My reading, can´t understand and need help!

  • I asked about a relationship I´m hoping for and I need help understanding what the cards are telling me, I need to know this as soon as possible

    The beginning of the relationship

    2 cups

    How will the relationship turn out like?

    9 pentacles


    2 wands

    What do I need to think about?

    Prince(knight) sword

    positiv/negative sides of the relationship

    the chariot and Justice


    the magician


    3 wands

  • The beginning of the relationship is good, there is exchange of the hearts.

    The relationship will turn out for you being alone.

    The possibilities are learning to wait.

    What do you need to think about is that your mind thinks contrary to your being. Trust your instincts, not your thinking.

    The positive side of the relationship is dynamic progress, going on and on, against all clinging.

    The negative side of the relationship is losing your rhythm of contact and withdrawal.

    The sustainability is connected with the freedom to act, to remain independent.

    The duration is the waiting, until that or he comes, you are waiting for.

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