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  • Cancer males ACT like their ANIMAL SIGN. A crab when on the hunt has his eyes on the goal prey ALL the time yet sidesteppes to left n right which to the prey goal APPEARS to be stepping AWAY, n we read into as indecisive not into us no go no pass not interested. HOWEVER he has his EYES on u ALL THE TIME. If u notice the sidesteps on the crab its not AWAY from the prey or goal its TOWARD it. Its doing the sidestep trick to ease the prey into falsely thinking it is SAFE! If u notice how cancer men walk u will see they much often sidestep just like their animal sign. So u can learnt a LOT from the mans animal sign also.

  • keljoran>>>I believe most of us Cancers to be very self-centered usually because we spend a lot of time alone and march to the beat of our own drummer; we instictivly know what to say to people to get them to do what we want and if it doesn't work, we'll often just keep trying other tactics

    Sandran>>I don't see this as being self centered.Because..If someone were around I would spend time with them.In most cases I am found alone.I do have to admit I manipulate to get what I want.Depending on the importance.If I know the manipulation wont work we are thinking of a way to solve the problem to our liking..Compromise works ok.Since every1 here knows I am very forward and blunt.If I met up with a guy I didn't like I would nicely say I am not interested.Now if I have a pushy sign..Pisces..LOL You might push my limit and I'll let you have it...LOL

  • charmedwitch>>>Cancer males ACT like their ANIMAL SIGN. A crab

    sandran712>>Is there a zodiac sign for an azz..LOL..The terms you are using is associated with Astrology.It is true that Cancer looks at appearance.And focuses on apearance.Some men are shallow and want someone beautiful.Where As some Cancer men don't care at the appearance but focuses on the overall personality.Which is why I cannot understand meeting a Cancer over the internet.Us Cancer's need to see a Visual..I do believe in long distance relationships. I am a product of a long distance relationship..My dad was from 10 states away.My mom met him in one of those lonely hearts clubs(pen pals)When there was no internet or cell phones.But, Someone must be willing to budge to dad relocated to where my mom was.

  • sandran712

    can you please tell me why cancer men pretend to be someone else away from home and are totaly unprepared when their REAL women show up unexpectedly?

  • pbcup>>sandran712

    can you please tell me why cancer men pretend to be someone else away from home and are totaly unprepared when their REAL women show up unexpectedly.

    Sandran712>>Cancer men are private.They like to keep their feelings to themselves.They can be completely faithful.But, I think in this case they are shopping around,Looking at other women to see if they can hook up with another.I mentioned in another thread that Cancer men are selective,They see someone that may be attractive for them.Cancer men being caught off guard will show signs of hiding something.If you have complete trust in their behavior it is not a problem.But, Cancer is known to stray away and go into the past to old relationships when they are hurt.Cancer feels out people and their behavior.We have very good intuition skills.You cannot lie to a Cancer and get away with it.So you are better to fess up to it then and there.If you don't..they will think you always lie and learn to not trust you.But, if you catch a Cancer in a lie...They will get real defensive and may fight /argue with you in order to cover up the deception.Cancer are very moody and complicated to live with..LOL

  • Thanks Sandran - there is no hope of my cancer ever going back to his kids wife - kid is 16 now and the chick is now married for a looooooonnnnggg time with the one she cheated with 😞 So that will not ever happen - I know that... He just seems reluctant to settle down - i live with him but have my own place that i pay rent on etc... I was just wondering if that would be why he is reluctant 🙂

    Thanks again!!!!! You rock!!!!!

  • Sandran, you just described my momma there to a tee. Freaky! 😃

    It's hard to catch a cancer in a lie. They can even make you feel bad afterwards and you forget that they lied. They have a very good way to make you feel guilty afterwards and you start to think you are in the wrong. They are selective and can take a very long time to commit, usually. It's only the 'exception' who when they meet the person, who they know is the right person that they can and will commit and be great lovers. Again, that is an exception to the rule. Even then their insecurities and doubts still hovers. They do tend to reunite with past lovers, they have an inkling for the past, memories, anything old so it's no wonder they will cling to old feelings and relationships. It can be very tiresome and challenging to want to know what they are thinking or how their mind works. But if you understand them, you will go ON what they're feeling (feelings and emotions) rather than what they think as this will make you go insane. They're like a rubics cube, you think you get them one day and you almost have it, only to find out that you don't and it's still working progress, to put it nicely 😃

  • Virgocookie>>It can be very tiresome and challenging to want to know what they are thinking or how their mind works.

    Sandran>>Cancer is like a bad case of post traumatic stress disorder.We re-live all the bad moments we have endured and if we meet someone new it replays the old moments and afraid to move on to something else.We can't shake any of it off.Almost stuck to us like glue.

  • hiprincess>>there is no hope of my cancer ever going back to his kids wife - kid is 16 now and the chick is now married for a looooooonnnnggg time with the one she cheated with 😞 So that will not ever happen - I know that.

