What's with all the Aries?

  • So I've got a profile on a dating site and for the last week the vast majority of people who've been contacting me lately are Aries.

    Which is rather amusing to me, because I don't think I've ever known anyone who was an Aries before. (or at least, if I did, I didn't know them well enough to know their birthday!)

    Are there just more Aries on dating sites? Am I just a fire sign magnet? (I do love me some Leos)

    Or is it just an amusing coincidence? lol.

  • Surprise! lol

    Maybe you have something to learn from Aries in particular. I've always been drawn to Aquarian men in my romatic relationships but when i was at school most of my friends were Scorpios and most of my family are Pisces (water again!) i believe i must have been surounded by water folk to calm my firey temper!

    OH!.. and of course Scorpio and Aries have Mars as a shared planet also.

    : )

  • I am an Aries as well, I would have to say it goes in spurts with signs.

    I too am on dating sites and I tend to attract certain signs at different times, I think its more of what you put out there (energy wise).

    Maybe its the energy your giving off that is attracting these men, or if you are very attractive (us Aries are incredibly superficial creatures) that may be the draw too.

    There may be many reasons, I usually attract Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Aquarius. On the occasion Sagittarius and Aries come into play. It mostly depends on my vibes I'm sending out. Kinda in waves..

    Right now, I do not know what I want in a lover, my mind is confused and uncertain so I am attracting every sign out there.

    Aries is always the most aggressive when it comes to pursuit. If they are truly interested they will not stray until they have no other option but to give up and move on.

    It also could be that you carry a lot of fire in your birth chart, or what you project to the world.

  • LoveDetox

    I'm going with what your saying for the best part but i'm certainly not superficial, its true i wont give up easily but will (or have in the past as i'm no longer single) walk away when it seems there is nothing coming back but i've always been loyal and i like someone i can have an intelligent conversation with.

    Himbo's dont do it for me so maybe that just makes me less Arien.

  • I do have a TON of Fire in my chart.

    I'm thinking I must have something to learn from Aries. (and like I said, I do love me some Leos...and a close friend of mine is a Saggi...haha)

    I'll be moving closer to where one Aries in particular is soon, sooo...haha. We'll see.

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