How do i conquer the heart of a Taurus Men ??

  • Hi all,

    My ( I am a Saggi, Dec 11) experience with a Taurus male ( may 06) was a love and hate relationship! I have never met someone who can be so sweet and caring this minute and be all cold and ruthless the next! Whenever we had an argument, I was all ready to kill him. But then, he was nowhere to be found! He kept his distance for a few days and left me with an emotional turmoil and 1001 questions. And when he finally reappeared, he was all sweet and acted as if nothing ever happened, which often left me wondering if I should confronted him or just forgive and forget.

    I am usually an easygoing and a forgiving person but few days before the break up, I was suffering from a huge, deep, sickening PMS! I did things that was driving him nuts. In short, he wanted a break up and I gave it without a fight. I was just too pissed to think clearly.

    I guess the break up is hurting me more than it is hurting him. If he is hurting, he is certainly not showing it. We are still friends now, which I am contemplating if we are making the right decision. He is still blowing hot and cold air towards me and I did mention to him a few times that I wanted to cut off all ties with him but he is being persistent about keeping up the friendship. He is not going anywhere! I don't know, I am just not fond of being treated this way. But at the same time, I know he is the best thing that happened in my life in a long time and there would be a big space to fill if I blocked him out completely.

    We are not dating anyone else right now. He is too busy with his work, which is taking up most of his time nowadays. I am certainly not interested in dating anyone now because I need time to heal. I do not jump from one relationship to another that easily. If he start seeing someone else, I don't know how I would take the news. I am afraid to think of it right now.

    I realized the mistakes I have made which provoked the break up (after a few months of not wanting to admit). It will be a miracle if he initiate another try again because being a Bull, I know once his mind is made up, that's final.

    P/S - Those who are in relationship with Taurus male, don't think it won't work. I know a couple, (she is a Sagi and he is a Taurus) who have been together for 37 years as of this year and they are still very much in love with each other! You can see it in their eyes. It is funny, they are so different from each other but I guess, they filled each other up with their differences. They know when to please each other and when to keep their distance. It's just lovely seeing them together.

  • Hello... I need some advice.. I am a Scorpio (11-22-69) in "love" with a stubborn crazy Taurus (4-29-71). I use the word crazy because he is very hot and cold. We were together 12 yrs ago and it was good until it wasnt.. he hurt me by an indiscretion but for the last 12 yrs has been trying to come back. after the hurt 12 yrs ago I moved on with my life shortly after but did "allow" him to reach me every now and then. I mainly wanted to stay away based on the intense chemistry that we share. I knew if I saw him it would spark back up and I would have to leave my current situation. because i always loved him, i was never 100% emotionally and sexually in my new relationship.. so when I did agree to see the taurus, the sparks did fly and we both professed our never-ending love for each other. I will add that during the years he constantly reached out to my friends and to me. I never doubted the attraction. now we are in a stalemate because I am still in my situation (dont want to hurt the other person which is why i have stayed this long in unhappy relationship) but we (me and taurus) want to be together. we have huge issues because they think I am stalling.. maybe I am because like i said this taurus runs hot and cold, can be mean, moody, critical etc. HOWEVER, he can also be sweet, generous, loving, kind, thoughtful etc...

    is there anything I can use (advice, tarot?, readings?) to determine if our bdays are compatible. My heart feels like he is the one and he says the same. My heart has never responded to anyone the way it does to him. so is it just chemistry with no substance to last?

  • I am a Cancer woman 7/8/60 and I too am in a relationship with a Taurus man 5/6/61. He is very much as described by the others. Very stubborn, moody, and likes his own way. He sees other women, he told me that from the start; however, he indicated that he does not have sex with them. One, he says is his drinking buddy. They used to work together and he carpooled with her when his car was totaled in an accident. Another is from a previous relationship in which she now has cancer and he vows not to turn his back on her because she has done a lot for him. The other is his exwife. He says that they have three children together and that they will always be friends.

    Initially in the relationship, I was flattered that he would pay attention to me. I was just getting over a 18 year relationship of which,13 were marriage. I had just lost my mother and I was very lonely. I jumped in head over heels even though he told me that he did not want a girlfriend. He would only call when he wanted to and would not answer my calls. And when he did call and want to see me, I would drop everything to be with him. I tried to boost the relationship along by giving him cards and gifts. Nothing very expensive, but little tokens of affection, which I thought that he liked. I used to get so frustrated because he would tell me stories of his interactions with his other female friends (like their going out to dinner or visiting his house) and these were things that I was not privy. I was to afraid to say anything harsh because I did not want to lose him.

