How do i conquer the heart of a Taurus Men ??

  • MascCancer, i am very aware that i cannot change him or play the right game by him. I dont know if his Bi Polar what i know his smoke weed every minutes, he gets really agitated if he doesnt smoke a cigarette mix with this.

    i think he took some hard drugs before or still do but he didnt tell me

    I know since our fight where i kick him and he kicked right back like real scary Taurus, that his been emotional torn apart about me

    About been upset at me and been scared by me

    He absolutely deny his part of the problem with me

    He been seriously verbally abusive with me since i met him, calling me all kind names, on top he keep talking about his ex that was at my date

    the pain this all issues brought on me on the time was unreal and unbearable

    he deny all this and tell me nothing in his behavior contribute in this fight

    when i kicked him i decide' Thats it you need to go leave my life, i left him days after days before that but he kept following me and as soon his close and start calling me idiot or stupid etc..

    i just dont get it how you meet a guy in the first 2 days and the first thing he say his insult.

    i couldnt see myself be in long relationship with him

    saying all this i find it very hard to let him go, to ignore him when he txt me, it's like he got a hold on my soul

    so as i couldnt help myself i changed my number and just let it be

    with time all heal

    i know his not done with me, therefore i am trying to be done with him before he decide to make his move again

  • He sounds abusive to me ... Smoking weed every day let alone a few times a day will make any guy or girl very paranoid. I think you just need to drop this guy and totally cut him out. The difference between our two men and relationships is night and day. My relationship started out as a friendship of four years then blossomed into a relationship. He was never physically abusive to me what so ever. It was a very loving relationship. He just did the pull away thing in year four, I panicked and broke it off instead of just backing away too. Though he's seeing this guy, I think he is very confused. I have pulled back from him twice already and I don't think I can do it again without looking like a fool. The only thing I can do now is make myself less accessible and my life more a mystery to him.

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  • Hi MascCancer

    Yes, how relationship are really not the same i think there is a chance to yours and i think the chance lay in you.

    I think you need to sparks it again by just pulling away, make yourself happy, focusing in your life and what makes you happy and not worry too much to have lost him as , you havent.

    still it is very painful to see the person we love with someone else and this on his own bring other problems.

    just keep yourself positive and know, right now you can only change you, do thing for you, take care of you. You need to remind yourself that whatever you two had and felt or still feel, he broke the circle by seeing someone else

    if you two come back again it need to be a new clean start but this can only happen when he leave the other person completely.

    if he come around, welcome him as a friend but dont jump on speaking relationship anyway or speaking about you two until his single and available and not involved with anyone.

    if you get involved with him when he still seeing someone this will only bring pain to both of you.

    do what is best for you and him, in long run it will bring a better harmony in.

    If he want to be friend, try to be honest with yourself, if you still love him? can you be really friend with him?

    i personally couldnt as i as soon i see him with that other person my heart will fall.

    stick to what you want and express it , after all you are involved with a bull, in long run he will love that about you, if you compromise to see him when he still seeing someone else, you going to be in middle of 3 dancers court an confusion

    dont let him take you for a ride , show him you know what you want and you ready to stick for all or the Nothing

    he got the same rule after all

    And about me, yes you are absolutely right, his very abusive toward me and i never met a guy that is this way before

    i do not accept his abuse at all so things are not rolling because of his abusive behavior but he doesnt admit this at all, he blame me for all

    i have drop him, and changed my number , now i leave to God and time to heal and i see this time for a time for me to do what i love and focus to make me happy, WITHOUT HIM

  • I feel more together with myself without him then with him, when i was with him i felt so alone and fighting to exist, to be accepted , to be loved, to be myself

    your heart can tell you one thing but your mind can show you something else

    it is very painful when the one that you love go with someone else,

    you need to know ever if he comes back later and say he miss you etc.... and you are the one etc... nothing can be real until he end that relationship with that other person, anything out that is just a game to get two in the same basket and you should say NO. you deserve more then the half he want to offer to you, you want the FULL cake or nothing.

  • I feel and this is my feeling and IT is also a short answer,,but possibly very true, In order to conquer the heart of any man ,HE HAS TO WANT YOURS.

  • I dont know if it's true as a heart or someone cannot be conquer really, sometimes you can love someone without wanting to conquer them, you can love them and just wishing them well and want to make them happy

    if the that person feel they also want to make you happy its great but sometimes, just feeling that unconditional love and to give is enough

    not just between a woman and man but caring for someone else then ourself

  • Yes! and what you have said is also very true.

  • star2u ... I have set boundaries with my former. I will not meet or see him with his new friend. I will NOT accept this guy as his bf. I know he still has very strong feelings for me. I know he thinks about me every minute of the day. I know he has regrets for us being apart, He knows I still love him. He also knows that I accepted our old relationship is over. ONLY way we get back together is to start a new ... a rebirth and in order for that to happen, the old relationship has to be let go ... killed. It was just a chapter in our lives. I accept that. I have heard other Taurus men tell me that I need to fight for him but that he also can't take me for granted. It's a fine line. So I am not totally cutting him of but pulling back and not being totally accessible. Being totally accessible only makes you his doormat.

