How to get my scorpio back

  • Hi!

    Can somebody here help tell me what is going to happend between me (pisces) and my ex-boyfriend (scorpio)? I really not been very nice to him, but we are still meet and have good contact. But I know he is my soulmate and that I am determent to do whatever it takes to get the trust back, I really what to spend my life with this man.... He said that he need some time, to see that I can change..... What can I do to make him belive me...cause I really do.

    Can somebody see how its gonna be, will he eventually belive my words?


    pisces that have found the one (but dont know how to keep him)

  • amare et sapere vix deo conceditur.....U know.

  • Every Scorpio guy I've been friends with is drawn to sweet innocent women.

    Maybe if ur nicer to him and prove your devotion he will come back?

  • I'll try my best...

    The Shape of Things to Come

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