    I tried several ways of communciating my feelings to him. I was upset because he never hardly called me. I did not get to see him on the weekend. That time he stated was devoted to him and all that he needed to get done. I accepted this behavior at first. My frustration led me to the point where I tried the indirect approach of communication using "I" instead of the blaming "you" phrases to get my point across. It worked at first, he would call. Then the calls would drop off and he said it was because I was forcing him to not be him....he didn't call people, which I did not think was true.

    He never speaks his feelings, although, his actions shows them, which is why I still deal with him. I notice that when we fight and I stand up for what I believe, it draws him in. The last time we had a fight was because he stood me up and did not call. I stood my ground and we were not intimate for almost a month, which is a long time for us. We talked on the phone, and on most nights, I knew that he was hoping that I'd invite him over. But I would not give in. Finally, I did give in because I wanted him, which was surprising to him and he was excited. He was different. He told me that he missed me, and he is one who never speaks his emotions; I always have to play the guessing game.

    So, I guess patience is paying off because I am spending time with him on the weekends and he always answers my calls now or returns it as soon as he can. Now that I think about it, it has been three years and progress has been very slow. Primarily because I have been trying to move too fast and smother him by stacking claim when he was clearly not ready. And being the Cancer that I am, I retreat to my shell when hurt, which slowed progress. I recently found this out from him that he thinks that I am as dry as desert dirt when I retreat and come back out. This is due to the fact that I do not know how to take him and I keep my protective shell on and all the while, he thinks all is hunky dory and he is wondering why I'm still mad. He has not yet figured out that Cancers require stroking from time to time......Will this relationship work???

  • hi

    maybe i can help...but i will try as u all opened oyyur suffering heart to people im a verrrrry stubborn, somehow dominant capricorn and psychologist at the same time, which can be deadly for taurus guys around....

    stop playing the puzzle game with him, be straight and forward...then give him the silent type till he comes crying at your door, cause otherwise he will play u till he finds a better one in view and then dropps u a dirty sock....end of story...

    ladies be strong and smart...mine was crazy deeply in love with me from day one, he forced himself not to show it yet it was stronger than him, they are very immature but afraid to play on that,..

    .i know that when he started to play the mind game just to make me show him i too had feelings for him, (cause its true, i dont show it) ...i backed up, never call or text...nothing...silence.....(after some fights and clear talking)...

    and he came running after me several times, then he became a child asking me to run after him to show him i do love him....and i still did not do it, and he is still in love madly and afraid to loose me, always caring and showing more affection ...we just got engaged,

    , no man ever was born to play me and my precious time so i told him to clear his priorities in life and give me a call, if im still soon after i was choosing my engagement ring and these days he came up telling me he want to spoil me with a beautiful engagement romantic weekend, as for marriage we thought rather summer....i give him the pleasure to choose a date, cz he knows that if he wont follow through he i out, and he knows me rather well to know i mean business....

    here are my suggestions

    • dont show neediness, dont ever call him first, even if u have to bite your hand not to dial....

    • dont tell him what to do, always tell him what u want to do with your life, and show him u mean business, i had men calling me right after a fight or big misunderstanding, letting him know i do have choices, its his lost to be immature....

    • dont give in all the time, and always talk when he does wrong, dont overlook...

    • ask questions and give him delay to answer..then u play same game of secrecy if he wont respect u...

    • do stuff with your life, i do gim, work hard, have studies part time, be busy, do plans with your life so that he sees u dont wait around his loving gifts, u dont need him but u allow him to be with u...

    • be super worked greatly with me, he is super possessive and super jelous....

    • dont give in sex, do it when u want...i do this with him and when i do it i blow his mind, a whole night long ..(we must admit, they are fenomenal in bed)....

    • when during a fight dont piss him too much, i tend to do that and he gets super explosive, try be low voice balanced fighter...he will appreciate it later....but do point out he shouldnt do that mistake again or he will have same fight again....

    • be playful and childish, i look very young and baby doll face and he adores it, he likes strong women but playing doll outside...he is a bit machi sensitive, use that to maximum...