  • Hi MascCancer, i completely agree with you on what you wrote above, no one like to be a doormat or dating a doormate, it's boring

    My understanding about what can happen when two people love each other is: they need to talk, seat, find away if the other person runaway and get into relationship with someone else when he suppose holding some sort love feeling toward you then this is for me not real, this is not how you fix things in a relationship in my view

    for me it put me so off there is no second chance

    You had no time to speak to me, invest to sort things out with me but you had great pleasure and time to start a new relationship and tell me in the space of this that you still love me, please ๐Ÿ™‚

    This week i decided to practice a clean cut from my abusive Bull

    I simply got no more time baby ๐Ÿ™‚

    i have no time to wonder or figure his action, or read his mind

    i have no time to ask if he still like me, if he regret etc...

    It actually irrelevant as he told me his seeing someone else now

    therefore nothing else matter

    I now need to give me myself what i didnt get here and heal from the relationship, for losing dream and for been verbally abuser and emotionally abused by him since the start.

    seriously, sometimes we give too much brain pain to ourself when we should try to open our eyes in what is happening

    Love or Not Love, in end the day his Kissing someone else right now, Sleeping with someone else, laughing etc.. with that person he call his girlfriend right now

    Why would i feel that we still have anything , any connection at all , it's not only broken but dead to me, next time he come and say i love you, i couldnt believe it at all

    the best thing you can do for you and him is for you to focus hard on your own life

    put work on you baby

    make yourself shine and go out , put yourself out there without a single cell of you holding on FOR HIM

    his not holding on any part of himself when he is with this other person so why would you hold the best part of yourself [ Your Heart] for someone that doesnt show the same dedication

    my GOD ๐Ÿ™‚ people that get both cakes are so damn good and lucky, they get a plan B that they can run too when they get bored of their girl friend or boyfriend.

    With me is all or nothing , NOW, not later and wait no with would i wait when there are so many other people around that insane

  • Live your life now, if he really like you then he need to CATCH UP, maybe by the time he look back you be so far and so damn happy he will be kicking himself all over

    Life is always now, waiting , For what for??

    i really doubt ๐Ÿ™‚ i can love this more later then what i have to give now, you see

    Thing change, there is no guarantee in Life

  • star2u ... I ended up having a friend come into town for the memorial day weekend. I did not text my former until he text me Friday after lunch. I waited a couple of hours before I text him back. The rest of the weekend I did not text him at all. He finally text me yesterday saying he had not heard from me and hope I am ok or having a great weekend. I waited another hour or so and replied back that it was non stop all weekend and that I was having a blast! I am getting more and more of a feeling that this new friend of his, is just surface ... superficial. NO WAY will I compromise my integrity or the memory of our relationship by meeting this new guy. This guy has yet to friend any of our friends on facebook, so I am starting to wonder if he has any intentions what so ever of having a long term relationship with my former.

    I am going to keep to my guns and stay back ... let him contact me ... not meet this new guy and in the mean time, better myself!

  • Most Taurus men ... are all about making love, all the time! lolol


  • Hi MascCancer, Everyone in this life been here before and until you get the issue you don't know how to see it. you only see when it's too far.

    Everyone i meet that has your situation always say to me that their partner is with someone else but this partner still love them and still think of them etc.... and the other person is just a pass and their partner actually confirmed this to them that for the old partner they are the real thing and the other person is just nothing

    One should be asking, if they love you? why are they not with you then? why get involved with someone else?

    Some people want someone new but they also want to not lose their past, Taurean seem to be having that dilamma of choice

    They like their routine to stay like it is , where they feel safe and where they know how to play, you are part of that routine.

    They get involved with someone new and that may feel a bite insecure for some so keeping in touch with the old and open door to Plan B in case plan A don't work out is kind attractive

    Taurean hate when you move on with your life and you leave their sorry ass behind with no regret, no memories, no waiting

    They may break up with you and they allow to get someone new but you are not.

    Its' a game, when he knows you moving on he txt you all weekend just so you cannot move on

    When you keep replying to him, whatever the reply is, it doesnt matter what you say at all to him, that you say you have a good time or not or miss him

    as long you reply he knows he still in control of you and you are not

    he knows he dont need to worry

    if you want him to make a clear cut between you and his new lover, my advice is do not contact him , txt him or reply to him for 3 months.

    high yourself on your facebook, disappear for a while.

    it will be good for him and it will be good for you to take time to breath and to think about what you want.

    Trust me, you wont lose him if you do just stay silence, it will drive him nut and he will be forced to think again and again about what his doing and who he really want.

