Best matches for a virgo female?

  • whats the best match for a virgo girl? is a virgo & virgo pair good? someone told me its the best ... someone else said .. its the worst boring pair there cud be!

  • Hi hestia 19,

    You want to know the best match for a Virgo girl? That would depend on a few things. If you follow basic astrology, another earth sign would be good (Taurus or Capricorn). A couple of water signs would not be bad (Cancer or Scorpio) not Pisces as that is Virgo's opposite.

    If you are into knowing about Venus and Mars (female and male) planets, you would go with what signs those planets are in to use the best mate. You can also tell by what sign is on your descendant and what sign the ruling planet of that sign is in, that is suppose to be your ideal mate.

    The answer is not always simple to who gets along with who. I find that Astrology is more precise than general if you study it the way you should.

    Hope the info is helpful to you.

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  • I can tell you right now, Scorpios, Geminis and Aries will all break your heart if you are a Virgo woman! Blech! LOL!!!

    My best matches, ie, the most love, the most intense passionate sex, the best intellectual connection and most compassion and sweetness have been with Virgo men and Sagittarius men.

    Also I have had a great deal of fun with Taurus men, riding on boats, motorcycles, all their fun toys! ha ha Usually the passion is not totally present with Taurus, but when it is, boy, watch out! It can be a scorcher if the chemistry is right! Taurus and Virgo people are both pretty stubborn, so you can never tidy up your Taurus's mind or life! ha ha He will disagree on principle! The opinionated nature of Taurus will irritate Virgo too, unless the ideals and values are the same.

    I have had two long term live in relationships with Pisces men. Both ended quite badly and I never wanted to see them again ever after it ended. Neither were romantically minded, cold fish, so to speak. There is an attraction and intellectual stimulation and idealistic ideas about society that you could go on about for years, but overall, the tension is too much for Virgo women to bear after a while. We do have endless patience but eventually, these men don't live up to those expectations we have for ourselves and it ends. (Mention marriage and kids and they will look at other women or outright cheat!) Pisces don't seem to have a "Life Plan" and Virgos are all about the PLAN! ha ha

    I have married a Sagittarius and I have married an Aries. The two men I miss the most in my life are both Sagittarius men. The one that "got away" was a Sagittarius. But being a Sagg, they usually DO get away! ha ha The passion I had and love I had for the Aries was super intense and lasted 12 years but in the end he turned hard and cold and broke my heart pretty badly. He continues, 2 years later, to find new ways to crush me and hurt me deeply. When you hurt an Aries man by leaving him, the brunt of it, apparently, will be felt and ongoing for YEARS! (We broke every rule in every astrological, numerological, Chinese Astrology, etc. EVERY stinking rule! And yet remained together for 12 years and spent 24 hours per day, 7 days per week together. But I tell you, it was NOT easy! LOL)

    My current love is a Virgo man and we are like one soul inhabiting two bodies. We think alike, are totally connected psychically and are usually thinking the exact same thing at the same moment. The passion is intense, sex is amazing, and we laugh together a lot, especially at our own Virgo nature. We are writing lists and reading books on how to keep our relationship alive over the long haul and the getting into a serious relationship has taken 23 months haha --we had to be sure. The love and passion is there though and I think it will last a long time if not a lifetime. I think that because we both care and are dedicated, we will be able to weather any storm and will nurture our relationship because we are loyal Virgos and best friends too.

    So this is my "take" on the topic. I hope this helps anyone who needs it. All I have is my own experiences of course and every person is an individual. You need to consider other factors as always from numerology, synastry charts, Chinese signs, etc to also age, background, spiritual inclinations, how he treats his mother and friends, and watch out for any addictions.

    Virgos love to heal and help others and we are far more tolerant that most regarding these issues. But alcoholism or drug addiction can kill the best of relationships! Virgos tend to overlook these details when the heart is involved, but it is important that we stay diligent to our own hearts first. Watch for warning signs and get out early if there are any!!!

    Ok! haha I am done now!

    Good luck to all my fellow Virgos out there!

    The best of LOVE to all of you!

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