Shy cancer with strange connection too taurus

  • I'm a cancer, and a bit more reserved with my feelings, latley this has caused me some grief because I have some questions I'm dying to ask my ex, who's a taurus. It's always been a bit weird between us, we met when we were teenagers, dated for a couple years, became engaged, went through a lot together, then split and went our seperate ways, just being so young and all. Five years later after marrying my now exhusband, we moved overseas,just two days there, as we were getting established in our new surroundings, we walk into the post office, as I'm standing in line I heard my ex's(taurus guy's) voice next to me, I hadn't seen him since we split, so we both about had a heart attack. We had met in a different state then either of us were from, then we run into each in a completley different country. He seemed a little uncomfortable with me after that, would never look up if I happend to walk by, especially after I had my first child, then he would sort of turn and hurry in the other direction. I would smile, nod, but never attempt to speak to speak to him, since he did seem so put off by my being there, my exhusband would joke and say " what the hell did you do to that guy"? but I honestly did not know. A couple years later, my husband and I were not getting along too well, and he stopped coming home after work, then at all, which anyone can pretty much gather what that means. One night we had decided we should get a babysitter and try going out together, work on our "marriage", we went to a place with several friends, I hadn't been out since we had kids, so I thought we were having a great time, but I guess not, because when I came back from the restroom my husband had decided to leave me there with our friends without telling me. Thats when everything changed.Taraus guy had been there the whole time, but that didn't matter really,except until a girl came in and met him. I don't know why to this day, but I didn't like that at all, it wasn't my place, but I just got the worst feeling. I knew I shouldn't ,but several days later I worked up the nerve to talk to him when I saw him, I asked him why he seemed to avoid me, and seemed angry at me, and he let me have it. He told me I ruined his life, then my being there was like a reminder. I told him I was really sorry, that we were kids, and then he was like my best friend again, too weird. By then my husband and I were seperated and I was pending orders to move back home early, I wish I could say I was innocent and resisted taurus guy until I got on the plane, but I couldn't. Thats where all my questions come in, there was his gfriend, and me, and he couldn't seem to decide, no matter how much I tried to force him too, I felt like no time had passed, I was in love, and he was just bouncing back and forth, in the end he said he couldn't hurt her, and chose her. I could have spat fire at him, and he seemed numb and even a little mean about my feelings. After she dumped him, (she had been cheating on him all along too) he said he wanted to be with me and I was niave enough to beileve that I guess. He also seemed to have a problem with alcahol that I didn't know about then, he said he had work to do before he came back, then we would be together again. I came home, and he did too eventually, but I never saw him again. I never forgot about him, but life goes on, until a couple months ago, his profile was on my friends page, and we began talking again online. All those feelings came back, and I wanted to know why, what happend after I left and waited for him, but its been so many years, I wouldn't dare ask him now, and if he has any interest/ feeling left for me he isn't showing it, so obviously he and I have this weird connection that just comes and goes, does anyone have any advice on how I might proceed with Mr. Taurus to a tee? Thanks

  • I see a big sign that says COMMUNICATION. Somewhere in your chart or childhood history is a real bump in the road when it comes to communication. You feel a constant frustration at your inability to read people and find it hard to speak up--not that you are shy or afraid but you are at a loss as to the right questions to ask--this leaves you assuming things about people that may not be true. There is a disconnect when it comes to imagining how another might be feeling. You need to connect to that inner voice that keeps you from harm. You have had this come up in every relationship and your Taurus ex is back as a reminder that you must deal with your issues on communication before you can choose a more suitable mate. The attraction you feel is the connection to this other spirit as a helpmate this lifetime to mirror your challanges. He too has communication issues and is frustrated at his not being able to sense or ask the right questions. You felt his anger, even your mate felt it. He honestly doesn't know how to interpert the past and goes back and forth in his mind between you being uncaring and cruel to what did he do wrong? He is the barometer of your progression. As you deal with your communication issues and make progress it will be reflected in how you and he interact together. With your last mate you ignored too much---didn't keep your ears open. You need to ask yourself who this man reminds you of from your childhood so you can heal that wound before repeating it again. Your Taurus friend is a lot more like you than you know--the same challanges confront him as well---not seeing or hearing the signs his ex was unhappy and straying. You have enough in common to produce a really strong attraction yet because you share the same communication issues it means any attempt at this time would only create constant frustration and misconceptions. This does not mean you both cannot evolve above this challange. You both must work on your issues mostly apart with meetings now and then to give you an idea on how you are doing. The day you both can feel at ease with each other like a window has been washed clean and suddenly you really see this man then you know you've risen above this challange. It might help for you to start a meditation ritual. Take time to really listen inward. Ask your spirit guides for help and try going alone to a book store and let them help you pick the right book to get you hearing what you need to hear. Believing you have the power to receive this is a good start.

  • Wow, I am at a loss for words, and so grateful for your insight, thank you, thank you and God bless you for taking the time to share that with me, as this has been driving me crazy, I'm not even sure that he wants me to be apart of his life, he has distractions of the female persuasion going on at the moment, part of me will always hope that he still loves me too, but like you said whats best for everyone has yet to be revealed. I am amazed at your insight, I will defintly be taking your thoughtful guidance to heart, thank you again!

  • You are either an angel, or sent by one, I am still in awe of your empathy, insight, just WOW!

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