    • last but not least, he likes food, i cook a lot, and he loves me to death for that, and it keeps him glues to my skirts...

    basic ingredients

    • good home cooked food

    • silent strong sexi woman next to him sharing all hobbies (mine wont go across the street without me)

    • good crazy all night sex......

    good luck...he does have some big qualities we all like....

  • Now here is a lot of frustrated ladies. I'm a taurus guy. So try not to hit me too hard below the belt. LOL. Corpslave pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    I'm not sure I like some of the advice that's been given here. Way to much manipulation and game playing. This isn't a game. This is serious and it's way to easy to get hurt. That's why it takes so long sometimes to make a commitment, and a real commitment lasts for a lifetime. I'm not sure about other Taurus men but I'm all about raw sensual primal passion.

    It can be easy for us to become swept away in the moment and then after it's all said and done think about whether it was a good idea or not. I think this is where alot of the hot and cold you all have mentioned comes from. We tend to be VERY sure of ourselves and have way to much courage for our own goods. We spend a lot of our time out on a limb and honestly it can get scary out there. When things get too scary we tend to take a step back to catch our breath and then jump back into the fray.

    Feel free to ask any questions. I always tell the truth no matter what so I won't give you any BS.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello all,

    After many months of pain and suffering with my Taurus, I have realized why I love him and all his flaws. Overall, he is a great person and by being a Taurus, I cannot condemn him for being him. Before pointing my fingers at him, I have looked at myself and admitted what part have I played in the past, which had caused both of us misery. I did a lot of thinking and I have come to accept him and love him for who he is.

    I have posted this in the other thread but I don't mind sharing this again with all of you here. All comments and advices are definitely welcome.

    Let me share my Taurass with all of you here, those willing to listen;

    My Taurass ( who is an ex right now ,who does not want to get out of my life but afraid of commitment, who resented it when I go silent on him for days but when he does that, it is okay and he acted as if it was normal.)

    • Loves all the finer things in life, his apartment is beautiful and well decorated. ( I thought he had Oprah and her team decorated his place!)

    • Dresses well, expensive stuff ( well, he can afford it with his good pay job)

    • Analytical thinker who always offer his help to others when asked. (willing to explain something for hours to those who is willing to learn)

    • Lonewolf, who lives by his own ideas and methods, without intrusion of others. ( STUBBORN, his way or the highway!)

    • Great support person, pulling the best out of those around him. (always there when friends or colleagues needed his advice and help)

    • Selfish sometimes, thinking of himself as the center of the universe. ( and he tend to forget that I existed in his life when we were in a relationship)

    • Very passionate and sensual lover ( don't expect very wild S E X with this one but his touches are magic!!! I don't need to go further into this)

    • Comfortable at keeping distant and remaining somewhat separated. ( let me be in his life and shared his secrets with me but still can act aloof sometimes)

    -. Very practical and afraid of any immediate changes ( need plenty of time to adapt to changes).

    These are the the traits I notice in my Taurass. Why did I fell for him and still loves him?

    His personality; well mannered, driven, knows what he wants, practical, loves all the good things in life, caring when he wants to be, super faithful, his nieces and nephews loves to be around him, never forget to take his grandparents out for breakfast on Sunday mornings, never fails to buy my favorite ice cream and leave it in the freezer for me to find them, always put his arm around me when we sleep, enjoy my cooking, know when to tell me to shut up! (I am a Sags, tend to be loud and brutal sometimes LOL) etc.....

    What I used to hate about him?

    Stubborn! Too focus on his goal that he can appear cold and insensitive without realizing it. Afraid of commitment (which was why we broke up).

    Well, despite all these and even we are not in a relationship anymore, I still love him for the person he is. He is not perfect, neither am I. We are still friends. I have tried many times to make him hates me and cut off all ties with me but he is very persistent on being my friend, being in my life, never want to give me up. In short, I can't get rid of him. That's the faithfulness right there!

    I am used to his hot and cold attitude now. I won't worry or feel sad anymore if he decides to stay away for days without a word...I will give him that space....I won't probe him to tell me when he said that he has some issues to handle, I will wait till he is ready to share them with me. There is no point on forcing a BULL! Believe me, I am a Sags and I am a very stubborn person but I believe that I have meet my match now.

