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  • The Captain,

    How will this help me in him coming back to me and coming home? I love him very deeply and want us to have a life together.I have had another tell me that This realationship is not over but it will be a bumpy road.If I could only get him to talk to me on a one on one level and not hold back then maybe things would be alot clearer. I miss him dearly. Will we be back together this year ? and at all possible when?

  • LL, he left you because he wasn't getting what he needs. Maybe you can't give it to him. Can you change and become more caring and kind and empathetic towards people? Are you willing to take a good long look at yourself and your faults and turn your negative outlook into a positive one? Can you stop wanting to argue and debate so much? Can you release your need to control and secret love of drama, and stop trying to steamroll people, and being so practical and judgmental all the time? Your fiery passion and energy can burn others. Can you learn to trust and hope again? You can be very helpful and spiritual - call on those strengths to help you in life. If you change, your friend might still not come back but you will attract new maybe better people into your life.

    Yes, your friend has his problems too - he is overly sensitive, fearful, reckless, and likes to be popular with many people. He struggles with his dark and light sides and needs to find the courage to be authentic. He bores easily and prefers unusual exciting partners. His sense of independence will probably not bring him back as he has a desire to break out and find freedom - any restraints chafe at him. 2010 is a 7 personal year for him, meaning he will want privacy and to be alone to think things through. He will want time to reinvent himself. Social activities and material needs will be put on the back burner. It's all about self-growth and self-interest for him now.

    For you, 2010 is an '8' personal year. You experienced last year what your friend will go through this year. The 8 year is often a year where people feel relief. Sometimes it feels like the slowness of a seven year will never end so when the energy of the eight year comes in, which brings with it advancement, social status, executive ability and more business interests, it is like an explosion. This is a year to involve yourself fully in work and material growth and bring home the bacon; however, at the same time a certain detachment is also necessary. During this year you may also discover that your relationship with power will play center stage. You may have more trouble than ever with authority, you may question it in others as well as yourself and you may find yourself at odds with others more this year, in business and in life. This is where your growth occurs – in knowing that you can either be right or be in relationship. It is time to be a little more flexible, less all knowing (it doesn’t make you weak if you don’t shout all of the answers) and allow yourself to learn from others. True power is not about domination and righteousness – it is about an integration of compassion, consideration and leadership. You can be all of those things and still be effective. Money will also play a big role this year. Pay attention to your money and study the laws of prosperity. You can serve and make money – they are not mutually exclusive pursuits. Building a better world (or home or workplace or community) for others can provide you with more abundance than you ever imagined. Enjoy the fruits of all you have done in the previous 7 years.

    LL, what with the problems over your children, I think you are too distracted at the moment to deal with this man or any romantic partner for that matter. Get one big thing out of the way before you tackle another.

  • Ty Captain,

    yes I feel like I could do all those things cause I have backed down on alot of things in this past year that I felt that I should have said something about but didn't. You say that I experienced last year what he will this year ,don't really understand what you mean. I feel like that all I experienced last year was lose.Cause it seemed that everything that I cared for was taken from me and I was left with nothing.I have had financial struggles,will it improve this year? I am trying to focus on all things but everything is cloudy and my mind is confused. New to all this,but tired of my life being in an uproar all the time. Just want it to level out, I guess that is the Libra in me don't know.Just trying to figure out how to get kids home and make a life for them.When you say steamroll people, what exactly do you mean? How will he have privacy? Sorry for all the questions,but like i said new to all this.Trying to understand it better.I want to learn to hope and trust again but have been hurt so many times in the past including last year.Felt like I had found the one that I would spend the rest of my life with.What fruits do you refer to when you say over the past 7 yrs.You also said that restraints chafe him , He had the freedom to do what he wanted,never stopped him from anything that I am aware of.Does he still love me?What you have said is helpful but also confusing at the same time.Can you tell me when or if my kids will come home?and what will happen with my personal life as a whole(love,financial etc)?

    Thank you soooo much for taking the time out for me , I don't mean to be a bother.

  • Libralady, my gut feeling is that this man will not come back and that it also might be some time before you have your children with you. I feel the Universe is clearing everything out of your life - all your responsibilities and things that tie you down so that you will have the peace and quiet to attend to your own issues. You need to work on any emotional and financial problems and even physical ones (I feel your health is not the best) and get them sorted out so as to have a solid base to re-introduce people back into your life. At the moment your life is too fragile to support anyone else. Take the blessing of time and space you are being given to get everything together.

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