• gotta make em work for it at least..hahaha..he called again very briefly and said call you later..there we go again..but I am going to be busy so not really counting on him for whatever..with him we used to be co workers so its kinda a delicate situation and until he completes something here..I won't be too comfortable with us being this I just keep everything on a down low..only one trusted friend knows bout everything...course with the painful experience with the ex...I now know which friends to trust and which ones I can't...sooo yep...I am all for it but just taking it nice n slow....that way I won't make too many mistakes in the process hopefully....we get along but in my other social circles he won't be too comfortable tho he says he could fit vice was just a mon thru fri if its a fling then thats okay to experience that too..sooo yep..

  • Hi again all,

    This topic has become a real bug-bear for me recently. I feel like I might as well give up trying to find a place to live! It's amazing how nothing is around - either owners don't want to rent out their empty properties because of past (bad) tenants and won't be convinced otherwise, or what's available is unliveable. My only options at the moment look like living in a flat or townhouse where I can't have pets AT ALL. Ugh.

    Can anyone see any hope for me here? I'm really getting frustrated! My ex and I just want to get on with our lives, but it seems like it'll never happen, even though I know it's a rotten time of year to be looking, but even if I could find something to move into after Christmas/New Year ... Help!!!

    And please, psychic impressions are needed here, not sympathy - hope y'all unnerstand ... 🙂

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  • Thanks guys. But pity party is in full swing. I'm clinging on to the fact that at least work is going well and I do have a roof over my head. As for anything else, well, the HIgher Ups have other ideas but I'm running out of patience with those ideas ... 🙂

  • If my brother's car was working and my nephew not staying for the weekend, I swear I would drive the 7.5 hours up there to slap you! (With love of course!) :-))

  • And I believe that fits your "no sympathy" criteria!

  • Oh dear, I can hardly wait to hear what Libra has to say ... :)))

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  • Is there room in that loving assault wagon, Wenchie? Libraslair has probably set off at a brisk pace, ready to walk on water, and will get there ahead of all of us. Run and hide, Chris:)

  • lol I was gonna say but she specifically stated only those with psychic abilities please respond..I get sooo frustated too..chris but signs..I don't know...last nite my coworker sposedly locked the door..and I was gonna walk on the treadmill? well all of a sudden the door opens and some jehovah's witness people walk in..uh sorry we are closed and they wanted to use the my daughter goes to lock the door afterwards..I told her maybe god opened the door for them...there was no other explanation..but think about..I don't know if that is what really happened..but if you believe and have will come...maybe not on our timelines...but in due time...yeh and can I join

  • We all know that there is no definition of time on the otherside your so in tune you surprise me when you ask questions like a novice and like the very people you get agro with. Sometimes I just sit and shake my head and hope you didn't all throw a wrench ( I said wrench wenchie) into the works and zap that positive energy probably just enough to stall it a little. If I could get my hands around your neck you might really need your stones. It would be a hug alright.LOL

  • Bring it on Libra ... bring it on ... :)))) I am all too aware of how hopeless I am at being tuned in to ME. It's like there's a mess of stuff in this head of mine and I find it hard to sift through it, but for others (usually) it's clear as.

    Now, after you strangle/hug me/wring the very life out of me, tell me what you think of this:

    Am going to look at a house this afternoon. I'd looked at the outside of it ages ago, but couldn't see inside the house as there were tarps on all the windows - it's been vacant since April. Some time ago, a psychic friend of mine in Tasmania sent me a text saying she saw lots of gum trees and other trees and it was like they were calling me. Where I live now, we have lots of trees, but very few fully grown ones. This place that I'm going to see is surrounded by masses of big old gum trees and other variations of Treebeards. It has an outside loo and a rather run down laundry, both outside, but still very close to the house itself. I've been told the house is "quite nice" inside.

    What feeling do you - or any of you - get about this place? I got off the phone yesterday thinking, "shite, an outside loo ... in winter ... groan ... " (coz I get up through the night quite a bit for a pit stop 🙂 but later got to thinking about the spot the place is in, which is like a tree-filled oasis. This part definitely appeals. It's not far out of town - about 8 kms (roughly maybe 12 miles - not sure). Normally, I'd write a place off with an ouside wc, but I'm still going out to look with an open mind ... or as open as this crowded mind of mine can be, as I don't want to write it off. Plus the rent is very cheap too.

    So, what's your impression here? Be interested to know ... once I extricate myself from your bear hug/hands around my neck ... :)))

  • sapphire,

    I know I can be a really annoying person when I ask for psychic impressions, not sympathy, as really, sympathy is fine in its place, but doesn't do much to answer a person's question. So slap me about if you will, and I'll take it like a man (by crying a lot!!??)

    hisbab, I did start running, but decided I was too tired and that it was best to stand and face what Mama Libra dished out ... those bruises on my neck should get me TRUCKLOADS of sympathy tho' :))

  • Wenchie,

    So glad that car ain't workin too well. Like I said above, I did start running, but my memory was all too fresh about that time you threatened to chase me and I ran off to Qld. Me feets are still a tiny bit sore ... :))

  • Well on what I think. I would look at the inside and remember that paint can be your cheapest remodeling experience. The going outside at night doesn't appeal to me either. But you don't strike me as a sissy girl. See if the owners care if it is enclosed from the outhouse to the main house so your not expose to the elements day or night good or bad weather. And the crawly things. And see if the X would mind doing it so (and I would use this as an excuse) his daughter has to go outside to use it. And if the floor boards are good in the laundry area a sheet of plywood will make that safer. I move into a place and consider it an adventure to make it better than it was when I moved in. And ask the landlord since it sat empty for so long and they didn't make anything off of the property, if you could deducted the money spent on improving it from your rent. Get that taken care of right up front. So you can start right away on enclosing the outhouse (that's what they are called here) area to the house connecting them together in a hallway or something. A little TLC and make it your own.

  • good luck...chris...aint no it feels good then..go for it...i didnt get any news on mine yet

  • Hi all,

    I'm just posting what I'd described as "the house" in an earlier post as I find this very interesting. I will be lookin at the house with lots of trees and an outside loo in a few hours. I think I may have answered my own question. Take a look and tell me what you think:

    "I'm sure not expecting a "perfect" house, but something that has a certain charm that pulls me in. I just reckon there'll be one that's been empty for a bit, but as soon as I walk in, I'll look beyond the cobwebs and dust and see what's waiting there to be brought out. And I also think it'll feel like "home". I don't think it'll be all that big either, but it'll be big enough. And I keep seeing it in a really nice spot too; plenty of trees around it and grass that just needs watering, with an overgrown garden as well."

    The house I'm looking at this avo has been empty since April, has lots of trees around it, an overgrown garden, etc, (don't know about bay window though) and it's not all that big. Discounting the outside loo (which can be got around - thanks Libra, I'll take your suggestions on board there; they make lots of sense) this place just might be the one. And the fact that more than one person has mentioned it strikes me as odd also, plus a couple of times when I've gone out to see my friend who lives down the road from the turn off to this place, I have driven PAST her place by accident and ended up at the road the house is on, and that's only been recently. Every other time I've gone out to see her before all this, I've driven straight up her driveway ...

    Have I been getting messages and not noticed them? Hark, what's that you say Libra ... was that DUH??? Hmmm, I'm thinkin that too. Still, will keep high hopes tucked away and visions as well and just walk in there with my eyes closed to start with ...

    Will keep y'all posted. If not this place, then there could be something else out on that particular road ... fingies crossed ... :)))

  • Well be sure you let us know just what you thought. We love you and wouldn't misdirect you on purpose. But you already are aware of that. We'll be here.

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