Im a scorpio

  • so here i am trying to figure myself out and nothing is working. i fit just about everything for scorpios. the thing that i am having trouble with is keeping the feelings for the need of control under wraps. ive done it so far in my life but its getting to the point where it feels like i need to control everything. and everything i mean everything... down to what people at work wear. i just dont know what else to expect. i feel a deep stirring inside me and i dont know what it is. if ne one can help me understand myself more please help me. if u want email me at: thank yall so much

  • thank you so much SarahStarfish. it means a lot for your help. im trying to control myself. i just have so many thoughts all the time. but im sure that ill grow into it soon. thank you!

  • we'll i'm the same sigh i know what u mean we are control freaks. because i take control over some people. and i take control over other peolpe stuff u need to relaxes or go out to a club we love being the life of the party. and then u will forget about controling other people because then u will have ur own life to control be careful women hate controling me. and open up more we are such bad asses. we need to stop being so hardcore we need to listen to other peolpe feeling and stop thinking only about ourselfs. and then ur life and mines will improve.

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