• At this point, we've got fingies,toesies, and even EYES crossed!

    I know this isn't exactly a "vsion" and sapphirediamond did remind us that it was "visions only" time, but I will count on our friendship to give me, Libraslair, and Wenchie license to blab...I mean post since I'm sure that sapphirediamond contributed the vision you needed and Libraslair contributed the guidebook:)

    I'm just going to wait here with my "told you so" a big grin, and maybe a suit of armor because I know libraslair is going to get me for this one:):)

  • No I'm not going to get you because most of us here with Chis know it's been you who gave her a reading to begin with on this and maybe someone else is oblivious to this fact! Wenchie and I we have our hands on each of Chris' arms for support whether she wants it or not. Sometimes we have to bring her back to the other reality. No ya done good girls, ya DONE GOOD!

  • Thats your house Cris! Thats the one. Listen to Libra and work out some of the details with the landlord. Or just walk up to the house and pee on the side of it to claim it. lol Yay! I am excited for you. I just got done emailing you and then came on here and read what you said about this house. This is yours for the taking if you want it. ( :

  • She is so catty she should rub a scent gland on it. And I really like your idea especially when it has an outside loo.

  • Hi all, Cris I hope this is the one. It sounds and feels right to me. I have taken on fixer uppers and have loved those places. Take heart, Libra is right. With the diy out there you can make anything your own. The outside loo is an adventure!!!! Again Libra has wise words on dealing with that. Paint is inexpensive and does wonders!

    Please let us know what the inside looks like and if you feel like it is the one.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Hugs & Love

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Linraslair. Coming from you, that means a lot since you're one of the few on here not swallowed alive by their own ego. You girls are the best thing that came of this site for me. Now if only we could throw some of the egos out where they belong, this would be a perfect place...except I don't know that the universe is big enough to contain them:)

    Chris...we're waiting and my eyes are going to get stuck this way:)

  • lol hisbablove still crosseyed huh? I have a confession to make about the ego thingy....I feel absolutely useless if I am not helping someone. I have been supporting my sister last two days on an issue shes having and it makes me feel on top of the world. Is that an ego problem? I think it might be cuz the week before no one needed my help and it made me feel like crap. So tell me all your problems so I can keep stroking that ugly ego of mine. lol ( ;

  • Lovinmylife, you are one of the GREAT things about this site! The egomaniacs are far from the great girls I found here and you're one of them:) I know what you mean about not feeling good when you aren't using your gifts to help others, but THAT should be the BIGGEST indication that you aren't here for your ego or to point out your greatness and everyone else's faults. I don't want to hijack Chris's thread or be shushed for not replying with psychic visions and being rude here, so my problems will have to wait their turn:) Thank you for being so gracious, friend:)

  • Oh now now you lot, you're al too bloody good for this little Aussie crab - what would do without ya??

    Hisbab, I told you once before and I'll tell you again: you ain't a thread hijacker, but a thread PARTICIPANT. Besides, whoever started the thread (in this case me) has the choice of bringing the chat back to the matter at hand if they so choose ... or not, so please, keep "hijacking"- it don't worry me coz you're my fwiend ... 🙂

    I HAVE TAKEN THIS HOUSE WITH THE OUTSIDE WC. I couldn't believe the size of it inside and what good condition it's in! It has a loungeroom as big as the one we have here which is no mean feat, and the bedrooms are a decent size too - ALL THREE OF THEM. Plus there's an extra room out the back, like an office, with a tiny room off that to hang coats and crap off. The kitchen is big enough to eat in with plenty of cupboard space. The laundry can be made decent with liner boarding and paint I think, and the loo, well I've got that covered already (have a portable gazebo I can take to put out the back, then I'm goin to buy an arch or arbor or whatever they're called and run it from the gazebo, cover it with shade cloth and try and get some creepy vine thing to grow over it. There's a dam over to the right of the place that we can swim in, a creek running down the back as well (dried up at the moment which means snakes won't be around all the time). There's PLENTY of water too. Four tanks full to the brim, plus I can pump from the dam to water the yard and garden if I want.

    But the best part is - and I can't believe this - I bought a little jacaranda tree and planted it at hubby's house earlier this year. I got a bit sad when I realised I wouldn't be there to sit under it when it's fully grow. LO AND BEHOLD there are TWO jacaranda trees at this place!!! One near fully grown and the other probably 2 years old roughly.

    So am I a happy gal or what? Outside loo or not, this place met my hopes more than I would've hoped. When I walked into the loungeroom with the landlady I said "holy Jesus, his is bloody huge!!" The bathroom is a bit shitty though, but have aready thought of ways around that too, so no problem 🙂

    The other thing which is great is that they told me if I wanted to paint anything inside or outside the house, they'll supply the paint and I do the work. Paint is in good nick, but the colour is a bit dull here and there, so I'll get to work as soon as I've settled in.