    At the moment he doesnt have to worry as really he still got you and in same time he got someone new.

    his playing games, with all the respect the guy deserve , do the same but if you keep contact and reply i can tell you it wont change a thing

    disciplined yourself and stay away for 3 months, that's what i am doing right now and i can tell you one thing it's the best decision i made for myself

    Remember, One only see what he want and hear

    But the truth is simple , i he did no like this person he will not be dating this person and call this person girlfriend or whatever

    especially for a Taurus man, once they give the title they usually stick strong to it

    they may like you onside as some sort safety but dont lie to yourself about it

  • Remember, One only see what he want and hear

    But the truth is simple , if he did not like this person he will not be dating this person and call this person girlfriend or whatever

    especially for a Taurus man, once they give the title they usually stick strong to it

    they may like you onside as some sort safety but dont lie to yourself about it

    Life is simple if you live it simply, it become complicated when you live it this way

    If you want him, give him space by showing him that you are ready to let him go and drop him if thats what he want and showing that you have accepted his decision to be with someone else.

    TELL ME or DONT TELL HIM , you are NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR HIM to make up his mind, you are not an idiot that going to wait for anyone, LIFE IS ALWAYS NOW so he better wake up to that reality.

    You are not going to wait for him to be tired to eat his cake over there and come to you when he feel like it

    dont txt him, call or keep in touch for a while with him, you need time to think and he need time to think

    but the decision is Yours to make, this advice here are not unfair as i apply them to the letter to myself too and first.

    i lived the same then you and it's difficult to let go, it's not easy but LOVE yourself before anyone else

    this situation is not fair on you and you know it.

    If he loved you he wont be seeing someone else, STOP doing mind reading for him and believing anything he tells you about it

    The truth is always simple

    his with someone else and not with you, that simple right?? nothing else he say can possibly explain it

    he need to be with you or be with him thats all, simple

    dont go giving yourself some headache about thing like this, Human we love having two cakes to eat, it make us feel powerful and safe but life doesnt work this way

    it will work this way if you accept it this way]

    you are not helping him or you by keep in touch and exchanging old memories together each time you communicated

    as long you keep in touch he will not in pressure to do anything to change the situation or consider the pain is bringing to you

    but it is your responsibility to act and think of your need and the pain this situation can bring to your heart

  • Sorry Star2U ... it's not that simple. All my friends are through him. I moved here partly for him. I already did the no contact 2 months after we broke up and then 2 weeks after I found out about new guy he was trying to hide from me. I also took myself off of facebook before. If I do that again ... He and our friends would just think I am a flake. I can tell after this weekend of no contact he is feeling more insecure.

  • Masccancer, what is your next move? what do you want from him? i cannot lie to you and say this is a great situation for you , you know

    i be a friend and tell you my experience, Taurus man dont like to be left behind

    you need to look how the situation make you feel and forget anyone else, sometimes it's not worth it

    Are you Cancer? if you are you shouldnt be worry about partner, cancer got many lovers.

    This guy he is with someone else, he have made his choice and he may play around your feeling just to keep you around

    not because he want you but because it makes him feel safe, you see

  • My Taurus man txt me this week, its seem he has now his routine with me, txt every 2 weeks a short txt but hey i am an aqua and hate routine so i break it

    didnt respond now for 2 months, put him out balance

    I had hope but my hope dont see any light of survivor, i prefer to put my energy on myself, my life and make myself happy then wait fr someone to remember me

    no man can be worth for anyone out there to wait around to be remember or for someone to make up their mind, come on

    its time to kick the rubbish out Ladies and Gentleman and to smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Star2u ... I went on a couple dates this week, nothing special. He constantly wants to know if I am dating or not. I don't contact him ... I let him contact me. He always text me or sends me IM's on google chat (haha, just now he sent me a good morning IM). I set boundaries ... Not to meet new bf and not be the first to contact. I don't ask about the new guy because if I do ... then i am validating his new relationship.

    He has going out with this new guy for 2.5 months and I think he is finding out things about him that he doesn't like. He got kicked out of a Memorial day party because the owner had history and didn't like his new bf. He asked him why is it that all these people don't like you. He'll figure it out!

    I guess I will be there when all the pieces fall around him. I feel this is a life lesson for him!

  • Hum, MascCancer, it's good you dont contact him.

    I wanted to advice about something if it's ok

    I don't know why you guys broke up but never mind who is that new person or how it goes there with them, One should remember no relationship are perfect so no one can judge really when things goes wrong who is at fault

    but one thing is, you guys broke up it must be for a reason and i think it will help now for you to figure this one out

    he may leave that new guy and return to you but it maybe not the end of your issue until things about you two get talk about

    What do you think?

    My Taurus guy keep txt me, about anything really for example, " go buy that newspaper today there something about this or that"

    i dont responded to him

    he told me he is with someone and thats it for me

    we haven't manage to sort out our issues and look like we will never be able to do so, so for me it's really over

    he wanted us to be friend and i know why , so he can still have me around and i dont want to.

    i dont feel he treated me with respect and still behave badly therefore want nothing to do with the guy

    day after day i find balance again

    Looking at you, it look like, you are on the right road, you going on date [ well done] you enjoying yourself when his having the worst time of his life

    you seem more happy i most say and its great to see

    Maybe by the time he come back to you, you may have someone else in the mind dear, you never know

    i mean that taurus does he look so deserving of you now? ๐Ÿ™‚

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