    Sandran712>>I know guys like this too.And I hate it.None of them are Cancers.This is my point.Always someone comes along ruins a guy to the point that they are destroyed mentally enough so that no other woman wants anything to do with them.And I can't handle a guy that messed up.Constant worrying that they will run to somone else.I personally could not handle a guy being divorced/separated.There would always be that chance of them running back to the other when things went bad with you,I am sure if the right person comes along. My first question would be are you married or divorced? and how old are the kids.If any of them were true I am out the door.Not a chance of ever trying it out first.

  • Cancer men are driven by the idea of 'having enough' which usually translates into 'operating at a profit'. A Cancer male will stray in an instant if they are feeling mistreated or ignored and justify it in their mind to the point that it, to them, will seem like 'the only choice' or 'the right thing to do'. All the while their GF/wife will have no clue because he hasn't let them know how he was feeling!

    Cancer males always long for 'the one who got away' even if they were horribly treated. They will compare their current love to past ones.

    When in pursuit of their love object, Moon Men will pull out ALL the stops and can be pretty much irresistible. They are not above doing this just to get back at a woman who rejected them, and, once they have won their heart, dumping them, dusting their hands off and saying, "Even Steven, see ya" once again leaving the woman wondering what the heck happened.

    When a Cancerian guy is mature and evolved, he is sublime and faithful, will work hard to provide and keep his mate smiling. He is probably the best lover you will ever have because he will do anything to please his mate. He can be selfish but never is romantically.

    Just know that not even the intense Scorpio can equal the passion of Cancer males in business, romance or rivalry. Their tenacity is legendary.

  • Hahahah yeah sounds like me too Sandran!!!! Never wanted anyone with kids cause of the hassle/step mum thing...... And you are so right about these women who ruin men - they are who gives the rest of us a bad name!

  • Cozmic Candy>>A Cancer male will stray in an instant if they are feeling mistreated or ignored and justify it in their mind to the point that it, to them, will seem like 'the only choice' or 'the right thing to do'

    Sandran712>>As if this may be true.There are alot of other signs that cheat just as much as the next,My bet would be the Pisces and Saggitarius are higher on the scale for cheating than a Cancer.I know.... before anyone thinks I am bashing a Pisces Male.I've had 3 encounters with a Pisces male and all proved to be males ho's...

  • CozmicCandy - That description of a cancer male was quite poetic. Like an oil painting, a Monet. But of course to put a spin on it. Like a Monet it looks good far away but up close it's a complete mess!! LOL =D

    Like all the other sign, Cancer's have their virtues and their vice. You'd think it's easy to understand them, but ah-uh. It's quite mind boggling and yes it may drive you to a mental institution.

    Sandran, I'm going to use you as an example to prove a point. Reading from her/your pasts posts, she/you're coming from emotions, cancers are emotionally driven. That's how you can work them, by gauging their feelings through the 'feeling' words in their sentences, in what they say. They are not driven by logic. You leave that to us Virgo.

    The worrying thing is they're very black or white. Their virtues are great and yes they can be the next Cassablanca, Heath or Rett Butler. But they can also be the most horrible person to deal with and that's because their vice is to the extreme too!

    Crabs, you can't live with em, can't live without em! Pffp!!!

  • { VirgoCookie sez: Like a Monet it looks good far away but up close it's a complete mess!! LOL =D}

    Haha. Like humans.

    {Sandran sez: My bet would be the Pisces and Saggitarius are higher on the scale for cheating than a Cancer}

    Of course it would depend on the other positions in the chart. But you're probably right.

    However, the Moon Dude would be the ONLY one to refuse to admit they were wrong in doing so. They would say "Now you know me; does that sound like something I would do? I would NEVER do THAT."

    They would simply rationalize that it is OK because they were so hurt by [whatever happened] that it just was not wrong. They would say "Since I don't believe it's wrong, I never did it."

    A Sagie would flat out tell you 'this is what it is', I never said it was exclusive."

    A Pisces would be very sorry and sad, and admit they are bad, but keep doing it because like any good addiction, it is hard to resist.


  • @CozmicCandy --- interesting info up there 😄

    Er...did yu gals mention pisceans and saggis topping the infidelity charts !!! Yu are absolutely CORRECT...LoL. And Cancers/geminis come second... 😉

    @Virgocookie --- sigh almost a year now since I started my exclusive 'cancer' and I'm still nowhere as to what makes us women fall so hard for these crabs !!! My soon to be ex crab still shows his sensitive nurturing side in his texts and boy is it tough resisting him...!!!

