• Cris I am thrilled you got the place and are so happy! It was meant to be. I felt you would find it before Christmas and I am so happy for you! Love & Light to you in your new home. Send us pics when you can.


  • Cris I am very happy for you!Wish you great happiness in the new house and a very fulfilling,joyous life!hugs,merry X'mas and happy holidays!

  • Well done on finding your house Cris, good luck with the move and I wish you every happiness in your new home. x

  • Cris,

    Been following your thread for awhile, didn't want to post for fear of getting smacked again, but am thrilled to hear that your problems are solved, and that you got the house of your dreams. They say is always darkest just before the dawn. Now go on and enjoy your very special Xmas gift !!!!

  • hi chris...congrats on finding your new home...happy holidays to you...nothing on mine yet and the holidays are coming up sooo probably after the new year...sometimes..enjoy your new beginning...sending you lots of love, light n hugs..

  • See how much love there is for you, Chris? You reap what you sow:)

  • Thank you all; every single one of you, for your friendship, kindness and continued support and patience with annoying little me 🙂 Very much appreciated!

    Happy xmas/new year and may 2010 bring us all the joy and prosperity we deserve and of course, WANT :)))))

    Thanks hisbablove too; can always count on you to add yet more cheer; love ya!

  • hi chris..they were sposedly clearing stuff off I was in high spirits but they took something that was sentimental sooo that hurt..I don't understand how people can just take things..w/out disregard for anything else...

  • sapphire,

    Always try to remember this when someone does something to hurt you: that karmic wheel turns in its own time. What these people took will somehow be taken from them in time and right when they're in need themselves. Easy for me to say, I realise that, and I often can't see the forest for the trees myself when someone does something wrong by me, but hold your head up high and remind yourself that you're the one who eventually will sleep th sleep of the kind and truthful people of the world ... while they're tossing and turning, wondering where they went wrong :))

    Happy Christmas to all of you, and virgopiggy, you were never part of the reason for my "private email" thread, so please don't worry about that anymore! It was meant for those who took advantage of my email address and asked for readings, which you didn't do. So forget about it, and have a happy xmas/new year and a wonderful 2010 :)))


  • Hey there Cris

    Congrats to you sunshine!!!!! how very exciting is the news. I am a bit late on the conversation but better late than never huh!

    Good things come to good people.

    Merry Christmas and love and light

    Tatia xx

  • Thanks Tatia 🙂 Hope you had a happy Christmas and that the new year brings you plenty of good things. xoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxox

  • Wow I know you are very busy with your new job and trying to get the new place ready and all the packing you didn't do when you were told to. So these quick little pop ins just to let us know you chasing your own tail is refreshing.

  • Chris....boy have you missed didn't miss a thing. But YOU have been missed!! I hope your holiday was lovely and things are moving along smoothly for you. I know you're ridiculously busy so I haven't emailed you or posted her either, knowing you are going to feel like having to get back to all of us is going to take a few years. That's what you get for being so popular:)

    Just know that I'm thinking of you, sending good thoughts and happy energy, and holding on to our chapters until you settle down...oh, and the strippers, contraband, know, the usual stuff:)

  • I meant POSTED HERE...I'm waiting for the zings now...

  • Hi Chris,

    Just backing up what everyone else is saying in that I realise you must be very busy right now but I am thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your messages of support my dearest fwiends 🙂 I am doing my best at the moment, between working, trying to pack, and being in pain with whatever I've done to my ribs. Can't get in to see a doctor until later today or tomorrow and have been resting up as much as possible coz I can't lift anything much. Sitting on the 'puter for too long makes it worse, so I've been avoiding that as well. This might've been why you guys had been getting messages for me to start packing earlier than I normally would, BUT I have managed to get some stuff out to the new place; just not as much as I would've liked. The ex has been very helpful here, and I'm eternally grateful 🙂

    Still, if you guys are happy to send me messages privately and I'll answer 'em when I can, then send away! My computer will be out of action probably Friday until Saturday or Sunday tho' ...

    Hope you all had a great Xmas and that the new year brings us all that we truly desire ... or at the very least, NEED 🙂 Next week should hopefully see an improvement in all things, including me waking up pain free! Must go hug a tree ... God knows there's plenty of 'em where I'm going :)) Off to work today; am determined to survive the 8 hour shift with the help of aspro and nurofen and (lucky me) very supportive work mates ...

    Take care, love you all and talk to you again as soon as I'm able 🙂

  • Well cris I hope you didn't do that reaching too high. And I know your not nearly as far along as you would like to be. Just get someone to do the moving of the boxes and furniture and you stick to the things on a lower level. Drawers and shelves that you don't need to reach up to. You only have to worry about getting it all there and in the right rooms. And labled with some of the most important things that you need to find right away. I am sure Brooke will be as helpful as much as any other teenager LOL. When she can find time for you. Ok you may not get to read anything till after your up and running at the new place. So be careful and will be thinking about you. Love and Light

  • Seems to me I recall something a certain Libra said about packing and you're having to leave pretty quickly once you found your house some time me out here, Chris, what was that she said...?LOL

    I'm glad you're getting where you need to go. You know you have tons of love and support pouring out through cyberspace and "puters" from all corners of the world, so tell your ribs to keep up and stop whining:)

    Hope to hear from you soon and know how this new chapter in your life is progressing. Until then, take care and take time for you.

    Blessings and light, FWIEND

  • G'day again

    It appears I've broken two ribs - one cracked and the other split or that's what the doctor said. I had to beg off my other eight hour shift today as I knew I couldn't cope with it on top of yesterday, so NOT HAPPY JAN (Aussies'd know what is meant there). Am dosed up on strong pain killers and hope at the moment. The ex an daughter have taken more stuff out to the house today and I'm trying not to feel guilty. I help where I can though. So frustrating, but sht happens ... I know it'll get better and feel this is the last of said sht. Or at the very least the last of this challenging and complicated year.

    Anyhoo, apparently I will be in some discomfort/pain for another couple of weeks yet, so I'll just have to ignore all those things I wanted to get done for a bit.

    Thanks again for continued support. And I am trying to tell those bloody ribs to fix emselves and let me get on with it. I've had to lose at least $160 by not working today, so that rankles just a tad ... 🙂

    Oh well. I'll just try and keep on smiling as I lie on my bed trying to heal ... :)))))) ... groan

  • hi chris...hope u heal a little faster...but there's a reason for just try hard to heal and let the other things go for does get frustrating..I haven't heard anything..yet on mine..besides its too cold..but I talked to someone who sounds like she would be willing to sell hers...I really am used to 2 bathrooms...I have sons..and sharing a bathroom with them..well..ahem isn't the wish me luck too..I am trying to deal w/alot of things too..but looking to the new year for better things..better life..etc etc...hope you get well soon...n let your ex work for you..hahaha I would...

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