Can you tell me my future

  • Name:selia


    B-day:May 18th,1997

    Can somebody psychic tell me my future: how is it going to be,what will i be when i grow up,is my parents going to get back together real soon,are we going to be happy?

  • Hi Selia, Bless your heart. I am not psychic. But I do have some Pisces friends. Pisces are usually very smart and nice. My advice is to do your best in school. Learn all you can. Also, pray for your parents. Talk to God like you would anyone else. Remember to learn all you can in whatever you like to do because you can do it--your a Pisces!

  • isnt she a taurus like me?

  • Selia,

    God Bless You!

    You sound like a lovely little girl. But, this is not the place for you. This is an adult website.

    It is not an adult website in terms of naughty pictures. But there are discussions going on here that you CANNOT understand, just as you do not understand the seperation between your parents. My best advice is: Do Not Try to Understand . . . Be the wonderful young person that you are . . . know that both of your parents love you, even if they don't like each other very much right now . . . They will both be there for your High School and College graduation . . . you should read good books (I was a bookworm at you age) you should study hard and get good grades -- NOT TO PLEASE YOUR PARENTS (heck with them) -- You should just be your best at all times! Don't watch television, it rot's the brain, and cut back on internet and cell phone usage, these modern contraptions are bad. BE A KID . . . Be HAPPY . . . Join a sports team or cheerleading team at your school. And, never again ask for advice on the internet -- find a nice female teacher in your school, ask her for advice -- do not come to this type of website again.

    Most of the people here are very nice -- but there are some bad people on the internet.

    God Bless -- Go have fun -- playing sports -- win an Olympic Gold for me!

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