    Won't rave on anymore right now. Am taking Brooke out to see it today, so hopefully she'll love it too. And the other thing which seems a bit strange to me? Where I'll be living is a whole lot closer to where my little soulmate lives ... think the Higher Ups have been a bit sneaky do ya? I sure do :)) Still, that's something that'll happen when it's meant to. Besides, I might use his wood delivering services for my tiny little wood burner in the kitchen .. even though I can pick up sticks from outside for it in truth - but I can play the dumb sheila as good as the rest of 'em if need be. It'll be interesting to see the look on his face when he realises it's only a tiny little burner and I realy didn't need him to deliver ANY wood AT ALL ... :)))))

    Anyhoo, I'll be off now - got to make the most of inside loo's for the next two weeks - I'm moving on January 2nd 🙂

    Again, thanks for all your support girls.I think I knew this was the place before I went out to look at it, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Without you lot listening to me whinge, and chasing me to slap me about, I hate to think of where I'd be really.


  • YAY! Lets party! Party at Cris's everybody I will bring the wine. WWEEEEEEEE!

  • And once again our girl told you 3 weeks and you made the comment oh so close to xmas! Well It could have been xmas day and you still would have been elated. Don't you ever test my girl again or I will have to find my way there and move in! Much love and I know you stopped packing even tho a couple of us told you it would move fast and your just lucky you have till Jan. 2. We are thrilled.

  • Hey!

    Yes, won't question our girl ever again, although I dont know that I ever really did. I just got impatient ... 🙂

    So YEAH, everyone, come over for a party. The more the merrier! And we can make as much noise as we want coz there's no-one too close to get bothered by it.

    Libra, move on in any time 🙂

    Hisbab, not that I ever doubted you m'dear, but it seeed too good to be true; like every other thing you've said to me about the "other" issue.

    Wencie, you weren't far off with your thoughs either. If I hadn't taken this house, there was another one I could've looked at a bit further out and I'd say I woud've taken it and more than likely, that would've been two days before xmas, so well done, pat yerself on the back 🙂

    lovin, well, what can I say? Your comment about this place being "mine" was so dead on. Like I'd said, I had pretty much taken the place before I went and looked inside it, so YEE HA. Get yer wine, get your butt, and GET OVER HERE. There's plenty of room for you to stay with me!!!

    And I want to tell you all, that the ex has been very helpful with this. He's the one who noticed this place a couple of months ago, and then other people started mentioning it. We went out and looked at it from the outside, but must've both been in a negative mood or something coz it looked much more run down than it actually is. The ex was working out near there yesterday and rang me up to say that it looked a whole lot better than what we'd orginally thought. He came out with me when I went to look at it, and he's gonna help with some of the cleaning up around it, not to mention him and my very strapping foster boy helping me move. There's no removalists in my town, so unless we want to pay big bucks for out-of-towners to come and move me, there's only family and friends to pitch in. Still, got two weeks, got the keys, so I'll be able to go over and clean it up inside and get stuff moved in to make the actual moving day easier on all of us.

    Anyway, got to go and get some groceries, lucky me 🙂

    Will let you know date of house warming party. Alcohol permitted only, and the person holding it ... no pwessies ... MWAH ... :))))

  • Chris, I am ELATED FOR YOU!!! I couldn't be happier. I mean that with my whole, happy heart. You will get where you need and want to be and I am THRILLED (all choked up, to be honest) to see you begin this exciting new chapter in your life. If I start to talk about how honored I feel to have been here, as your friend, along with these precious girls here, in the times it WAS hard to believe and the dreams we ALL held in hearts seemed to remain "too good to be true" I might electrocute myself when the damn bursts since I'm behind a computer.

    The ONLY "I told you so" I will allow myself is that I remember telling you in an email a few days ago that I DID understand that it all seemed too good to be true and its so very hard for us sometimes to believe the messages we get when its something so close to our hearts, but we should believe and have faith. I'm only saying this because I think its important for ALL of us to remember that, when we're down and we get some consolation or a message of hope, no matter how rotten we feel and how impossible the dream, if its given to us, IT IS meant for us and we DO deserve it.

    Now Miss New House AND Great Things to Come; do me a favor when you have a chance and go back and read the manuscript we have written so far. Though its far from finished, I think there are some things you might have missed that you will get now that you have a fresh perspective.

