Being woken at 2am and 4am

  • I have been woken every night for the past 6 months at 2am and 4am. When I wake my thoughts are on a very special person. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and other times I can't. Which makes a very difficult day. Is there any significance in these numbers? I have to admit, its freaking me out. It doesn't matter if its 1:57, 3:57, 2:01 or 4:04. It is always around 2 and 4 every night.

  • Hey there, my advice would be to contact this person if they've been in your life previously & are no longer. Especially since you speak fondly of them. Sleeplessness does interfere with your days energies, I can empathize with you on this! From a basic level, your body does function on patterns & it could just be more of a habitual thing at this stage. But the main questions to ask yourself would be, why do your thoughts direct back to this person? & What are your feelings? To think (again basically, i've not studied numerology), 2 could symbolize yin & yan, opposites & 4 the elements. I've only recently started focusing & listening to my subconscious & am happier with the results. Hope this helps.

  • I do have contact with this person. And asked him in a joking way, if he's been waking me up. He won't answer the question. We broke up in a untraditional manner over a month ago and trying to maintain friends. We've never touched, but we've discussed our intimacy for each other and at one point was going to follow through. He backed away from me and told me to let go of him. Feeling very hurt from what I feel. I am trying to move on but these images while I sleep and awake are so vivid of him. There pleasant thoughts and dreams. I don't cry as much as I did, I just tear up every once and awhile now.

    This waking up in the middle of the night has been going on since we acknowledged our feelings for each other earlier this year. But now I am starting to wonder differently if some higher being is trying to tell me something and why is always 2 and 4. No other times. Why always him? Yes we are opposites(Aries and Libra) Life numbers are 6 and 9(mine)

    If I knew why this is happening, maybe I can let go completely. But I don't have control over my dreams and how I feel about this special person.

  • Try meditating for a while and direct your question at this person you're referring to!! I've gone through a similar experience years ago but that was in connection with someone close passing away untimely!! For all you know, it could all be your own mind playing the tricks 🙂 But the significance of 2 and 4 is definitely something I'd also wouldn't wanna ignore. Don't worry too much, just try catching as much sleep as possible for now :):) And wait for the mysteries to unravel themselves...TIME has a way of unfolding things...

  • Hey again, haven't been online in a while, & I hope you're keeping well. I have to agree with Astrodame on this one, things will unfold for you, for the best, given time. I'm so glad that you're not feeling as upset as you were, when it comes to affairs of the heart, it's not easy, this I do know!! Time is the best healer & teller of things, keep looking for the signs & keep your own spirits up. XXX

  • I am still wake at 2 and 4. But now I can fall back to sleep.

    We came to terms last week, we need each other. Everytime we try to end our relationship he gets sick, normally he is a healthy human being. I think he's in love with me.

    We understand we will never touch, but we are emotionally bonded. I don't think we could ever let each other go.

  • I wish you both all the best Karen, stay strong 🙂

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