How do i conquer the heart of a Taurus Men ??

  • Hi !

    I'm an Aquarius female, a typical one I believe, and strangely I’m in love with a very stubborn, very strong minded Taurus men.

    Even though he sometimes demonstrates that he likes me, sometimes it feels like e doesn’t care at all ... I’m totally confused by this duality of signs that he sends me.

    Being an Aquarius, I tend to rationalize everything and all this behavior is of no logic to me! I already told him that I like him a lot, I do exteriorize that when I’m with him but sometimes I’m afraid to go further because I don’t understand what he really wants… He can be a whole day or more without saying anything at all and then, out of the blue, calls me saying he’s coming to see me and when he does he treats me with passion and he is really sweet with me, just to get all cold again after that !!!

    It almost seems like some kind of game to test me and my feelings…

    So if there’s a Taurus man out there that could give me some enlightening on this I would really appreciate 🙂 cause I lost has hell !!!!!

  • i can't agree more Rosas. I am facing the same problem!

    Taurus men, comment please.

  • Oh boy--a Taurus man! Yes, you are in for a ride, my dear. I dated a Taurus (and I am a Leo sun, Virgo moon, Capricorn rising), so I like to be in the "know" of what the deal is. Well, aside from the fact that this can just be him individually-speaking (acting flip-floppy, immature, cheating, lying or whatever), having a Taurus sign can be a risk...and that, in itself, is laying the foundation for this behavior of his.

    Taurus people typically love routine, but THEIR routine. They hate change. Now, for Taurus men, especially the younger ones, freedom to do their own will is vitally important to them. He might be concerned about really getting into you, and falling for you, knowing this would graduate him to the next phase of responsibility--commitment. And that means change. And that is the arch-enemy of Taureans.

    Taurus men are also typically very manly men, in the sense that they LOVE women. Actually, they love what women do FOR them, which is different than actually respecting women. This is something you will have to really think about; there is truly a difference. He might be seeing someone else--multiple women, for that matter. I am not trying to put the bug in your ear, but I can't ignore this possibility, especially with such a sign.

    If that is ruled out (just him being an idiot and playing/ using you), and you really want to make it work, the key is balance. Squeezing soap too tight only makes it slip out, so Taurus men definitely do NOT want any form of smothering at all. They hate being prodded and probed and interrogated. Are you doing this at all? I am sure to some degree you are (and rightly so), since he is playing this game of "popping his head in and out like a gopher" with you. You have every right to question his bizarre behavior.

    I think you are hoping this is a test by him. Perhaps. Taurus men are VERY egotistical, and they need to feel wanted, desired and praised. Their ego is codependent on external forces, namely women. So, here is the struggle: give him attention, but in a loving, sensual, praising way...and not smother him or bother him with questions and continual concerns. To most men, that equates, unfortunately, to someone who is just using you for a casual encounter with no strings attached.

    Personally, for me, it was exhaustive and annoying to deal with the Taurus man I did. If you know his other two signs (which I can find for you if you have his birth date, birth time and location of birth), that can possibly give me more insight into whether he is just going to be this immature, flip-flopping, gopher head-poppin guy...or if he has a chance of being someone cool for you. Oh, let us hope for some buffers for this Taurus man!

  • TheNightOwl13,

    It seems like a few of us are dating the same Taurus guy!! LOL!! I wonder if you would be able to give me some insight into my Taurus guy? I am also a Taurus (Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising Sign).....but he still confuses the heck out of me! He is Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising Sign.......does that mean I need to run for the hills!!!!! 🙂

    Rosas & Pape, good luck with your Taurus men, mine sure is confusing me!

  • Hi Wenchie,

    I will write more on this later, but here is my knee-jerk gut reaction to the signs you've given me:

    Initially, I didn't have a very good feeling about the signs you've given me. This is not to say it can't work, because--like I tell everybody--there are tons of other denominators involved, well beyond mere signs.

    The problem is you have a double of Virgo in you. I suspect you probably analyze and try to figure out everything he's pulling and doing. And, him being part Taurus AND part Cancer, well, this can only mean one thing: annoyed! Does he get annoyed easily by you and your questions or observations?

    I suspect he flip-flops a lot, being a Cancer, and is quite sensitive to your Virgo ways. Additionally, you are a Taurus, so you are fixed in your ways or beliefs. This might be too rigid for him.

    The only solace is that he can "get" why you're like that, because he has Taurus in him, too. But what do two bulls do? They fight, not get along! May the biggest bull win! Your other buffer is the Cancer aspect. Surely, this will cause confusion and moodiness in the relationship, but at least it will loosen up the Taurus side to him.

