Why wont my zodiac ex cancer boyfriend come back for me?

  • Well Ive been with my ex half of my whole childhood life and we are both 18 now. We were a great couple until our Senior year of High School. He changed and hung around the wrong crowd at skool. I was confused of why he was ignoring me and wouldnt talk to me. When Velentines Day was commin up I talked to him on myspace and asked I asked him if he was goin to give me sumthig for the holiday and he said "sure why not". When Valentine Day came he didnt give me anything and I was lost. I sat and thought to myself and then made a new myspace page without my face and name on it. I chat with him and he told me everything. He gave his number and said that he date gurls one at a time. I was upset. Later that skool year I was gettin ready for prom and I wanted him to go with me. I asked him to go with me and he said that he didnt want to go and he didnt feel like going. I went to prom by myself. After that graduation was commin up. One of my friends later told me that he saw my ex kissing other gurls in the gym. I didnt talk to him or do anything to hurt him. And when I was getting into a new relationship with another guy my ex tried to bully him and told him that Im his gurl and if he go with me then they are goin to fight. My ex is a jealous person when he sees other guys talkin to me but he can jus kiss on other gurls when he wants that not fair. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY WONT HE COME BACK TO ME BCUZ I MISS HIM EVEN THOUGH HE DID THIS OUR SENIOR YEAR AND I JUS WANT TO WORK IT OUT.

  • Hi cuspbaby,

    There is lots I could say, but I will try not to write a novel here. Aside from the simple fact that high school boys are confused, insecure, lost and finding their way (not to mention their brain is not done growing until 25, and their sexual peak is around 18), his sign is also an issue, or at least a component in this case.

    Cancerians are very moody, very sensitive people. The moment they are hurt, it becomes a mountain, not a molehill. I know very little about the discrepancies of your relationship, what exactly went on, or who did what. All I can go by is that he changed due to hanging with a bad crowd. Was it just curiosity? Or was he upset with you and so found a new place to retreat and feel less hurt?

    The thing with Cancerians is that it is a one-way street. They play a big double standard rule, in that they will have a sense of entitlement to their moods and ignoring you. As long as they want to be upset, it is their given right, in their mind. But, don't you dare give them a dose of their medicine! If you do the same, they hate it. Their dream is for you to bother them and give them praise, never to flub up...but at the same time, they almost get a high off of the rollercoaster format, if you do flub up...because then there is a cause and reason to be upset. This delivers reason and justification to a Cancerian's moodiness!

    Indeed, dating one can be exhaustive, unless you have someone who has a rising and/or moon sign that can buffer the moodiness and sensitivity of a crab. Your ex will retreat to his shell, but peek out to watch you and see what you are doing. No surprise he got mad that you were with someone else, despite his own wrongdoings. This is the way of the crab. Is this what you really want to deal with? Because it will cycle over and over again.

    You are Aries on the cusp of Taurus, yes? This can be annoying to a Cancerian. You like your way and that's that. Well, Cancerians do too...if only they knew what that was from day to day. A classic week would be like this with these types: "Leave me alone--I hate you!"...then the next day a text of "Why are you ignoring me?"... then when you respond, he hacks on you for what you did to him...then stops talking to you for a couple of days...only to come back around eventually. How tiring!

    I sense your sign(s) are reflecting that you are somewhat impatient and assertive. This can come off as a strong woman, and he is worried that you will carve your own path to move on. Aries tend to do that. If someone doesn't like you, it hurts, but you have an easier time moving on if you must. You are strong-willed. However, you are on the cusp of Taurus, so you hate change, and can be fiercely loyal. I sense you are confused, too. This is probably why you two meshed decently. Cancerians feed off of strong, confusing energy like that. It annoys them, yet intrigues them at the same time.

    I suspect that unless your ex has other signs which can buffer him--and some time to grow up (he is only 18 after all)--you might be best to move on. He will never get over it, and you'll be apologizing and rehashing everything you've done wrong--and not him at all. Good luck!

  • I love how you explained, this. What you have written is very true. I have seen how Cancer men and women operate. One was moody becuase i was going to America. Another was moody because I was talking to a friend and did not talk to him directly. Another only contacted me when he wanted something. It will always be this way. You are the bad person in the relationship, while they are the GOOD Guys. Life is too short to deal with this type of behaviour. Its better to move on,and be happy on our own.

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