Advise for my Libra/Piscies Relationship

  • I am a Libra-Monkey, born 9/29/80 in San Antonio TX @ 4:50PM,,,

    He is a Piscies-Tiger, born 3/10/74 in Columbus SC, time unknown,,,,

    Me and my Piscies have been together for a little over a year,, I love him more than I have ever loved anyone before him, he says the same of me and at times I beleive him. Our relationship is extreme. One day it is a living hell,, the next its like we are the only two people living in paradise,,, and back again,, never ordenary. Recently we have had a better understanding of each other and the waters have stilled a bit, but im worried we will fall back into the same pattern that has devistated us before. I have searched astrology sites attempting to get a little insight on weather not we are even compatable,, but like our relationship answers are conflicting. We are so alike yet so different,, never on the same page even though it seems we have the same book!

    Any and all comments Welcome!

  • You are still indecisive yourself, and that´s no wonder, because you love to argument. That´s why you are negating your heart, your feelings and this is separating you from the other.

    You have "power in love" and you have to exercise discrimination and responsibility in its use. You will see almost immediate results when you misuse your power with others. With wisdom and spiritual awareness you can rise to great heights in sharing your love and healing power with others. Operating out of your fear, you find those who are the dominators of those you love and seek to manipulate others through guilt and withholding of affection and acknowledgment. You have high ideals about love and relationships, sometimes these ideals are too high to ever be met. With all the power at your command, there is little you cannot do, as long as it is not motivated by fear.

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