma in law, she said we could never have another cat, she couldn't go through that again.

    I still see the girls, not in the fur, but they're here, and last year when I was particularly down, we found a lost cat on our allotment, and he stayed with us for a while until a friend of mine who has a sanctuary for cats scanned him for me, and he went back to his owners, he'd been out from October, when he'd escaped from wher he'd been staying until the April he went home. I miss him terribly, but life in an allotment shed isn't the best, his is the photo on my avatar. I do feel lost without a feline furfriend though, and although we have a few transient ones on the allotment I still wish for one to come to me permanently, but I think it will be another last chancer, so it may be some time

  • ps it is strange but although ma in law said she didnt like cats she'd had a stray living in the conservatory for some years. When I moved there, she moved on into the anderson shelter in the back garden after my two moved in, but she had a bed and blankets even there, and mine never bothered her either, in fact they sometimes curled up together, another local tried to move in and she found him asleep under her pillow but after Pasht though she blocked up the catflap so that no one else could try it

  • is anyone still reading this now ?

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  • dear George I love you

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  • he looks so much like my Pasht, even to the expression he has

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  • Hey Soapmaker...pls go to the thread 'Need Prayers and healings please' started by a lady called 'olivebranch'. The lady is going through a lot at present and needs our readings/prayers/healing or even some gentle words of love and wisdom! Thank You 🙂

  • Well, I had dogs most of my life. But now I've had Tessa, my cat for more than ten years I wouldn't change her for any other pet in the world. Some times I'm so worried with things that I even begin to talk to myself, she stares deep into my eyes until I realize she's trying to read me or trying to understand what is wrong. Sort of helping me to see myself and stop, or something...

    I love her.

    I really don't know ...but they are special.

    They are also amusing and funny and do all sort of tricks when you are looking to make you laugh.

    Be good to all these angels, because that is what they are!

  • Maartha/Chrissicat I just lost 2 of my cats this year, brother and sister age 19 yrs. I just lost my Tom cat the other night. He had a seizure and on the way to the vets office at 1 a.m. he died. I am so lucky to have had him for so long, but he was my special angel and I truly believe he was a gift from God for helping me to get through this life. When you said how your cat just looks up into your eyes staring into your soul, that's what he did to me too. Not the other 2, although Missy was special too and the one we have left, well he's just a real piece of work, but, Tomcat had green eyes and would just stare and blink and move his head back and forth slightly when I was talking to him...sort of a lovey look he'd get in his eyes as if he was there just to love me. I could kiss his belly and he loooved that. They do have a way of getting into our hearts. One tme my neck hurt real bad and I as laying half down on my stomach and he came and draped his body right over my neck. He always knew when I was down and would come around me and wouldn't leave me. Sometimes hard to sleep with as he would sleep on my feet and I will miss him but I'm glad he's not suffering now. I loved all the cat stories. Our special babies for sure!

  • Chriscat... you nearly made my cry. If other people only knew how lovable these animals are, they would have one for sure. They are not only lovable, they are almost psychic if not more than we'll ever be.

    Thanks Chriscat.

  • I think all cats are great gifts, they nearly all can heal, sometimes even stuff that you don't know is broken

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  • Chrissicat, , tell us more about your cats and what other cats do, like strange or wierd things. Tessa is my first cat. I'm learning with her but all I can say is that i love this cat more than any other pet I've ever had.

    She eats with me, sleeps with me follows me everywhere and bites the back of my neck and head when I'm watching t v. She doesn't do it to my son, just to me!

    But what I really would iike to hear you tell us is bout other strange abilities or gifts that cats have and can do.

    I have a feeling you know these angels more than most of us.

    Thanks. Oh, yes I need her when I have problems with other people --some very abusive neighbors--, I tell her , "can you help me", but she just stares straight into my eyes. Well, at least she makes me feel good and thankful that `I have such a wonderful friend and angel so near me.

  • I must admit I let my girls choose my hubby, they chose well, I'm still with him nearly 20 years later, I have a furfriend that lives near our allotment and she can heal. hubby had a cut that wouldnt stop bleeding, she insisted on seeing it, licked the thumb, and not only did it stop, it closed and was gone in days. (this had been bleeding for two or three days previous too,as he has a tendency to bleed excessively) also she knew when hubby had cancer before he realised the seriousness of the lump he had, if we had listened to her, he would have lost less of his leg muscles than he did. My girls would always go to sit with mother in law when she was depressed, and when she had been in hospital Pasht insisted on staying around her when she first came out, following her everywhere for the first week out, and when my son was born Pops decided to be his protector always staying with him, even though she'd been with me for four years previous to his birth. they still come here, and sometimes bring other furfriends with them, including little Kattie, and sometimes they will get on my bed just as they did when they were still in the fur, one right next to me at the middle, and two now, at the bottom taking turns at the middle except Pops always slept at the end of the bed (and still feels as if she does)

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