How do i conquer the heart of a Taurus Men ??

  • Actually , MascCancer, today i missed him so much, it depress me, moving on is not easy, i feel so attach to him, i miss him so much, it's so painful sometimes but he told me his with someone, he doesnt respect me

    so that it for me

    it's hard breaking you know when you feel that strong connection there

    it's so strong i cant ever get ma at him ahahah

    but i need respect more then love, he can go hell if he think i will give him a chance of the day if he doesnt respect me and tell me he got a girlfriend

    he say that, but keept txt me,

    when i told him 🙂 he love me , he tell me he doesnt love me because i am too crazy, he say to stop replying to his txt but when i stop there he is txt about random thing,

    i dont know what to think of it

    he said his upset at me for kick him and i say i am upset he brought his ex to my date

    he say its over and when i go quiet he say me insane that he miss me etc... in middle of the night to deny the whole things in the morning

    crazy, i cant wait to look myself 3 months from now, not contacting him, i cant wait

    time is a healer

    i dont want to date right now, i just want to stay by myself , enjoying myself

  • I'm not going to stick around and wait that is for sure. I know we were in a very loving relationship before he started to pull away. I think he was scared about being "That gay couple on the corner". He liked being weekend warriors and getting together in the middle of the week. Going on trips together and doing things together as friends but that Gay Couple on the Corner scared him and when it look like that was the direction it was going to go, he pulled away and started to do passive aggressive stuff to keep me at arms length. Instead of giving him some space during the pull away for him to access things, I panicked and broke it off. 90% of the time it was a great relationship, so that's why it's been very hard.

    Couple of Taurus' on here, said he's punishing me and others said he's keeping me in his pocket just in case. Some had said this other guy is just a filler .. A fun guy to hang with while he recharges his batteries. Right now, I am living my own life but keeping communication open with boundaries!

    One of our big problems was he always took me for granted! That's not happening any more. Even if he wants to come back, He has to know he can't take me for granted!

  • Ok, MascCancer, You are dealing with a Taurus Man, they are know to want a stable relationship

    when i met mine he straight told me he wanted to be with me fr long time and do this and that,

    when Taurus see what they want they dont hesitate an take it

    Listen, this is honest seriously i think you are wasting your time here

    i think his only keeping in touch with you for safety and have you around in Case

    i do not feel he want something serious with you

    I say this in honest mind

    Never mind the sign but really he his a Taurus, they are recognize to be faithful and like stable relationship for long term, Boring creature 🙂

    i dont think he want you, for fact his with someone else right now, come on, you deserve better No?

  • I'm not wasting any time with anyone right now. I am living my own life. If we are meant to be life long friends, then so be it. If we drift apart, then so be it. If we come back together then it is meant to happen. I am not losing sleep over this ... I'm just observing ... it's interesting seeing how people behave. Not all Taurus' are the same 50% of their make up is their upbringing. I know for a fact I am one of the very few people he trusts. If I pull away, that would be devastating for him!

  • A friend of mine also made the observation that our relationship mirrored the relationship of friends that are a straight couple. He's a Taurus and shes a Cancer. She broke up with him, like I did and then he dated this nice gal for a year but in the mean time he was still communicating with his cancer woman. A little more than a year later they were back together. You never can say it's one way or the other.

  • Hi MascCancer

    I completely agree on both things you wrote, sometimes i can be too straight tie up, i am sorry about that.

    Well my Taurus did the same i think, he got involved with me and still keeping in strong Touchy Touchy close contact with his ex, i know his not over her and she is not over him thats why i runaway

    i was totally broke, every moment with him was painful to live, i couldn't do it anymore

    I saw in her eyes she was still with him and him the same, when i told him we could be friend and friend only because of what i saw he absolutely refused it but i cannot do this to myself

    i have no place to be in his life and his empire where she still live in greatness

    They pictures on facebook and front row

    They share the same friends, same school, same town, same race

    I have nothing in common with him, what chance do i have here?:)

    i pulled away, she had him and i got nothing

    He told me how they started, he was with someone and he was seeing her on side and felt in love with her, i felt he was going back again in past doing the same things where they started, its too much for me to bear

    his now with a new girl , well he can be with anyone he want as long it's not me, as long it's not my heart i dont really care tgo be involved with such thing

    life is short and i want a man that love me, not be with me and dream about someone else

    for me those kind people are very dangerous are it seem they are always after something else that they dont have

    even they come back with you, you just dont know if they are still seeing their other ex or someone else on side

    by accepting and waiting and hoping that he will choose you in end it just too much for me

    i like relationship that are clear, you like me, i like you and noone else

    you have a past well thats the past, if you are not over that person you should go figure it out and not involved and innocent person that coming around to know you with their heart and you taking for granted because you are still secretly with someone else

    i think its wrong and create bad karma for everyone involved.