    Since the break up, I feel that we understand each other better and our communication improves in so many ways. I know when NOT to push his buttons and I know when to pull him near. He is not my priority 1 any longer ( even if he is, I will never let him know!). I don't wait around for him to cheer me up or ask me how my day was because it will only lead to disappointment. Deep in my heart I know he cares.

    As for improvements from his side, well, I hear from him more often now. He will drop me a note in my email, text me or get on the chat, just to ask me how my days were etc etc. He won't ask me why I go silent on him for days/ weeks ( pride and stubborn) and I don't see the need to give him a full report either. We talk about general stuff, no drama and no tension whatsoever.

    My advice to those who are dating Taurus, give them the space they need. They will appreciate that very much. Get a hobby! Don't expect them to do things the way you want them to. Don't tell them what to do. The more you tell them what to do, the more they will retaliate. Pull him near forcefully and you will be only pushing him away.

    If the Taurus cares about you or if you mean something to them, they won't let you go. They will be in your life forever if you let them. They are a faithful creature. No matter how commitment fears them, if they loves you, they will stay. Take things slow. Let them work on their own tempo and to be comfortable with the idea that you are the ONE. Patience is needed here. It will get you nowhere if you want everything to be fast with Taurus. They need time to adjust.

    I have a few readings done about us and all readings said the same thing. We could have a great future together but we both have issues and his major issues are the fear in commitment and the changes he has to adapt to in order to have me completely in his life. Oh well...

    Just my 2 cents...some might not agree with me on this but this is my experience with my Taurass ( yeah my Taur A S S lol but he is mine).

    All the best and good luck!


  • Hi everyone,

    I just have read what you all had to share about your experience with Taurus, I was surprise that we all dealing with the same stubborn bull. I'm madly in love with Taurus in spite all the difficulties I have in this relationship. All of you described the same thing. I met my Taurus on line, and wasn't interested in him at first. He pursued me with all his charisma, humor and everything he had to impress me and make me meet with him. When I saw him, I wasn't impress either, I was going to leave, but he didn't let me. Everything that happened after is a history, the chemistry and physical attraction was so strong, his passion and his desire to have me were so ineradicable and irresistible that I fell for him very hard. Here it started. The numbers of his emails diminished, his promises were never kept. He came to see me once in a blue moon without prior announcements, short email, and here he was. Take him or leave him. I received very short and sweet emails daily, but it stopped suddenly for weeks, on occasions for over a month, then he appeared out of the blue. He wrote me unbelievable stories about what was happening in his life. One story was more unreliable than another. I bit my tongue and keep quite for as long as I could. Been a Sagittarius, I couldn't keep my mouth shut for too long, so I spoke out. My direct accusations insulted him for awhile, he disappeared again for weeks, then he sent me a sweet email like nothing ever happened. I always took him back. He said that our relationships were were challenging and that was attracted him to me. Couple weeks ago, on his birthday, I wrote him a poem, full of love. He was very touched and emailed me one of his made up stories that I couldn't tolerate any more. Next day, I bursted with email telling him everything that I thought about his lies. It has been over 3 weeks since. I didn't hear back from him, and I most likely won't . Our relationship lasted for a year. During that year I saw him 14-15 times, we emailed each other only. No phone calls. He know how deeply I love him. I think he attracted to me too. I'm not sure if he ever comes back to me. The only thing I know for sure that I'm the best thing that happened to him, but he is willing to let me go. I'm agonizing with my pain, but not going to give in. Any suggestions???

  • Hi Sag12sdca,

    Sorry that you have to go through all these pain.

    I cannot type much now but I will come back again and share my stories.

    In the meantime, you might want to read my thread "New Moon and Mercury Retrogrades."

