Thank you Cris 1962!

  • Dear Cris 1962

    This is to thank you for your insights and reading a few weeks ago.You had mentioned psychic vampires and energy draining,among other things,and suddenly a lot of things are making sense to me.Not logically,but intuitively.Also thanks to Tarot .com Ive learned more about empaths and think Ive some signs of being one.

    You have been very kind and I feel truly grateful.How are things with you?

    I wish you lots of love,happiness and peace


  • Hi suramya

    I am so glad to have been, as part of, some help to you. It is a great Site for developing individual gifts and also for finding answers to those pressing questions, so it's even better that you have found some direction for yourself. As for me, well, things could be better but I am doing my best to keep positive and remain above it all, but it gets very challenging. I feel December will see things finally improving though, so am gritting my teeth in preparation for more lessons to learn throughout this month.

    May I extend to you and yours a very happy Christmas season and a very profitable and fantabulous 2010! I hope you enjoy all that is coming your way and make the most of all life has to offer.

    I do appreciate this lovely message from you. It makes a pleasant change from reading requests at times, let's be honest :)) Take care of yourself and good luck on your path! Blessings go your way xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

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