    Compatibility charts all point to you guys being a great match. I am a few notches below that in terms of applauding the match, because I base my view more on experience and observation--not template answers from a book.

    The bottom line is we all know Cancerians are moody and run to their shell when hurt. Tauruses are stubborn and don't like change, so this might solidify his desire to stay in his shell like a pouting kid. Virgo women can be very caring and considerate, but also too practical and analytical.

    His Cancerian side might need more of that soft, womanly touch to come out and lure him back out of the shell. If you have the patience to put up with that, he might meet you halfway more consistently. But remember that this might not make him grow as a person. He's going to have to learn to balance his moodiness and stubborness on his own; not have his hand held all the time.

  • Hi TheNightOwl13,

    Thank you for that. I think it's a very good observation!

    I have got a very caring, soft, considerate side, but I tell you.....I get very frustrated with him because I never know what the heck is going on with him and yes he does run and hide! I'm very patient but gee sometimes he's really pushing it.

    Alot of the problems between us so far is our lack of communication and both of us afraid to open up (both been very hurt in the past), but I am going to break past my fear barrier next time i see him and be the one to open up because the back and forth and not knowing what is going on or where I stand is driving me crazy!!!

    I understand what you mean about him needing to learn to balance his moodiness and stubborness on his own. I'd appreciate any other insight you may have. My dob is 4th May 1971, Bendigo Australia and his dob is 2nd May 1979 Melbourne Australia.

    Thanks heaps! 🙂

  • Hi TheNightOwl13

    Well i'll take up your offer of finding more for me.

    Here's the information about us

    Me: born january 22nd 1973 at 12.47 pm in Alcochete, Portugal

    Him: born May 1st 1983 at 12.00 pm in Guarda, Portugal

    Now tell me should i run wile i still can ???? lol



  • Dear NightOwl13

    I am also experiencing similar problems with my Taurus guy like how the others have described above. He is always blowing hot and cold and sometimes I don't hear from him for ages and then all of a sudden he wants to see me, saying he misses me etc. I am really into him and would do anything for him, but because of this confusing behaviour towards me I find myself not knowing how to behave with him, even if I wanted to be affectionate or caring.

    Do you think I should call it a day and move on or do you think there could be a future for both of us, and if so, what should I do, because I seem to be the only one who is initiating everything and he hardly makes an effort saying he's busy with work usually 😞

    His date of birth is 4/5/1979 and mine is 18/2/1977. I was born in London at 9.26pm and he was born in Lahore, Pakistan (not sure what time)

    Many thanks,


  • Hi guys,

    I too am having same problems with Taurus man. I'm starting to notice a trend with everyone's Taurus men: They're all younger than the women. My question is this: did the Taurus man choose you initially? Do they all have a thing for older women? Mine is two yrs younger than me as well. Strange. I wonder what that is all about.

    Anyways, here are our stats:


    Sun: Aquarius

    Mercury: Pisces

    Venus: Aries

    Mars: Virgo


    Sun: Taurus

    Mercury: Gemini

    Venus: Aries

    Mars: Libra

    I don't know either of our birthtimes unfortunately.

    Thanks for any insight you could give!

  • Hi Gloweyes

    Well that a funny set of questions you have there...

    I’m also an Aquarius but I have Virgo moon and Taurus ascendant… so I can be as stubborn as him lol … in fact we do have lots of similar characteristics in our personalities.

    As everyone been saying, it seems to me that really there is a trend in Taurus men behavior lol

    You were asking if he was the one to choose initially … well we meet in the most unusual way, well at least for me!!!!

    A friend of mine, a girl, was having a date with a guy she met online and she didn’t want to go alone so she convinced me to go with her.. The guy she was meeting took a friend with him also thinking that if he and my friend didn’t connect, then he could go and enjoy the rest of the night out with his friend. She didn’t know he was taking a friend and neither did he knew she was doing the same!!!! Well as you might guess the friend he took was the Taurus guy I’m dating now: D! The funny thing is that they didn’t connect at all but we both did right away!!! We talked all night long … it was an immediate empathy. And the even funniest thing is that if I had seen him somewhere else I wouldn’t even give him a second look because he isn’t definitely the kind of guy I would pay attention to. This have never happened to me since I’ve always had feeling or relations with guys I’ve known for some time, friends that became something else … Another odd thing is that by the end of the evening we did switched phone numbers, just in case, but you know that most of the times people do that but eventually never take the time or courage to call. The very next day I got a call from him saying that I had left my notebook on the back seat of his car …Impossible I said to him!!! … do you believe I didn’t used, moved or pick up that notebook during the time I was in his car!!?!?!?!?! I don’t know how but it felt from my purse into his back seat … and if it wasn’t for the notebook probably we would have meet again soon after that night.