    Libraslair, for all your snapping us out of our sulks and silliness, all the no nonsense, to BS, no tolerance of folly and unfailing support, I would say one of the greatest gifts you have given and continue to give all of us, aside from your loyal love, is your faith in each of us. Its through that that we are building and restoring our faith in ourselves. I hope you someday know what that means. In turn, I will remind everyone that YOU did say that it would be quick and our girl here should be taking the time passed to pack up because when she found her house, it would be quick. And now WENCHIE, who was too scared of your claws in the last dark storm of hopelessness to let you know that she saw you getting your house in the next two weeks. and LOVIN who told you today this was yours. SO THERE! We were all right!!! Except you, Chris, who thought we were all full of c r a p:o) ITS A JOKE!!LOL

    Now, Chris, you pack up that parrot, get the hottie out from where he's been hiding since you had your way with him in the bath and get going!! The rest of us will bring the booze, the boys, and the booty:) Whose in charge of the strippers??!!

    I love you crazy girls!!!

  • YAY CHRIS!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Yee Haa!!! So you have a sense of how exicted and happy for you I am??????

    That is so awesome and I am thrilled.

    Now, can you please stop doubting yourself!!!!!!

    When you are settled in and ready to paint, let me know, coz I'm coming to help!!! Actually, we may not get much painting done after we are done celebrating with a drink or two!!!!! But I sure as hell am coming to visit.

    So thrilled, excited, happy, estatic and all those good things for you! BIG KISS TO YA!


  • Oh goodness, thanx you guys! Like I said, the more the merrier :)))

    Wenchie, I'll be moving in January 2, and probably any time after that - work permitting - should be JUST FINE. To repeat myself, there's a dam just over the way we can swim in, but we can't dive in or go under water as they get extremely cold down below and can cause death through hypothermia, even in summer. BUT we can cool down at least when it all gets too hot ... an might go towards curing the odd hangover :))

    As to the painting, will be talking to the owners about that and sorting out what colours they HATE and going from there. I'm also gonna paint the letterbox so that people who havent been out there can spot my driveway easy - fluro yellow or pink should be distinctive enuff 🙂 Still, we might do the technicolour paintin methinks ... after many many wines that just might be the order of the day ...

    Yeah, I'm happy, relieved, a little bit scared, but knowing me as I do, that fear is normal and will p off eventually, once I'm in a routine and know what I'm doing.

    Anyway, best be off. Got to get my bed remade before I go get some xmas shopping done. Will be showing Brooke the house on the way back.

    Have a great day all of you, and thanx for being such a supportive, patient little crew of cuties :))))))

  • hisbablove,

    Will do. I have read through some of the older stuff earlier this week, but will go back and read it again to drink it in.

    And yep, y'all were right; I was misguided (won't say an out 'n' out WRONG - I am a cancerian after all 🙂 and Petey Parrot has been warned about what's to come (he's still recovering from last time poor little birdie).

    Boys??? What boys???? Have you got some? Jaysus, bring 'em on ... gotta have SOMETHING to kiss under the mistletoe, even if it will be a week or two late. But I really dont enjoy beaks much ... now soft lips ... that's a bit different ... mmm-mmmm ... :)))) I'll see if I can rustle up some farmer-wants-a-wife guys too ...

    Have a great day all!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Chris. Wonderful to see you in this state. I am happy for you. I would love to come over for a party. Although I am a bit far away for that. I would have to travel to the other side of the planet for that one:-)

  • Congrats Chris, I have been following your story and I am also happy for you. A new year a new start. Enjoy.

    Uhmm I am up for the party. We can keep/share the boys and uhhh toys?? lol nah just kidding.


  • Chris,

    You weren't wrong...just crabby...I mean cranky...ok maybe a tad pessimistic, testy,irate...LOLOLOL Now that we got our way with the powers that be, who cares? We knew we were right, they knew we were right, and now you know we were right. Let the gloating begin!! Its ok to get discouraged, my dear. Lucky for us, the higher ups ignore our little temper tantrums pretty often and see to it we know it later. Happens to all of us.

    AND, you know I have about faith in whatever it is I've got (jeeezzz, almost sounds like an STD!) as I do in the tooth fairy, so who can blame you? The day a sit aloft on my perch of high and mighty all knowingness spewing, preaching and sending forth my pearls of unrivaled wisdom and infallible judgments on all mankind, be sure to land a bomb flat on my overinflated head and don't miss the ego on the way!

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have some hot strippers to club and drag back to my lair, a plane to hijack, some contraband substances and miscellaneous toys to pack up, and a sh$t load of booze to get together...there's a little get together at Chris's new place and we girls are about to turn that quiet little spot into a blazing den of inequity...last man standing is going to be a WOMAN!!!

  • AUGHHHHHH! You guys are too much. Hisbablov I am getting a really scary mental picture. Careful with those descriptions I see what people write and say in my imagination. Ahahaha!

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