Cris1962 are you up for a reading

  • Dear Cris, Welcome back and if you are up for it I would love to get a reading from you. I know you have gotten a lot of advice and input about your situation. My situation is different in some ways but we all feel a sense of fear, loss, loneliness and failure when our marriage breaks down. I was with my husband for almost 30 years and he was my everything, I was and still am devastated. Marriage always has ups and downs and people can change very quickly. I am now rebuilding myself and mynew life. I try to remind myself that it is all part of the universes wish and I am now getting a new chance at happiness. Wish you all the best and remember you are definately not alone. You give so much in this forum I am sure you will be on a great new path. Anyway I am not sure what you need to do your readings but will give you some information. My birthdate 2/26/61 and my X 5/30/54 and the one other guy I have interest in 6/10/63. Of course my new interest is with another lady who did the heavy pursuit thing so we have nothing going. If you can give me any insight into anything in my life and anything to do with these 2 would be great. Can you tell me if my interest will come to me and if not hopefully not stay with her (she is bad news). Will I find someone new. Should I go back to school? Anything to do with health, wealth, happiness. Do you feel I should relocate and if so any information on where. Can you pick up that I have any psychic, reading or other abilities I should develop. Anything would be great. Love and light, light and love.

  • Hi Olive

    Thanks so much for your opening comments; they made me feel speshul :))

    Now what I get for you is:

    Neither of these men are going to be in your life in any capacity. Well the X stands to reason, though I think you have still had some contact with him here and there. That will end. The other fellow? Hmmm. Can't really see anything with him either. I'm getting the word "liar" here and it seems to sit on his shoulders. He wants his cake and eat it too. I think he may have been about to come your way a little while ago, but this other woman has him in her clutches and he's enjoying the almost smothering attention she gives him. He has an ego a mile long and until he gets rid of that influence, he won't develop any real substance within himself. Not a bad man, but easily led. I feel he "had his chance but has blown it" and that chance I think, was with you.

    Yes you should relocate and I can see you doing it within about 12-18 months or even sooner. You will ponder on it for quite a while as I feel where you are has a very deep-rooted influence on you now. Still, I'm seeing somewhere warmer (tropical actually; I see palm trees) for you where you actually blossom like the proverbial rose. You will also go back to school and I feel you'll be studying something in the area of creative arts. You have a hidden creative talent that you have only sort of let out of the bag, so to speak, but you will develop this further in time and will get great joy and some wealth out of it.

    I don't see any huge amounts of money landing in your lap, but you will always be comfortable. You will have enough money to pay the bills, and enjoy yourself as well. I'm seeing a few holidays coming up as well, and you just might bite the bullet and go somewhere you've always dreamed of but never had the nerve to actually go there. I get "Peru" ... does that make sense to you? Well, if you do go, could you please give me a few months' notice (so I can give up the fags) and take me along as well ... I'd be happy to go as excess baggage if need be; it doesn't cost that much to travel in the cargo hold I hear ... :))) but if I don't give up smokin, I won't cope with the elevation of the place ...

    You do have talents in the area of healing and empathy. I believe you just might be an empath (one who FEELS others' emotions and feelings). I see you with cards, but not necessarily Tarot. Actually I'm seeing a crystal ball, but can you confirm for me if you had a relative or ancestor who may have been a gypsy (for want of a better word)? I'm getting some Romany influences in your geneology and I believe you actually have an echo of that wonderlust in you now which you have repressed a bit. But I do see this crystal ball somewhere close to you.

    I don't get that you have actual clairvoyant abilities, but again, you are what is called "clairsentient" meaning you feel and sense things, rather than see or hear them. There was someone in your family who was a medium too I think. Actually I believe there is a rather long line of reading ability in your ancestry in addition to the Romany I mentioned above. One of them was a man ... a Great Grandfather maybe? A bit like Edgar Cayce he was, but sadly due to the mode of the times, he didn't advertise his ability all that much.

    There is a tall man coming into your life too. He has greying hair, but a large smattering of an almost ginger colour in it. He laughs a lot and has a twinkle in his eye. He's the man for you. Now it could be this one you're asking about, but if it IS him, he'll be a while off sorting out his own mess. But still, this fellow will slot into your life when the time comes as a true companion with a few other benefits ... 🙂 Not a big man, just tall. He's been around quite a bit; travelled some, and by the time he shows up in your life for good, he'll have learned a whole lot about himself. I see him fussing in the kitchen, making cups of tea for you and squeezing lemon into it. He's fussy, infuriating at times, but a gentle, gentle soul with a great deal of understanding of women in general, and you in particular. A soulmate I feel. I see the two of you just sitting together without having to actually DO anything. This man will herald the twilight of your life and you will make old bones together.

    Hope this made sense and helps you some. I'm just unclear about this man you asked about as even though I say there is nothing with him, there is nothing with him NOW. But as said, very unclear about that. I think this may be a case of the Higher Ups controlling the issue at the moment and where he's concerned, you need to sit back and roll with the punches. Your life needs attention, so that's what you need to focus on the most at the moment. But you won't end up alone.

    Let me know if this is way off the mark or maybe scored somewhere! GOOD LUCK xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • Cris1962, thank you so much. Well you are right about the X having communication on some left over divorce stuff and only by email. He is not the man I knew and have not interest in trying to get back, just want to be done. He has hurt me beyond return. The other one also a Gemini (you would think I would learn). I do not think the other interest is the same as the tall guy because he is short and mostly white grey haiir. I do feel you are right that he wanted to come back but that the other lady has a hold. Could you having someone so will keep a look out. Do feel as though I did know the other interest and that there was a connection but almost that he feared me or us. I do think and feel that I am an empath. It puts a real strain on me and at this point in my life I am trying to deal with it. I do not know of anyone in my ancestry that had any gifts, but not close with them. Interesting about the crystal ball, have a friend who recently was packing and he ex boyfriend that passed away had one given to him right before his death. It was a black ball and the friend kept it out to show it to me. Said she thought of me when she found it for some reason. She offered it to me but when I held it I felt that it needed to stay with her. Do you think I should get one. If I thought i could do something with it I would get one. Sometimes I think I hear things but mostly feel them. So if you come up with anything else let me know. I did live overseas for over 26 years, but not peru but it was tropical. Peru sounds interesting and I am open to going somewhere. You mentioned about smoking and since I think things happen for a reason I thought that I would tell you about my smoking or not smoking that is. After my husbands betrayal and me being devastated I lost weight and could not afford to loose any (high metabolism). I had smoked for over 20 years and tried to quit and could not. I needed to gain wait or at least stop the loss so one day I decided to try acupuncture. I did one treatment with out any gum or orther aids. It was for an addiction treatment and they concentrate a lot on the ear. My friends told me I was crazy to try at the hardest time of my life but I said I had to, for me. Anyway, I have not had a cigarette since and that was almost 2 years ago. So maybe this could be your inspiration. Love and Light.

  • Hello Cris,

    I am new to this and very sorry to intrude on your time and your communication with Olive. I would appreciate, very deeply and from my whole heart if you would or could help me, I am terribly sad and desperate. If you are willing, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Good luck to you Olive. You will be in my thoughts.

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