How does a woman scorpio live with a male aquaris

  • I have been married and divorced from a man who is an aquarian. We do not get along very well. What are some of your suggestions on a scorpion woman and a male aquarius?

  • As a Scorpion Woman with an Aquarian man...choose your battles and don't take every single thing your aquarian says personally... need to toughen your skin!


  • Hi Pjstinqer

    My sister is a Scorpio and married to an Aquarius. I'm aware of their relationship well.

    Its got to be his way or no way at all. He is not really a bad guy infact I really like my brother-in-law but my sister learned to adapt to his ways and accepts the way he is and they are still married. I have a girlfriend who is an Aquarius and married to a Cancer man. He has learned to adapt to her ways and accepts the way she is and they are still married. I also like my

    Aquarius girlfriend she is just full of life. Its hard to be with an Aquarius guy cause they have to have their ways or freedom or else its not going to work I think.

    When I was single I used to be attracted to Aquarius but I'm glad I did not marry one.

    Just forget about your ex time to move on.

  • Hi Pjstinqer

    I hate to say this but scorpios are always figuring out why is this why is that? Always wandering

    about the other or situation. My sister was like that and she stopped being suspicious and now tried to understands things better after all her husband is not really bad.

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