    So Gloweyes … I believe that in my case … the notebook pick us both: D:D:D

    And I don’t know if they all have a thing for older women or not … I do know that we have a 10 years old difference!!!! And I do believe that this kind of bothers him …

    Dear NightOwl13,

    Has you said, I too believe he is dating other woman simultaneously but we don’t have a steady relation yet and I too see other guys, not romantically but I do go out with them to dinner or coffee, and I believe that’s what he does too. Has you also said, Taurus have the need to feel appreciated especially by woman and I think he sees other woman just to feel that.

    Also I know that hurt him at the beginning cause, after we went out for sometimes I started to have some feeling for him and we even already had plans to go away for a weekend to my summer house (I canceled it 2 days before) so when I realized things were becoming too serious, like a good Aquarian, I ran as fast as I could …. And “Into” another man, an old friend of mine!!!

    For about 2 weeks I almost didn’t talked with him or respond his messages cause I was really just trying to forget about him… somehow I just wasn’t able to deal with our age difference so I thought it would be better to just let go and move on!!!!! …That was just until I saw him again and all the feelings came back in a very strong way :(. I was honest and told him about the other guy (meanwhile I already had stop seeing that other guy) and he felt hurt about it cause I decided all by myself and didn’t even talked with him about my fears and doubts (the “kid” ended up by teaching an important and true lesson to the 36 years old woman … never think for other or you might get it all wrong). So because of this I believe now he is afraid to commit to me… and that’s why he is always on and of.

    You also said that they don’t like to be prodded and probed and interrogated… and this is something I don’t ever do!! Being an Aquarius I appreciate my independence too much and I don’t like to be prodded and interrogated so I don’t do that to anyone. We did had a fight sometime ago but that was because I got tired of asking him to do things and he would always say no but then out of the blue he would call me saying to go out or that he would come to my hose, so I was only seeing him when he decided to … I told him I was no puppet that was always willing and able to see him or being with him only when he was in the mood to do it.

    Like Wenchie, I also believe that we didn’t commit to a relation yet, and most of the problems we have, are due to our lack of communication and both of us being afraid to open up… well at least I know that’s my problem!!!! It’s very difficult to me to let my feelings out on the open cause it makes me feel vulnerable and kind of week … stupid of me I know !!!!


    Could you tell me some more about him? I already gave you his date, time and place of birth and I would really appreciate if you could see more about his behavior and as you stated “to give more insight into whether he is just going to be this immature, flip-flopping, gopher head-poppin guy...or if he has a chance of being someone cool for you.”

    Well good luck everyone with your Taurus … I know I’ll need it with mine 😛 LOL

    Hugs and lots of love


    Ps – sorry for the long text :S

  • Hi –

    Taurus man, April 21st, 1979. Aquarious Moon and Gemini rising.

    The chances are, if your potential Taurus lover has given you some indications of affection, you probably already have his heart – but something is holding him back that is likely based on a level of mistrust, which is a danger to potential long term stability. Taurus often the like to portray the “silent hero protagonist” to hide hidden emotions that confuse the hell out of us. We’re not that articulate when it comes to expressing personal feelings, especially verbally, as it leads to vulnerability and instability. So don’t get us wrong, we have tons of emotion and sensuality, they just tend to get in the way of routine and stability resulting in much personal conflict. Once we go in, we go ALL IN emotionally in a relationship with the intentions of making that the new routine – so absolute trust in a partner is required before the commitment is made.

    If you want to coax out that hidden emotion, take us somewhere private and relaxed. Going out in nature refills our gas tanks us and puts us at ease – an excellent place for you to connect with us. Quiet and intimate dinners are also a big plus. Not big fans of chaos, too much noise and crowds (organized crowds such as sporting events / concerts are ok – unorganized crowds such as night clubs / busy city streets are not). Doing little things for us, particularly if they’re traditionally based (e.g., washing our dishes without being asked) is a quick way to get our undivided attention.