    I personally dislike people that does this kind thing, you kind know when you still like someone else, if you know and feel it why are you involving yourself with someone else?

    if a man was this way with me he will totally lose my respect as it's wrong, even he choose me at the end i will not feel comfortable to be with him after as i dont know if he will treat me the same

    looking at that Taurus guy he did it to two girls already and still doing this

    and even he left one girl to be with the other one, he still contacting the first girl ton try to be friend and keep her around

    he try to do the same to me and i refused to be part of this kind game.

  • Hello I am currently talking to a guy with Taurus sun, Aries moon and Leo rising (searched in the internet calculator. but not sure because I don't know the exact time). I'm a Gemini, Aquarius moon and Sagittarius rising.

    I've been reading a few posts about Taurus being stubborn and all. But I just want to clarify things for the both of us. We've been talking and so far it had been fun. He usually initiates the conversation and as a Gemini myself, we get turned on by that. He teases me a lot and I sometimes think it's annoying specially when I'm not in the mood, but after that he could turn it upside down by making me laugh.

    I know how these people like to take their time and all, but he just got out of a relationship. A mutual friend told me that he likes me, but I'm not expecting anything at all. By the way, he hasn't talked to me for the last couple of days so I'm wondering if that's quite normal for these signs? I'm thinking he's not in the mood or he's suddenly on his own time and space. But the thing is, I tend to rationalize and over-think all his actions. I'm not sure if I feel something for him but I seem to like him and find him interesting. So maybe as early as now, it'd be the right time to know if things could work for both of us. And a little advice on how to handle things with him maybe? Thank you

  • Wow what a story reading here! It took me time to understand the thread.

    @Masccancer you say you´re fine but you really have hope that fate put you and your ex together again. I am sure you still love him and no wonder, cancer-taurus seems like a perfect match, hope though that you´re actually taking a breath and not saying it to restate or convince yourself, which if it is so, i would understand after a break up.

    I like the way you broad and still keep some touch with him but star2u was right first when she said you should stop all contact, if only to make him realise you´re not his pet. You know, taurus like pets, somebody who will submit to them. And he wants to know where you are or who´re you dating, maybe he does so he can use it as pretext to talk about it with you and drop some comment about his new acquaintance then he can show off a little more and keep a superior position over you because he can´t take it otherwise. It was you who broke up? so there you go, he must have the last word, it´s taurus rule.

    It could be that he keeps you to have that final word or that he´s really afraid of losing you because he cares deeply but what probably happens it´s he doesn´t even know what he wants.

    @star2u your ex taurus seems a total player, no the typical one and good to hear you dumped him altogether, guys like that better left alone in their abyss. I don´t know how could you stand it for long.

  • Hi 79wid, Yes, drop him straight up, he didnt like it, the more i run the more he run after me and now he know where i am his seat outside [ like a Taurus ahahah and wait i change my mind] but i am an aquarius stubborn too, i dont change my mind about guys that date you and call you name and put you in emotional pain by bringing their ex partner in your new business

    Taurus just love to keep their routine, like it is.

    When you like someone it's hard really to let go but you need to stand for yourself, if someone really love you they will be with you not with someone else

    they will try to treat you right and not try to control you or hurt you

    When you confuse yourself about what you want and are involved with someone that doesnt know what he want to, it's best to cut all contact for 3 months and think about things, if in 3 months you still feel something then find away to sort things out

    backing away doesn't mean you losing the person, giving people space is good as you feel if you miss the person and what you want, it's healthy then been stuck in something that can turn destructive for both in long run

    my ex now told me his seeing someone, i didnt ask who as i really dont care, as long he treat me the way he is i dont want to be near to him

    but some people wait and hope thing wont work out in the new relationship of their partner and blame things on the new person

    it's not the new person, that person is just an innocent person are dating your ex because he like him, if anyone is to blame in the guy , your ex as he seem to be playing on both field somehow.

    he has a new person and still got his old partner too, a win situation really.

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