Dating a capricorn

  • as a cap with a cap dad and a cap spouse my advice is RUN.

    we r loyal

    we r honest

    but most of all we are focused. wether it be on kids, cooking, work or whatever we are 100% into it. we don't do anything halfway. the intensity can drive even a cap crazy.

    what we r not is spontaneous, romantic or mushy. (though deep down most of us think it would be cool to be those things for just a bit)

    i think we r the hardest people to be with.

    (yes that includes myself)

  • TO CapCan :

    wow..haha..i am exactly the same as you!..Me too is a capri with Leo moon and cancer rising

    "I am a cap with a cancer rising and moon in leo.So a little insight for you guys.If you date a cap "we may not always be spontaneous but we are loyal and dedicated.Even if we appear to be flirts.We are just looking for that one right person to trust and then theres no limits.Just always be honest.As for cancers ...very emotional thats all I can say.

    haha..what u say is so true!

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