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  • keldjoran>>@astrodame - I have a more positive spin, it's not that we're immature, it's that we're all young at heart and that's why you love us 🙂

    Sandran712>>>Awwww..I need more pancakes for that

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  • @Sandran712 --- LoL ... Do I love that famous cancer humour !!! dying laughing out loud rite now 😉

    @keldjoran --- Hmmm...thanks for the 'info' 😄 Will remember it next time I come across a crab (God Forbid).

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  • @keldjoran --- I am yet to come across a 'lucky' one who received 100% from a cancer male!!! And about the 'soulmate' scenario, believe me most of you cancer males RUN FAR AWAY the moment you hear this word come outta ur love/lust object's mouth 😄 Being Picky? Nooo ... I call it being commitment phobic :):) I need to focus on some other sign now for a change 😉

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  • No I am not longer with her anymore, Its funny only other cancers will truly understand a cancer. as a whole... no matter what you read on us you weill never fully understand what goes on in our heads. with thats said you would think that being with one in a relationship cancer-cancer...would work but ive tried this twice...

    ITS HELL. Its like dating yourself. You start to question your own being...and how people put up with your sarcastic tendancies, your non chalant approach to everything with incognito feelings inside..

    There was one moment where I was like.. I can understand if people detest me. lol.

    The only thing i can say is that it does take effort to be with us cancer males.

    Ive always felt without effort the spoiles are not worth it.

  • But besides all that being with a cancer was amazing someone who truly understands ur approach your drive your everything when it comes to a relationship. If we could get over our own tests and not annoy each other to death. It would be great. Sexually..It wasnt the greatest experience I ever had and im still willing to test another cancer-cancer love affair to disprove this myth.

  • keldjordan, you seem to good to be true. so are you still with the lucky lady you gave 100% too? i've been friends with a cancer guy for 8 months. the first 3 months were exciting and we talked all the time. he has 2 jobs and i worked nights so making plans has been an issue. he is going tru a divorce and the kids live with the mom. after the 3rd month he went thru a hard time in losing his place. he moved in with his homie and his wife whom fight on a regular basis. he has confided in me about so much family, work, past hurts, being fragile, we even cried on the phone and in eachother arms. i've expressed and shown my support and love for him. since the move we don't communicate as much. he said that i make him feel so comfortable and that he has opened up to fast and to early in the relationship. ( this was 3 months ago ) he said that he appreciates the passion with have for eachother and that i'm a blessing in his life. what i don't understand is he will stop talking for weeks at a time. i sometimes feel played? is this a test? i've learned to give him space when he doesn't call becuz most likely he's going thru something and don't want me to get involved. been told that several times in the past. i don't want to bother him or scare him away with my nurturing, want to help lovin i just want to know if this is a test for me or should i just ask what's up and maybe we should leave eachother alone. don't want to waste no one's time nor mine. thank you...

  • keldjoran>>>Maybe you should try another sign, I'm thinking of staying away from Water signs from now on haha I've had good luck with Aquas surprisingly enough

    Sandran712>>I am very close to my Aquarius brother.Not the Sag brother.The Aqua brother has a temper that scares a Cancer.But, he will give you the shirt off your back..As for you are my son's age....what would the neighbors think ......LMAO

  • Cozmic Candy>>A Sagie would flat out tell you 'this is what it is', I never said it was exclusive."

