Pain and reality

  • loss, pain, can't deal with reality, and sadness has overcome my life in the last 4 wks. How does one move on and has my son moved on? We waited 18 years to have him and in 2.5 months he was taken from us.

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  • I just want to say that I am really sorry for your loss. Do you have help in dealing with your pain?

  • what good is someone to help with the pain when they cannot bring him back

  • Do you want to talk about what happened?

  • Sudden infant death syndrome

  • I am so sorry. I'm sure your pain is unbearable. Did it take you 18 years to have him as in this was your first child?

  • Anyway. I just want you to know that your baby's spirit is fine there is no death. That's not a concept that's a fact. I have spoken to those that I have lost through mediums. Sometimes that same spirit will come back to you in another body. Now this is probably not going to make you feel all that better at the moment. You have gotten a raw deal. It's just not fair. You have every right to feel enraged over this. I hope you have support. You are going through the worst pain you probably ever will feel. All I can say is that I will pray for you.

  • we have 3 daughters 17, 12, and 11 he was our oops and wish.

    thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  • I am so sorry, I am so so sorry...I wish peace for you. When I had my miscariage (it was very tramatic, although nothing compared to your pain)...the docotor told me that sometimes god takes away little babies for whatever reason...but that he gives them back to us...I now think that this Dr. was psychic... My son is six months old, I know that he is that same baby that I is the same soul. I KNOW THIS! I hope that your baby comes back to you...IN some way. I am so so sorry for you. I will pray for you, and yours too.


  • I am truly very sorry to read about your loss. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences. The picture of your son is beautiful, he has a gorgeous smile and amazing dimples.

    I know nothing that is said or done can bring him back, but please get in touch with your local SIDS association. There will be many people who have been through this before, who will understand your grief and help you through this. They will help you get through this one day at a time. It will help you to speak to other parents who have been in this heartbreaking situation and got through it.

    I wish you strength to get through this and much love and light. You will be in our prayers.

  • Namaste AMCllpam.

    What a bright and beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your son's photo, and for reaching out for loving support. I wish there was something I could say that would take away your pain. As humans, we have little understanding of the passing of the newly born. To help you understand a litlle bit more, I asked loving Master Sananda to speak to this on your behalf. He said that the grief with the loss of a child feels particularly difficult, and that there can be an understanding of the why of this particular aspect of a child's passing. As a life event, when a child is born we experience the deepest reverence of all life, and it is only then that we begin to undertake the joyful honorable responsibility of nurturing the child through its growth. This reverence is our first experience, and it is the highest form of love. This reverence is so deeply impactful that it literally changes our being, lightens us and enlightens us. It moves mountains, and it fills hearts.

    When I asked Master Sananda how one is to heal, he said that hidden within the experience of loss and grief, that deep revence for all life still dwells. That it is that recognition of and the strength that comes from this reverence that sustains us, carries us, comforts us, and ultimately heals us.

    Your baby's life is still a complete and whole life. He has gone on, and we feel his departure as a wound to our being. But the life and the love, and the joy that he is still exists. We are touched by it, loved by it, encompassed in it, like a blanket. In essence, though he is no longer with us, he is still radiant. He is still love, in its purest form.

    Archangel Ariel asks that you send your worries to her, that you know you are loved and cared for, and supported. She'll help you continue to open and heal your heart with her magnificent love. Ask her for whatever you need.

    When you feel like speaking to people again, please consider reaching out to me. I can listen with an open, healing heart. Simply send me an email, and I'll be there. I honor you.

    There is light healing available to you; I have sent it. Simply stretch out your loving arms and tip your beautiful face to the sun, and you'll receive its blessings.

    In love and light


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  • The Ahhhh that came out of me at that photo... what a beautiful soul. I cannot imagine that kind of grief, it breaks my heart. You have my heartfelt condolences. I'm gladdened that you are reaching out.



  • The holidays have been hard to bear, they say time will heal but they didn't say it would get worse before it gets better especially around the holidays. I miss you soooo much my precious little baby boy that it hurts to even say it. I can't stop the faucet of tears that come when I think of you. You have brought joy, love, excitement, and hopes into our family and you have taken them with you as well.

  • We miss you

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  • The loss of our son to SIDS has days that I cannot bear. The arrival of his younger brother Dec. 2010 has been a gift from GOD, he has filled our time, taught us to laugh and smile again. I don't know if he reincarnated back to us, or if he sent someone to help us through this. We are grateful that he has passed the critical SIDS age, he is 18 Months Old.

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