    We need constant reassurance so make sure you are incredibly clear about your feelings for them (but not overbearing, remember we need to think we are in control). A little pat on the head goes such a long way. Don’t be afraid to portray a certain sense of possessiveness or jealousy, I personally find that to be an attractive trait as it shows me that you deeply care, as destructive as it can be. We like to give and are incredibly generous, but don’t like to be pressured into it – it has to be on our own terms. Also don’t lie / be fake – we have a pretty good BS meter and will run like the wind if danger to our own security is sensed.

    Loyalty wise, you’ll find no one more reliable. Once a choice of lover is made, our determined nature will make that the focus of our assuring stability. We won’t risk long term chaos / change for temporary pleasure. Never, it does not compute.

    In the sack…well our natural traits of endurance, determination and attention tend to leave no one complaining.

    So the key is to simply make it known to your man that you are willing to commit. Once you break through the rough and suspicious exterior, gain the trust of a Taurus, you’ll have a companion that will stand by you till the end.

  • flirt with him but dont sleep with him for a a good while cos as soon as he might just p i s s off 😞

  • I am a taurus female(04-27-1979) and I am just chiming in to add that we do hate change, we are very stubborn, like for things to be our way. I will say too that when we fall in love, we love deeply and it can last for years if we get our needs properly met by our partner. I'm not saying give us our way about everything, I do compromise. We can be and are possessive. Now, I think some of this wishy-washy ways of acting is the cancer. When I love you, you know it. I do not play. but, what you have described is the acts of more of how cancers tend to act. I agree with the taurus man above!

  • sorry, the cancer tendencies that I referred to were meant for Wenchie. But, your man could have cancer in him as well...

  • Hi everyone,

    Corpslave what do you mean by " The chances are, if your potential Taurus lover has given you some indications of affection, you probably already have his heart " ???

    Which kind of indication os affections are you talking about?

    How does a Taurus shows afection ? cause my Taurus can feel me up with kisses in one minute and be as cold as ice the next !!!!

    He can be days without calling or showing up and then send me a text message calling me "my sweetie" or "my darling" !!! one momento he says he dosent want to have a serious relation and the next minute he is saying things like "dont go and work a broad cause you have me here" or "dream about me" ... It's damn confusing to understand his signs ....

    So could you please just explain what can i understand as an indication of affection?

    Another confusing thing as do to with this statement of your " We need constant reassurance so make sure you are incredibly clear about your feelings for them " ... when ever i state my feelings for him e retratcs, he gets once agin cold and distant ... and dosent even talks about it .... so because of that i've stoped with the diplays of emotion and feelings for him ... What should i do, should i insist inspite of his reaction or should i stay quiet in my corner and only respond to his displays of emotion and fellings?



  • It appears that most Taurus men are the same...

    I am a Scorpio and dealing with my Taurus man is tough...I run out of patience....I am a logical person to begin with and I find no logic in his behavior...

    I am a Scorpio born 11/10/1961 at aprox 2am in Denver Colorado...

    He is aTaurus born 05/10/1955 not sure what time,,,,in Chicago IL

    The chemistry between us is extreme..If we are in a room together we want to touch each other..but he has habits of avoiding me..,he says he cares too much and is afraid...


  • Corpslave hit the nail on the head with my taurus experince, very strong, silent hero type, and moody , even to my cancer tendencies, he was just very moody, and in and out of my life, I would stay rather confused by the words, affections, and then the dissapearing, after running into them again. I've attempted to be their friend this time only, they were my first love, and will always have that place in my heart, he gave me the most beautiful emerald engagment ring, and was a pretty loyal guy in younger days,didn't happen, we were so young, but even after 15 years and different parts of the world run ins, I figure we probably have a connection, but I can't maintain it on my own, and they behave as if they were angry with me sometimes, then blow me off, then back to being friendly, atleast as long as I don't get too personal, that or be too nice, that seems to throw him off, keep him away. Sometimes I think he wants to see how far I'll chase or go for him, other times I think if he wants to talk to me, he will, my natural instinct is to back off, so hopefully one of these days Mr. Stubborn taurus and I will be good friends again.

