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  • Sorry to hear about your losses. I haven't yet lost anyone close to me through death. My grandparents passed away when I was young. But I can imagine the pain, sadness and emptiness...

    Keldjoran>>Anyways, having said that, also be careful not to lose yourself in his emotional, whimsical behaviors; we can use our mood swings to control people and suck them in and keep the focus and attention on us. Just make sure that you're getting what you need out of the relationship<<

    I can relate. My cancer man, does this. He will tell me about his frustrations and sadness, it's good that he opens up but it does suck you in. I feel like I can't do anything about it and it makes me sad too. When I realised what was happening, I pulled him up on it. Not in a bad way, but just told him how it's affecting me. He understood and said, he will try not to be so negative or moody because he doesn't want me to be unhappy. And I must say there's been change in his behaviour... for now anyways... 😃

    And I agree with you, because it's definitely true and that goes for all relationships. You cannot lose yourself and you're getting what you need. There are two things that people do in relationship that can be personally catastrophic.

    1. You put the person you love on a pedestal, because this will require them to maintain your expectation and strain the relationship and you can be setting them and yourself to fall.

    2. You make them your world, your everything and you lose YOUR world and YOUR SELF because you gave everything to them. And all of a sudden you don't know who you are anymore...

    Yes, I know those two cardinal sins, because I have been guilty of them and they lead me astray and unhappy. I've learned the lesson very well indeed.

  • Keldjoran, his mother passed about 4 years ago. i know he still has a hard time because he was never told how sick she was until it was to late.... my mom passed in 1991. i was there every step of the way. he mentioned that he wished he was there for his mom like i was for mine. it's been a month now since we've seen eachother, 3 weeks since we spoke or text. i have kept myself busy. it's so funny, dec 3rd was me n my cancer 9 month of knowing eachother. i went about my day paid bills, got my car washed and detailed and met a very handsome pisces that asked me out to dinner or lunch. i didn't know what to say?? i thought, me n cancer guy are not in a committing relationship. i would like to be but he has not showed that intrest that i could tell. i told the pisces guy that i would think about it and thanked him for detailing my car so nicely'') and drove off. then a co-worker said he had been wanting to ask me out for coffee for a year now, that he likes me but was to scared to say anything. i told my co-worker that i was flattered but could not date him. don't want to mix up work and pleasure.. i love my job to much to loose it over a guy. i will keep all my sisters on here up dated. thank you all for all your help and support.


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  • keldjoran>>Go date the pisces, nothing will bring out a Cancer faster than a little jealousy

    Sandran>>Or we could date each other and read each's minds.Remember Gilligan's Island???He ate the radioactive seeds and could read each other's thoughts...LOL

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  • @Sandran --- LoL...Stop it Lady! I admit coming to these posts only to read your wisecracks sometimes...Keep it goin pls :):)

    @Keldjoran --- I'd say everyone loves their 'one second of fame' fella 😉 But yes, there's ENOUGH (thank you) info on Cancer males on these boards. 😄 And kindly keep those pinchers well hidden for our poor damsels in distress' sake 😉

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  • keldjoran>>why don't they read the other posts??? lol It's starting to aggrivate me, I might have to take out my pinchers

    Sandran>>I need to use my claws and the pinch the helllout of few posties myself.So we should get together and sharpen them.But, I have to disagee with you a little.There are mostly women on the boards and no Cancer men backing up this sinking ship we all built on here.I have got to admit some Cancer men are immature cowards

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  • keldjoran>>>Cancer male posts vs all other signs, why aren't people hating on Scorpios or Pisces as much? They (at least Scorpios) are just as bad as we are..

    Sandran712>>You must have been asleep Because you missed the part where I had dated 3 pisces and all three were Male Ho's.Never dated a Scorpio.But, I bet their pinch hurts worse than ours...LOL..Oh And a male Saggitarius is an even bigger HO...LOL.

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  •'s usually "he's just not into you!" lol<<

    That's harsh. But hey, the truth hurts. So tru tho, because it's not just cancer malae who won't return calls, leave you hanging and make you sweat. It's all men! Plus the disappearing act.

    Scorpio males are just as jealous and possessive as cancer male. The main difference between cancer and scorpio is the fact that cancer have claws but scorpio's have the sting. Ouch!

  • Virgo>>>>>'s usually "he's just not into you!" lol<<

    That's harsh.

    Sandran712>>>Damn that hurt!!! Ouch!!! LOL

  • keldjoran. Hi , Not sure i've had the pleasure talking to you , but I have seen you on many posts and read you comments As a cancerian I would like your input on my situation. I'm sure you may have come across it . I have had such great advice and support . I would be greatful if you could read my story " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good ". people on her say cancers never let go , it my take a while but will always come back , even if they are involved with someone else . I dont think thats true in my case , although he said he will love me and only me always and forever . Anyway I hope you read my story if and when you can or want too . Thank you . llindieloo .

  • Awww...We pisceans are not all cheaters 😉 Looks like pisceans and Scorps are gonna be the next on hit list around here...LoL

    @Keldjoran --- You moving on from your scorp...!! Thats a new development...When did this happen???

    @Sandran --- Agree with you on Male Sags being The Biggest HOs! I was involved with a Sag up till some time ago and although he wanted me for long term, I could still never control his moving eyeballs and drooling tongue! Needless to say, both of us HATED each other (and still do) and had other 'connections' before we ended it.

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  • astrodame>>Awww...We pisceans are not all cheaters 😉 Looks like pisceans and Scorps are gonna be the next on hit list around here...LoL

    Sandran712>>> C'mon now...I specified Male Pisces.I am already getting hated on these boards.Pretty soon I'll be out the door..

  • keldjoran>>@astrodame - I think deep down most of these posters on this board know the answer to their questions but they're just hoping that someone on here can convince them otherwise

    Sandran712>>I agree.I was watching Dr.Phil yesterday.It was about my favorite subject Married people having an affair.And he said they all knew they shouldn't do it.They wanted Dr.Phil to say it was ok .And he would't.

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