    Sandran712>>Yep.My brother is a Sag.And because he is so forward and blunt with his words.Is how me and him are so much like each other.But. because he is so secretive in his behavior it scares a Cancer into not trusting what they might do to us if they lied.We can not handle a lie.We would rather you tell us that yeah I Sccrreeewwwed around on you how do you like that?..Than keep us in the dark...We would be hurt of course...But, do not be surprised at us Cancer's calling you Sags a male ho and a hot mess either...LOL

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  • Thanks keldjoran, his mother has passed on and he sure does miss her, we have both lost our mom's to cancer. so the only family he has in wa, is his children the rest are out of state. he complains of not seeing them as much as he would like becuz of the mom and him working 2 jobs. who knows?? he may have went back to his ex wife or found a new friend. with this in mind, i will look foward to having a brighter future without him. i know im a loyal and honest woman, great mom, hard worker ect...... and this waiting thing is crazy. how much space, reasurrance, support & sensetivity does a cancer man need?? if i need him for support and affection he's not there because i'm steady saying it's going to be ok, keep your head up, if you need me im here! listening to him complain about work and how tired he is and how he always falls asleep driving home. i could go on but i'm not.. again thank you, this forum has been such a blessing in so many ways..

  • Wee hee. I'm getting quite confused and dizzy with these cancer threads!!!.

    Myskittles, it seems that your cancer is going through a tough time. I'm sure he appreciates your support. What you wrote on the post above, is so selfless. You are such a generous person and as you said you have the capacity to love unconditionally and most important to be given that kind of love back that you give.

    You asked how much a reasurrance, support & sensetivity does a cancer man need?? That's very difficult to answer, because no one can guess. And there is no way of measuring that. As humans we apparently are never content and always want more.

    Maybe you should ask yourself those much a reasurrance, support do YOU need from him or any other man that comes in to your life?? From there you can start to take control and live for yourself and not for others. It's wonderful that you are a beautiful person, loving and kind but you deserve a person who will be equal.

    Focus on yourself. Let him be for now. He will come back when he is ready. At the same time just be there. It's all aboout giving and receiving. If we give to much and not get anything in return, we will not be replenished and that's when doubts, insecurities, fears and feel that we are not love comes in to the picture. Try and not to expect much or anything at all in return. It would be a way to protect yourself.

  • Hey, my VirgoCookie!! u rock'') reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Ok, I cried''( I have been searching within myself and the answer is yes, I want to be loved and appreciated. I went thru a very abusive marriage & divorced 5 yrs ago and thought I could never trust and care again. When me n cancer man met I of course was the one that offered encouragement and support because I somehow felt his sorrow and pain, without him saying a word. I opened up so freely and he came out of his shell and expressed things he said he had never told a soul. It's been over 3 weeks since we've spoke and I have kept myself busy. I will try my best to be open minded and humble when we do talk. I surley don't want to overwhelm him with a million questions. I will hold off on any deep conversations reguarding my feelings and desires. Unless he brings that subject up then I will let him have it!!!!!!!! no worries, I will be respectful and also mindful of his feelings as well. I will keep up dated.

    Thank you,



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  • keldjoran>>As a general rule, when a Cancer disappears, it means one of two things: either they have a problem that they're dealing with or there are other women/men in their lives that their devoting their attention to (not necessarily in a romantic way, could be mother or something like that), the thing to remember is that you may not jump to first priority, family almost ALWAYS has that station with a Cancer.

    Sandran712>>I had this problem with old boyfriends.Gawd they were so jealous of me being away from them.I used to be in a marching band.Where I was around dozens of guys.And none could understand I was exhausted from these trips,school work.I was burning a candle at both ends.Then it got worse when my son was born.My Aries got mad because I had no time for him.And I said well got me pregnant with a child with special needs.Where am I supposed to fit you in?I was using protection at the time.Protection is not foolproof for pregnancy.And thank god I had my diploma first.

  • keldjoran>>If your Cancer is going through anything close to what I went through, it's goign to be difficult for you to get to him until he's done some healing. If you want to see him or spend time with him,

    Sandran712>>I went through this in 2002.My son's father died of a drug overdose.Before he died.He called me first..Died on the phone talking to me.So when I hear anyone saying of commiting suicide.I run and cry.Because it took me 7 years to finally heal from this.And then once in awhile that I am dealt with a trigger episode.It still haunts me because my son looks just him.In the eyes mostly.And I cry some more....LOL

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