  • Here's a few tips on this charasmatic character that will put you through a number of tests from making you jealous (and he will have other woman) to lack of communication with you.If a bull likes you he will come on strong at first in order to get your attention once thats been achieved he's gonna leave you hanging and disappear.If you are still a possible match for him he will want to caress/touch you by lightly rubbing your hand/shoulder to get a feel of your skin(in other words look after your skin)he loves soft sensual skin.Are you still not sure, if he really likes you and yous are around other people he will completely ignore you,try to speak to him and he will run so is not to blow his cover.still have doubts, watch his reaction when you are in the company of other males, if doesn't like you he will remain comfortable if he does stand back and watch this bull in action whew!!!! he will show his jealousy and vacate the premises.(objective is don't flirt or tease him with other men you will lose him for sure).If you have gotten this far with your taurus man then watch his eyes, his eyes don't lie if he truely likes you (and i think alot at this stage)he will avoid direct eye contact with you.There are a lot weird painful tests that this man will put you through in order to choose one heiffa out of his paddock of many , but when he does he will not re-nag on his choice.Remember always be yourself, stand by your convictions and don't change him or you and last of all PATIENCES is the name of the game.

    If you are still unsure, If you've made it to his bed on one or more occasions then he's sealing his affections for you, he will not say he loves you but will show it. He does not need to sleep with all the heiffas in his paddock this the ultimate truth for this slow methodical being truely does contemplate everything in all aspects of his life sleeping with multiple partners is not one of them.

    Hope this helps you out , I have great knowledge of astrology and true life experiences with the bull to understand him is to get what he's about , accomplish that then it will either make or break your relationship.

  • ps: I am seeing taurus man for 6 months now , still am patience and live my own life as norm, not emotionally attached to him and head and heart still remains with me.We txt one another quite often when not in each others company. The testing games are but a few and communication is consistent. I am cancerwoman so retreating back in to my shell for long periods at a time often leaves him asking mutual friends where/what/who with and why questions about me, if he ain't getting the information he wants to hear, he always ends up at a best friend's doorstep digging for info(this person i consider a great friend and confidant) I have also gone to measures of not mentioning my where abouts/who with to her, because he is persistent she gives in and reveals all.

    moral of the story if your his love interest he will track you down like an obsessed maniac

    Soundz crazy better believe it..................and is there an end to my dilemma NO it is only the beginning of a beautiful thing , and do i think he's the one!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I am Aquarian and for some strange reason could not undersatndw hy I kept being very strongly attracted to Tayrean males in the first days of May. Then I found the majority of my other horoscope aspects were in Capricorn. We do have a very strong basic core nature of wanting to put basic things, first and home, family and relationships. But as an Aquarian I am very happy to going with the flow and fast ebb and current of my thoughts, life, feeligns and experience and like a goat can clim and leap from crag to crag, the bull wants to be lying in his field, not have anything to think or do or worry about and happily chew teh grass and wander around the same old field without any need or feeling to go any further or seek for anything better. Especially if it demands any extra thought or effort. He even prefers his females to be in the same field and where he wants them so he can just go up to them and give them a quick nuzzel and a quick bonk. He does like his sex and sexuality. but basically he is a lazy guy. And no matter how much he loves you, if you make it in any way more diifcult and eh ahs to think about the relationship or you too much, he wont try harder he'll just bugger off. He likes the female to loook after him - as is his right and her to think about the relationship, home, kids housework, decorating without bothering or involving him too much. He does not mind doing manly stuff and helping out round the house just as long as it reinforces his manly ego and he is told what to do and not have to think about it too much. Of course it does matter what other stars are in his sign.

    My own ploy, when I remember and don't go off my feelings but use my head (more useful for cognitive signs such as Taurus and Aquarius) is to remember Bulls are attracted to following the sense - what they see and hear, they respond to outside stimuli - and that you cannot push or pull or bully and mentally or emotionally manipulate a bull. But you can lead him by the nose, Little pulls towards the direction you want him to come in help. He can be gently guided and is really quite thick when you do so. Any pulling or pushing and you will get the stubborness again. But it can be done. He also does not appreciate if you are always there and always willing to please and listen to him. You can end up like a surogate mum with added sex benefits. Read "Why Men like Bitches" and learn to hold off and not show you feelings and love so much. He really does respond to a challenge and something which is not easy but interesting. - He is a Male Bull. Sorry, more male than the avergae male. All thos fantastique male qualities in quadruplicate but also all the agravating male qualite also. You would do well to develop some of the feminie subtle qualities of Pices and Scorpio women, who so much more subtle and ready to manipulate in relationships than the Aquarian who is honets and upfront. Be a little bit more difficult, not there and not so easy to please and seek a common friendship. He wants a woman not a mate and someone who will guide and challenge him even if he wants to remain feeling the boss. Good Luck. I Love Mine but I could happily kill him and trun him into mincemeat - and knows so. and it is what keeps him on his toes. I just need to back off and make sure my persoanl support comes form other places - not just him.

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