Reading request for Chris1962

  • Dear Chris1962,

    As many I too have been following many reading request that have been addressed to you and am truly impressed with what you have written.

    One part of me doesn’t dare to ask but the other is curious enough to give it a go. I have already started a thread with a present situation that has my attention. But to you I have an additional question.

    I have met this gentleman that managed to get me out of my comfort zone that I created for myself after a relationship. Only thing is that I got scared of the feelings I felt for him and I somewhat withdrawn from him. Now he kind of is doing the same. Which direction is this going to go? Friendship or more? Next to the feelings I have we have unfinished business where the final say hasn’t been said as yet.

    My other question is I have been considering venturing out by starting my own business. I have bumped into a couple of roadblocks and had to change my route a couple of times. Now I have a project that kind of dropped into my lap that is challenging. Can you give an insight of how all of this is going to work out?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Dear Cris I realize that I mispelled your name. Sorry about that. I am adding to my request my previous thread.

    I sincerly hope that I am not bothering you to much with all of this and will await your reply.



  • Cris..I know that your very busy..but I still hope you got a bit of time for me.

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