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  • @Keldjoran, so... how's the plan going?.,, how you holding up? I think that it is an excellent strategy/plan of attack. Because no matter what happens you will come out on top. At the end of the day you have to think of the ROI (Return On (your) Investment).

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  • keldjoran>>We both have other friends with benefits and I don't know how he treats them

    Sandran712?>>You need to leave this guy alone.You should know friends with benefits makes you feel very used.I am surprised with your intuition that you caved.Because..You should have seen this coming.If you hear the I am not ready for a boyfriend to commit.Is a bad sign to hear.Regardless of being hurt.You know that a Cancer cannot handle sharing with others emotionally.Cancers are more faithful and committed.

  • keldjoran>>I don't know what's wrong with me and why I keep subjecting myself to situations that I KNOW will end badly

    Sandran712>>There is nothing wrong with you.Your relationship with this guy is no different with us women falling for these Asss holes.I don't think I ever encountered a Scorpio before.But, if they talked like that.I would run for the hills.That is a gawd awful sick and twisted sense of humor.Only thing I can think of is maybe finding a different location to meet other friends.

  • @keldjoran --- Its been 3 months since I decided I want him out. And these 3 months have been THE BEST in terms of his affection (or games) and attention. Have known 'A' for a year and half now, dated for six months, played games for another 6 months (and this 6 months period is the most important as it made me realize what I didn't have from him and how much was I willing to tolerate) and now trying to dump him. Gimme some insight about a situation btw, He'd had his mother along one of the days he drove up to my workplace. She kept giving me funny glances every now and then (partly my mistake too as I literally mumbled replies and blushed profusely while we were sitting in the cafe). Is it another gimmick he has up his sleeve or is there more than that?? I mean what kinda person'd get their mom to meet their on/off love interest! And I read about your recent date with your Scorp. Yes, I too feel (just like Sandran) that you shouldn't have given in...but I understand the matters of heart. The heart rules over head! And hey, since you already know this guy's NOT going to give you what you deserve, moving on is the only option left for any self-rspecting person. Just take it easy on yourself boy. Take as much time and as many **** you need before you're done with him...sounds weird? Nope to me, its practical, a li'l selfish though :);)

    P.S.- I am sorry for being so abstract in my writing today. Too much of work and too much of HIM !!

    @llindieloo --- Nah there's no love story here any longer. I have lost interest and respect for this cancer. Too bad he's being difficult and silly (involving his mom will only make things complex). And when I lose respect for someone, I fear myself...for I just can't be bothered about them then. But it does take a lot for me to be that way being my forgiving self :):)

  • @ astrodame, cancer men are very close with their mother's and for him to bring her up to meet you at your job is very serious. have you sat down with him and told him that's it's over?? whow, i hope your cancer guy takes it well becuz i can feel that he will take it very hard. family is most important besides security in a cancer's life. good luck!! me n my cancer aren't doing so well. we haven't spoke in a month, i broke the ice with a short r u still alive text and he text right back. but phone call yet.

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  • @Myskitties --- You do have a point there my friend...although I hope I'm not as special to him. I have tried everything I could...guess it's just his male-ego in the way now 😞

    @keldjoran --- Yeah I guessed as much. Lets see how long is it before he finally lets me off the hook. Thank You for being helpful as ever 🙂 So both of us afterall going through the same eh. Lets see who does it first 😞

  • keldjoran>>mistakes are ok

    Sandran712>>They are ok.But, as long as you learn something from it in the process.I was thinking of Scars and Stars commenting on a Scorpio.I never encountered one.But, I really can't understand how they share the sames waters as us Cancers...

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  • @Keldjoran... Oh hunny. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you're feeling much better though after that. It's like a drug isn't it. It feels sooo good when you have it and afterwards, you have withdrawal symptoms and feel crap. You know YOU DESERVE BETTER. Remember, don't be afraid to lose him. If you're going to play don't let your emotions get in the way. Detach yourself. I know it's hard to do, but it's not impossible. Some people can do it. I have a Cappy friend and she's good. She can have sex without feelings... whilst with me and I know Cancers too the more we make love the more emotionally attach we get and that's the hardest thing with us. So I changed my game. I promised myself not to sleep with a man till I know he's completely, madly in love before I fall and give my flower...LOL.

    In respect to 'Friends with benefits' you know it will be hard to continue that, as you already know - that is a lie you're telling yourself 😃 It can't work with us. We cannot do friends with benefits for the same reason above. You need to be stronger. Remember ROI.. what is the return your getting on your investment. Think of it as a transaction, to help you detach yourself emotionally. And please try very hard not to put yourself in that situation again with him because you're asking for it and you'll only hurt more. You can do it, ease away slowly "STEP AWAY FROM THE VEHICLE"... Find another play mate if you must. 😃

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  • keldjoran>>>I'm going with the "out of sight out of mind" tactic and hoping that it works

    Sandran712>>It works for me.Oh..And get a hobby to occupy your time.So you don't think about him.

  • @Keldjoran. Very proud of you!!! Keep it up. You know how hard it is in re-hab. Be strong. At least you didn't need intervention!! LOL =D

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  • keldjoran>>@Sandran - I am thinking of taking up a hobby, I'm thinking guitar lessons, you know us water signs and music 😛 My life blood is music haha

    Sandran712>>That would be perfect.I know about music.I used to be in a marching band.I played trumpet.I wanted to take guitar lessons when I was in 6th grade.But, I could not get my hands on a guitar.Music teacher was going to teach us.This is one regret I did not take advantage of.

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  • keldjoran>>irish tin whistle

    Sandran712>>What the hell is this??LOL Is this like a harmonica or something..??I loved saxophone.But, I wanted to be like Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass...LOL...I love violin music.My niece took violin.she would not stay with it.Besides my uncle.We are the only 2 that took an instrument in the band.He took trumpet too.That is where I got my music inclination.When I was a kid I loved watching music shows like Name That Tune~Forget the Lyrics.~Soul Train~American Bandstand~Solid Gold~Lawrence Welk~Now's American Idol.

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