    There are plenty of friends there who are having troubles with their "Taurus" these past weeks. I am not sure if you know anything about Mercury retrogrades? I read your post and I see that your break up happened during the Mercury retrogrades. This previous retrogrades hit Taurus the most since it is in their sign. But you can read more about it in my thread. I have plenty of information there about the retros and there are plenty of true life experiences shared by many in there too.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • I have been dating a Taurus (may 15 1971) for about three months. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed outdoor activities together, eating. I cooked a new dessert every weekend for him. Then about the last month... I noticed something was on his mind. Then 2 weeks ago after went out on a Saturday and had a nice date. The next day he sends me an email that says that he needs to concentrate on his career and he has school and work. That is where his focus needs to be. I have treated him better than any woman ever has, and that he doesn't want me to vanish from his life. He called me that night to talk it over. But there wasn't much talking when called. He has made his mind up. So about two days later he text's with " Hope your having a good Tuesday" I really didn't know what to make of it. And just this last Friday he called me at my work phone just to chat for a few mins. He was talking to me like old times, as if nothing had happend. It was such a strange thing, thought I was in the twilgiht zone. Since the Friday call I haven;t heart a thing from him. Not sure what to make of this situation? Any insight would be great....

  • MasterfulGaze hit the nail on the head. I am a taurus woman and am much the same way.

    I can tell you we can be tricky. But not so much b/c of other people, just ourselves. We can be our own best friend and our own worst enemy. At least that is how it is for me.

    We are very deep people. Everyone and everything is thought about many times. We are strong and independent. I can tell you though that needy or overly emotional people can get on our nerves.

    i need to be on equal footing with my partner. Intelligence wise, thinking wise and the other sides as well. Fun, sexual, etc. I need to be shown rather than told. I also need to be respected for who I am. Flaws and all.

    Often times we are misjudged by people assuming that we think high and mighty of ourselves. That is simply not true. We are just matter of fact. You ask for our opinion, be prepared. We are not emotional babysitters. We are not coddlers either. However, we can be the most committed of people. nothing stands in our way.

    We love to live and enjoy.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Nightowl,

    Need help what to do with a Taurus man. I've known him for over a year. We work together n got close around sept last year. We have strong connection, like d same things, both enjoy each other company. I'm Pisces by d way. He said he couldn't commit due to his religion but he wants they're being exclusive, yet not bf gf status. Around January, he started being very attentive, caring, possessive n jealous but lately he's being distant. I confronted him n he admitted being afraid of falling in luv n giving his all coz he got hurt very bad with his ex. He admits he still attracted to me, like me heaps n care but he wants to be friend coz he enjoys my company. However his actions don't match with his words. When we're together, he's very touchy n he said when I'm with him, I'm his. We also had been intimate twice. Not my plan to be intimate with him at such an early state but his touch n kiss were so addictive. What should I do? Should I move on or go? Does it mean the end when he says he wants to be friend? Please help...

  • Taurus Guy here (April 23rd)

    I would say when it comes to us men the best thing are always the simplest.

    It doesn’t take much to capture our hearts just a bit of determination & Patience. Most of us are pretty old fashion and we like to court and be courted that way. Romantic Movies, walks in the park, dinner at home, those are the things that get our hearts pumping. I also tend to be attracted to guys (but when I dated girls) that are simple, and the type that you can bring home to momma. The “wild & crazy” types are cool, but they usually tend to only keep my attention for a little while and then I get bored with their antics. Natural beauty, remember us bulls love nature and naturally things. I also love people who are confident and are not afraid to speak or voice their views. And above all TELL ME THE TRUTH. If the guy is messing up it might not be a bad thing to be honest with him, and tell him that straight up. Let him know that you like him, and if he wants things to work out he needs to start doing X-Y-& Z before he loses you. That way he can get into the “Routine” of doing that. But make sure you know what X-Y-& Z are because he’s going to think that as long as I do “This” I’m good. A lot of positive praise is good too, make him feel like he’s the best guy in the world, and he will do the same to you.

    We are naturally cautious, and don’t trust people or give out our hearts easily. We like to try or “Test” people out before we let you know the “real” us, because we hate change and value security. So our way of thinking is “Why let this person in our lives if tomorrow they won’t be there” (Get it! change is bad, we have to be able to depend on you to be there because that’s what we are bring to the table. We will not leave you high and dry, but we have to know that you won’t either. So you have to show him that you’re not going ANYWHERE and you will see him open up. This might take time depending on the guy…cant really give you a time line. But I usually know within the first 5-6 months. By the 6th month my guard is down. It’s a gradual thing…we let you enter each room little by little until you’ve seen the whole house.