  • As a proud cancer male im here to defend my name. I know in my head that there is no love like mine and that I have a way of somehow breaking through a girls heart. But that is because I know how she wants to be treated. I know that she wants to be shown certain things that I like to call fairty-tale realities at times. and that sometimes many women just want someone who wont hurt them. And as a Cancer Male I dont want to hurt anyone, I value peoples feelings, espeically those of the opposite sex because I hope in turn they will value mine, and I feel that is the only way that it should be. If it isint like that then it shouldnt be because then it is also true that I can be hurt. I dont wanna feel pain. So it makes sense dosent it. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

    sometimes its hard even figuring myself out. Ive found when i retreat into my shell depending on the circumstances if it has to do with a love issue or gf issue etc etc it can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours to weeks.....The bigger the "harm" the greater the retreat.

    But ive done so many caring deeds for those who I felt and deemed worthy. But everytime ive opened up Ive been hurt hard. Its not that we are scared. Because we arent. The fact we even come out of our shells at all says the GREAT RISKS we are willing to take with our lives and our hearts and our souls. We retreat because the risk in question is against our favor. It has nothing to do with being scared

    I am not scared to fall in love. I would love it. no pun intended. But if I do not see some effort some sure sign some way that lets me know that okay theres a 75% chance(just picking a number) then Im not ready. I need 100% from someone, so I can give them mine. I guess you could say cancer men need to be assured that what they are gonna get is the genuine real deal.

    When we test you, we want to know how much we really mean to you...I just came out of this whole scenario and she failed miserably and she was a cancer! she was unaware of the test. or perhaps we tested each other without knowing..because at first I didnt realize what was going on till a week into it when I told myself she doesnt care because she hasnt called...a week after only to realize hey did we just play each other.

    Life is a game. No matter what you may want to believe whether you want to be a player or not. Love is a game as well. We all play it differently. The cancer male is no different. Our strategies might seem complex but find yourself a Cancer Male friend ask him what the hell he thinks...Sit down and tell him you are not gonna disappear from his life that you really want to be his friend, and understand him. One day he will come to you and tell you his soul till then confide in him he will enjoy listening and giving advice. Till he is ready to do the same to you...When he has dont take it for granted you have made a true friend out of him!

  • @June28th --- WoW!!! Cancer Males are more than welcome on these boards...LoL. I'm glad to see new male members (esp. cancers) opening up to others and sharing their invaluable insight 🙂 It sure helps to have opinions from the opposite sex!! Yes, you cancer males are friends for life but as lovers...I am sorry to say that you people SUCK bigg time...where's the maturity required for relationships!!! You have NO CLUE about how it hurts when you put someone that loves you to 'test' for ur own selfish reasons! Why in god's name cant u people be specific and upfront about what you want from your significant other?? This will save a lot of effort and time we females invest in relationships with you guys!!! I know cancer males varying in age from 23 to 54 and I'm really afraid to say THEY'RE ALL SO IMMATURE and selfish !!! Always manipulating, lying and cheating to get their point across. And yet you remain THE MOST POPULAR on here... :):) Its true of humans to want what they cannot have...we want you coz we know how difficult it is to get you!!!

  • June28th> so I started seeing this cancer male in a sexual relationship. We agreed on that, even though after we both said that we did not want a "relationship" the very next text wa "so we are fuck buddies that's all?"

    I said "uh, yes"

    then he got all emotional about 2 weeks later, after we were intimate. saying he couldnt do it, blah blah. told me some very personal things that really were not nessassary since we were not together technically. why did he do this?

    now, going on 6 months, we are still seeing eachother, and plan on seeing eachother again.

    what do you think?

  • June28th - Are you still with this partner?... It seems that it wasn't intentional what happened. I do agree with you that people often will play games to test each other. It's not fair but it's I think because we do it to protect ourselves. What I've learned is that there are no guarantees and it really does take a lot to work on a relationship. You also get what you put out. To elaborate, if you trust the person and be honest in the beginning of the relationship, you'd of course want to get that in return, if the other person is genuine then there will be no game playing. I suppose the hardest part is to show your vulnerability in the first set/match. The game only starts when you start to pretend and be someone that your not because of your fear or insecurities and what happens is they will also reflect that onto you.

    There's a saying that reflects what's happening in these forums - ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY... I believe we've all reacted this way one time or another. And this is mainly the reason why some of us (I won't speak for all) has trust issues and have fears and are very cautious.

    Astrodame>>Its true of humans to want what they cannot have...we want you coz we know how difficult it is to get you!!!<<

    I do agree, and I'll add on and put a spin on it. It's easy to get them, (that's why we're here cos we got this far with them) I mean c'mon Cancer men are still men! what is challenging is keeping them after they've made us completely bonkers over them, hence the popularity of this Cancer forums. I won't be surprised if some of us here or somewhere else end up in a mental institution after having been with a cancer man. If you don't wring their neck first from frustration most likely you'll end up coocKoo or dead from a traumatic experience! LOL =D

  • june28th. At last , now i might some info on how cancer men think . I would appreciate it if you would so kindly read my post Have I lost my cancer b/f for good and tell me waht you think . When I love someone I give it 100% as I did and still do with my cancer fella . I would like you honest opinion . All I want to know is WHY/

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