• Were you happy with what he said?

  • Yes I do get it Wenchie you have the do as I say not as I do syndrome. Let's see what would Dr. Phil say? Ahh I've got it. People treat you they way you let them. Yeah yeah that's one of his. And how's that working for you? Sound familiar?

  • Danr,

    Yes, they want what they can't have, then when they get it they don't want it anymore. What is up with these men. I can't be bothered with games.


    I said "Hi, thought I'd drop you a line and see how the windsurfing went for you." He answered back and said "The Windsurfing went well. We had 3 days of wind and waves. Have a look at some pics" and attached a couple of photos. So not an earth shattering response and still no offer to go have that Hot Choc. I answered back with "The photos look awesome and that looks like heaps of FUN!"

    But at least he responded! Would it be too much to book him for a massage (he is a qualified massage therapist) has his own mobile massage service! LOL!!!!

  • Did he say his hands were cramping?

  • No not as bad as that, just good at giving good pep talks to other people and not for myself. Yes, I know I have some work to do on myself.

  • Didn't talk about his hands!

  • Oh...massage....that sounds perfect right about now!

    Libra, got the emails on the stones & checking them out. We have had ballgames this week with my Lil Libra man so I haven't gotten to the bigger town. Gonna head over sometime this weekend but figured I could do a little research on them so I have some kinda idea what to look for if they have them. Let's see, I think I need one for figuring out men, though I don't think anything can figure them out, lol...definately one to help with pain, dr says probably time for another injection in my neck, been 2 years since last but when I get the numbness & pin prick sensation down my arm & hand usually means I have to have one...and a few others things I can use some help with. This weather sure ain't helping...I don't do so well when cold is accompanied by rain, goes right thru to my bones! And make me cranky!!! Lol!

  • So it doesn't sound like he is sick and heart broke to me! And I know that this is very hard for you to move past. But everything that you go through helps to make you who you are at the end. You don't understand why you need to be hurt or suffer losses. But I don't know if you catch all the little things that I throw at everyone not just my girls. But I have said we come back being born under a sign to work through the negative traits of the sign. Maybe not all of them because you worked those out already before. Yes this hurts but this is the school of learning. The way we grow and evolve and raise to a higher level. We choose before we come back and gee we think on the other side we can do anything. And we can because we see all the angles but once your hear you have no memory of what we already know so this is a crap shoot. A life full of choices and is where we make a choice that maybe wasn't the best, then we have to find a way to turn it around in order to get back on track. We usually do just not as soon as we would like. Keep trying to look on tomorrow as another day of getting a chance to learn something new. See something you didn't see today. You can't do anything about yesterday it is gone. You can't do anything about tomorrow cause it's not here yet. All you can do is live for today the best way possible. Make it a good day. You have friends you've been loved and you have returned it. You won't be alone for ever so enjoy everyday for what you can get and give to it. And smile cause if you frown all the time you will look like last year crop of prunes. Love and Light my dear.

  • Are they wanting to give you cortizone for your neck?

  • Yep! The disk is deteriorating really bad & lots of tissue damage around it but hasn't ruptured which is good! It's at the base of the brain stem so they don't want to operate until they can no longer manage the pain or I loose use of the dominant arm. When the inflamation gets really bad it cuts off the nerve which cause shooting pain and also some loss of use of my dominant hand & terrible headaches. When I loose range of motion in the neck & can't do the exercises to touch my ear to my shoulder or can't bend my head back they do another mri to see what the disk is doing. Been doing this for 25 years now but gets a little worse with age. Lol! But I'm not gonna stop living cause of pain!

  • Yes I am stubborn too. I tell you we sure do pay for anything we do to our selves when we are young. I don't have any curve in my neck and sometime it drives me up the wall. They gave me 5 cortizone shots in my neck for a whip lash and mind you I wasn't even in an accident and I hurt worse for two weeks after than I did before the shots so I wouldn't let them give it to me for my degenerated disks in my lower back. I said NO Shot.

  • I hate the shots & only let them do it when I start loosing function in my right, dominant arm. I usually hurt terribly for a week or 2 but it does give me back function in the arm & hand but wish they could find another way other then the shots.

    Well Lil Libra is out of the shower & got to get him off to bed or he'll be a bear getting up for school in the morning & I have an early morning meeting myself so I bid ya'll a good nite! Sweet dreams everyone!

    "Each dawn holds a new hope for a new plan, making the start of each day the start of a new life"

    Love & blessings to ya'll!

    D 😃

  • Is that like a goose who wakes up in a new world everyday?

  • Cris, you will get your house and everything you so deserve. We are all rooting for you honey. Much love. xoxoxox

  • Good morning...hoping everybody has a better day...I need help with some writing I am supposed to do and I am burning the midnight oil so to speak...just can't seem to g et place isn't really what I am imagining compared to all the space I had before but I am planning to add on and another all thinks considered though it is a place of my that counts for something..yeh men are from outer space..this one used to call all of the time n now he calls but for a few mins n i'll call you back is usually days or whatever...but I don't wait for him...just keep on living my life...hoping for better things in my life after all the pain n heartbreak I went through I deserve my a great day.

  • At least you have chosen to move on instead of waiting for prince charming to make up his mind. Women in this day of age are so brilliant yet so in the dark ages. We just turn to mush and loose themselves pining for someone that doesn't want them. Instead of clearing their minds and being open to the one they haven't met yet that may be their life long partner. I am glad that their are some that choose not to stop living. Good for you. Being open to the universe and what it has to offer you.

  • Thanks...I believe that I deserve the very best and if this guy doesn't make his mind up soon he will lose..but oh I said before that aint my goal is to love myself and take care of me before I can love someone else and the other stuff...he is nice but I live my life too and no I aint waiting on him...for anything...and there are others out I always keep my options open to those ones too not just one person...I've been there n done that but it didn't work but I have also learned alot through out that painful process so now I am number 1...I think it wil take alot for me to say I love u to someone and mean it with all of my heart...not jus giving my love away...I also know how much work is put into relationships but one step at a time...but I understand know so many things I didn't know back then I have that and that is one thing I wouldn't trade for anything..oh n plus this guy is younger than me...hmmm but just living one day at a time...

  • I have been there and done that. My thoughts on it is I wish it hadn't taken me so long to learn that about myself. We learn I guess when we are ready to see that the other way didn't help us and we needed to give ourselves the love in order to understand what we deserve. The younger men well I married two that were about 8 yrs. younger. Two different situations for splits but either way. They were things that I needed to learn about myself. And self esteem was the big one in both. Like I said I hope others learn sooner than I did.

  • yup...well ex was 2 yrs younger and this one is about 8 yrs younger...soooo we shall see...I am more open to whatever now..I am not as narrow minded and shall we say naive..but yeh...he called earlier asking me to do this n that but I said look you can do that I think he got the message..I will help when I could but if it infringes upon my other you do I have been able to set those boundaries also..not such a sucker or ppl pleaser anymore..not dependent on them to do things..y know jus do my own thing...he is pretty special though but I am just keeping it where it is now..not going out of my way...if it works it does if not then it won't be a big deal...

  • That's the way to look at it.

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