    I don’t know about the rest of the Taurus folks, but I for one categorize the people in my life. Either I just want you for sex, Friendship, or I see myself having a relationship with you. So for those who JUST MET a Taurus guy WAIT TO HAVE SEX…Give it a month. Let him get to know you first because if you and he have sex too soon he’s going to think “well she/he must do this with everyone” and will never take you seriously…I know that’s like a double edge sword, and even I as a Taurus knows that doesn’t make sense because it take two to tango…but that’s how I view it. Like I said we like “good girls” and a bit of a challenge. Anything too easy doesn’t feel right; we like to use our bull like determination to get what we want.

    If the guy is putting in the effort to see you then he may have you in the relationship category, however if your encounters are a bit sporadic then he might only still view you as a friend. The best remedy for this is too basically up your communication. Maybe send him an E-mail every morning just saying hello. This will cause him to put you into his “Routine” and the first time that you don’t send him an E-mail TRUST ME he’s going to be like “WTF!!! Are you okay?”. Like I said you have to show him that you’re not going to leave him, that your apart of his life. A little effort goes a VERY long way with us. But take things slow, and get to know each other. WE HATE TO BE RUSHED, but once WE KNOW FORSURE that we like you then we will take the relationship by horns and run with it.

    Another way that you can tell if he likes you is if he buys you things. Like if you say “I really like that bag I sow at Macy’s” and then the next time you see him he as the bag….then you got him. If he spends money on you period or just wants to spoil you. We don’t like to express our emotions verbally, so buying you things is how we say “I like/Love you”.

    I will agree with Corpslave when he said that he loves when someone is possessive over him, or shows a bit of jealousy. We Taurus can be that way too, especially over the people who we love. But I wouldn’t go playing the head games when it comes to that early in the relationship because if he thinks that you’re the type to cheat then he’s going to run…what I would do is just happen to mention a guy you work with, or an old friend that has contacted you. See if you get a reaction. If he brings up the guys name again then chances are he likes you. But once he does you need to reassure him that you REALLY like him (the Taurus) and you’re not going anywhere, trust me he will be like Playdoe in your hands.

    I also agree with him when he says just do things for him without asking. Do the dishes, walk his dog, clean up his house. Like I said before we are pretty old fashion, not saying we have republican views on women…but yea. If you don’t what that means then just watch you a couple of episodes of “I Love Lucy” and take notes on how she treats Ricky…we like to feel like we are kings.

    We are ruled by Venus the planet of love, so ANYTHING that is done with love we will recognize it. May not be right away but we will take notice…Remember the little things that people now days take for granted. Like hand written cards, or picnics in the park, or making his lunch and adding a little note. Those are the things that will make him see you in a new light, because most girls now days don’t do things like that. You have to show him that your different.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi confusingcancer,

    So should I move on or stay? I'm freakin confused right now. I've read all d comments here n it makes me more confused. He did say he loves me indirect n directly few times. He said he couldn't commit to me coz we're different due to religion, too much uncertainty, risk of falling in luv n risk of giving his all. He was very attentive, thoughtful, treated me like princess a mth ago n distant now. He used to send me luv songs. I think he tried to confess his feeling to me thru songs but he stops now. He treats me like his gf n he admits it himself. When I'm out with him, I'm his.

    So when he said he wanna be friend, does he really mean it or it's another test? Will he come back? He rarely text me now, only when I initiate. He bought me macaroons n cakes yesterday but I think it's bcoz I bought him some stuff bfor that. Also he was sick for 3 days n when he came back to work, he asked me to go lunch with him but I didn't go. He used to sit across me whenever we go out but he sits next to me couple of times. He also tells me lots of stuff like his personal family stuff. He called n texted me last nite as well but I didn't respond till this morning.

    (big sigh) y it has to be this complicated? I hate mind games. My head tells me dont waste my time with him just move on but my heart says something else. Please help....

  • Oh forgot to mention, I was sick on tues n he quickly texted me asked if I was ok. He was actually sick frm food poisoning himself. I had my toe nail broken n half of d nail came off so it was bleeding pretty badly. He was very thoughtful get a bandaid n put it on for me. Also he said he wanted to put some medicine for me when he comes to work so it doesn't get infected but he got sick frm food poisoning so it didn't happen. When he came back to work on thursday, he asked how my toe n if he still needs to put d medicine. I said to him no coz its recovered pretty quick. His Bday is coming up n he told him earlier that I have organized something to celebrate his Bday. But he texted me last nite that he needs to take leave due to family matters (nothing serious really, just to visit his relatives). So I texted him back ok n have a good trip and he didn't even mention about me organizing his Bday. He said he's going to talk to me later. What should I do? I'm trying to back off but I want him to take initiative in taking this to the next step. But I have a feeling that he pretty much made up his mind coz knowing he's a Taurus n when they're wont changed after they make up their mind What do u reckon? I'm also 7 years older than him n I think it bothers him.

  • Patience is the key...

    The fact that he's talking to you is good. Rather you talk to him first or not. What you've done is set the bar so now its in his mind that YOU are the first person to communicate and he is the person to text back. Thats now the routine of things...Dont get upset over this. Remember he's texting you back so you must be doing something right. The religion this is tricky, but do some research on other couples who are going through the same thing. You have to ensure him and ease his mind about it. Maybe read a book on inter-religious couples and present your finding to him over dinner at your house to which you make. Sit down with him and have a talk, clear the air tell him how you feel, and thats its hard for you to see him in any other light. You have to be sweet but stern. We bulls are stubbern, but we are movable just takes the right kind of tone to get us to move.

    I dont think he's playing mind games with you. I think he's just being cautious...We like to test the waters before we dive in. We can love a person within the first time we meet them but what we are looking for is that passion of being IN LOVE with the person, and that takes time.

    If he didnt mention anything about his B-day then you bring it up. Family comes first in my book, so thats what my mind would be on in that situation. No disrespect but i prob wouldnt have carried about any birthday anything because my family was in trouble. The next time you see him talk to him about his family. Make sure he's doing okay, talk to him about how he feels, and if he's good then you bring up your birthday idea. We Taurus are strong but we are emotional people, we just hide them VERY well.

    Imagine him as being Superman...Superman was strong, brave, he took on so much to save the world, but at the end of the day he still needed love from his girl Louis. You have to be louis, let him be the strong guy in the streets but know that he still is going to need someone to talk to when things in his life are going bad. Put yourself in his shoes...

    I personally like older guys only because they are less drama and know what they want. If he's dated you before then i'm sure he didnt have a problem with your age so dont think to much into that.

    just have patience with him...and be caring, and sensative towards what he's going through right now with his family. You have to know its not always going to be about YOU, so dont take it to personal when its not.

  • Hi confusingcancer,

    Thank u so much for responding. Ive been bottling this up for so long n i dont think i can do this for any longer. Im going insane. So what does it mean he wanna be friend? Is he testing me or he really wanna be friend n that's d end? If he doesn't wanna take thing to d next level, then there's really no point for me to waste my time with him. Of coz I wanna get married, settle down n have a family as I'm at d age where I'm ready for. I remember he told me he wants that as well but I think he's torn between his head n his heart.

    He's very particular in what he wants. He also says he can't compromise his religion. I don't why but somehow I have a feeling that there's something else with this sudden trip. Somehow I can't trust him n i always have a feeling that's he's doing something behind my back. Probably bcoz he's quiet b things, never respond normally n no reactions.

    Oh yes he sent me 3 songs yesterday n he asked twice if I have checked my email n listened to d songs but I said no. He also asked me if I have had d cakes he bought n I said no. He sent these songs 'you 2, this is for you my baby & jigsaw' all by Lloyd. First 2 songs are bout how d guy loves d gal, doesn't want no one else, wanna go down on 1 knee n get married etc. the last song is about a guy who is trying to figure n get his shit together etc. I'm trying not to read too much into this but I think he's trying to tell me something thru d songs. What do u think?

    Should I just move on or there's still chance he will take it to d next step n commit?

  • Hi confusing cancer,

    U mentioned that I have to b caring. I have shown him caring enough n he knows coz he even said so himself. So i dont think I have problem showing that I care n like him a lot. On d contrary, he's d one that have problem not me. It has to be 2 people give n take, not just me doing d giving n he's doing d taking only n it's not fair. Love is bout taking risk n if he can't even take d risk n what's d point loving n looking for love. If he can't even take d risk then it just shows that he's half hearted with me n there's really no point for me to keep doing d work here. Honestly I won't do anything without him showing me he's committed n be there for me thru thick n thin.

    I like him a lot but unfortunately i can't do all d works without him showing some commitment frm him. I'm willing to meet him half way ie religion n his culture but he has to compromise n meet me half way too. I have my own culture n my own identity n I want to keep it.

  • be prepared ladies taurus men are self centered, selfish and then some there is a thread on here that you want to check out its called "i need taurus insight" it is like having a full time job

    I live with two tauruses and it is no picnic they only do things for you when there is something in it for them. One is my longtime partner (13 yrs) and the other is my teenage son it is one heck of a ride so be prepared for a lot of ups and downs mostly downs

  • Hi ConfusingCancer,

    I came across your posts on this forum and wanted to reach out to you immediately. I am a 30 year-old Leo involved with a [30 year-old] Taurus man. Everything you have said in your previous posts has resonated with me so much, as I see so many of the traits you describe in my Taurus. That being said, I was hoping you might weigh in on my current situation. I am struggling with the decision to hold onto this man or to let him go.

    I met my Taurus 4 years ago through a mutual friend. At the time, he was dating someone else, and we lived 3,000 miles from one another. In spite of these factors, we struck up an instant friendship and became email pals. I loved the clever and funny messages he would send me and the fact that we were getting to know each other in this way (I am an English major and a sucker for words!). Once his situation changed, we made it a point to visit one another. Our relationship did become physical on the visits. We never pursued anything further given our geography, but often addressed the "what if" factor, and kept in-touch. Last July, I moved to a city only 2 hours away from him. I have seen him six times since I have been here. We chat everyday and often text. When we do see each other, we fall into the roll of "playing" boyfriend/girlfriend for a weekend, and then go back to our respective lives but maintain our contact. During a visit last November, I expressed my confusion to him over our situation. I felt very strongly (and still do) that we needed more real-life time with one another to see where we were headed. I was not asking him for a commitment; just the reassurance that we were going somewhere and that he is willing to put in that effort. Our discussion turned into a tearful mess, with him telling me that he was not going to let me go, but that he was not ready to settle down yet either. I was completely confused. We seemed to work through that, however, and resumed our pattern of talking nearly everyday.

    Now, here we are in March. Three weeks ago, he came to visit me. We had a weekend full of cuddling, hugging, kissing, and genuine fun. It was low-key and relaxing, and I felt that we had FINALLY turned a corner. While visiting, he invited me to his city to run in a 15K (we both love to run) together, taking place today. In short, I arrived yesterday, and my Taurus man was acting completely different than he had on our last visit. There was no touching or affection, and although we were having a great time, I felt that we were merely friends again. I know I have to be gentle with him, but I am also a bold - often stubborn and impetuous Leo, used to being chased - so I knew I had to address his behavior too. We joke about the fact that he processes and I react. I told him that I felt uncomfortable, and that I was left confused by his actions. In the conversation that ensued, he told me again, that he is not ready for a committed, monogamous relationship with anyone. He said that there are times that he is unsure of our future. In the next breath, he told me he loved me, and that he could see a future with us someday, but he felt guilty telling me that so as not to give me "false hope". I started to cry, and he said he wanted to comfort me, but was scared of showing emotion, again on account of the "false hope" factor. He explained to me that he needs a lot of time to decide about what is right in his life, and apologized for hurting me. I told him that I care deeply for him, and that I would miss him terribly if he were not in my life, but that I need to take care of myself too, and not continue on this crazy roller coaster. He was quiet (as he says, "internalizing"), but willing to let me go too. We fell asleep on separate sides of the bed, and this morning, I left before the run. He asked me not to leave, twice, but my Leo pride wouldn't let me stay.

    All of that being said, this man has my heart. Yes, we are confusing, and erratic, and really different in approach, but connect in a way that I personally never have with anyone else. I am not an entirely typical Leo and love my creature comforts and equally love being in nature, so we have very similar interests too. I believe we could have the fairytale together, but struggle with our day-to-day. I wonder if I am being a fool for keeping someone in my life who has blatantly expressed that they do not want a relationship. And while I appreciate his honesty, it hurts me when he says he is unsure of us.

    My question to you is, do I stay or do I go? I told my Taurus not to contact me, as I need some space. We have had that conversation before though, and like magic, he always reappears in my life. If he needs time to grow and mature, I can handle that, but I cannot continue to go on with him, and I am certainly not going to wait for the day he is ready. I am thinking of cutting him off completely, if only to protect myself from the constant hurt.

    I am sad and mad and confused all at once. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!!

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