• yes chris hang in will come and it does teach us patience...and I have to say thank you for all who prayed for me and all those who stood by me in these difficult times and yet it couldve been much worse..I always appreciate the many blessings I may not be much but its the love that matters much more..

  • heya cris 🙂

    HUGE HUGS for you sunshine!! Yeah gotta admit, my life is in limbo also and hoping that all the work that I have doing on my inner self will soon make the changes tomy life I am crying out for. Just remember us aussies are a tough bunch and we will eventually take life by the b.a.l.l.s and kick butt!!

    putting out positive vibes for you to find your dream house and meanwhile I keep sending positive images to my ex's spirits waiting for him to learn his lessons so he can bcome back 🙂

    Stay true to you xx

  • Lovin, I want to tell you that I feel exactly the way you do and when I feel REALLY down, I tend to try to shut myself up so I don't bother people with my woes and weeping. I want to ask you NOT to feel that you have to do that here,with your friends, who genuinely care for you. We are not booty calls who hang for a good time and don't call each other later:) You can count on the love and support everyone here feels for you.

    You encouraged me when I was tippy toeing into the waters of accepting that what I saw and felt was real. Do you have ANY idea how terrified I was to post what I was getting for such a respected and accomplished one as Cris? If the feelings and visions hadn't tornadoed out of me,I might have collapsed from fear. Then you came along (with wenchie) and validated what I had felt so that when Cris responded, I didn't faint outright or somehow convince myself she was just being nice to the newbie:) It was ONE DAY after I even knew what the heck I was! You ladies have all been extraordinary. I know I will never be the same again now that you have allowed me to step into your light.

    So please, let that light enfold you as much when you're down as when your perky. If you ask me, it shines BRIGHTER when one of us needs it most. Either way, you are adorable.

    Blessings and healing to you, your son, and all those you love:)


  • Awe you guys are so sweet to me. Thats why I keep coming back for more...Libraslair he as acute lymphomic Lukemia and I know Im not spelling that right the other term for it is ALL. We got really really lucky with him. Found it early. I was having horrible nightmares about him 2 months before diagnose so I was watching him like a hawk. Hes an amazing kid and sweet as can be. His bday is the day after x-mas and something told me as soon as I realized I was prego that he was really special. His name is biblical, Isaac, means he laughs. Hes my heart and soul and theres no way in hell hes going to get to leave this place before I do. But even knowing that it still takes all my strength sometimes when it starts seeping in. Usually when I have to take him to appointments. Hes been in treatment for a year and a half and doing phenominal. He started out not so good but hes been in remission for a year and we have had no more hospital stays or blood transfusions since that last time in Nov of 2008. I am telling you NO MAS! We live in Akron Ohio btw and I am very confident in Isaacs doctors. I have also learned ways to keep him healthy naturally with foods and so on. I also have done reiki on him myself while he was sleeping not realize I was actually doing so until I told a friend what I was doing and she said THATS REIKI!!!!

    Cris, you always have so much hope with me and I love you for that!!!

    Hisbablove, where have you been all our lives? WE have all grown quite fond of you darling. And your comment that I am not your booty call made me giggle! HA! too funny. I spent all day cleaning my house and putting away laundry and blah blah blah. ANything to keep busy. Everything will be okay, I know. Thanks you guys and Wenchie I didnt forget about you either you are always very supportive too. Saphire Im happy for you finding a house that is great news. Keep the good news coming everyone things have to change and SOON. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BLESS THIS MESS!!!! XOXOXOX

  • lovin my life...stay strong..(hugs)...I always tell myself that if we weren't strong then we wouldn't be going thru so many trials..right??? so keep your head up and pray and let go of the things you can't fix...I have been through so much but in that there's have been blessings here n there also..its always easy to give up...but we are not quitters right??? take care of you too...while being a caretaker for others...sending you blessings..and hoping that tomorrow will be better than today...

  • Lovin, I've been where you ALL have been while I thumped around like a lame mule trying to figure things out myself! I have grown to respect and love you ladies very much. You are all so unbelievably strong, courageous, wise, beautiful...not to mention hilariously sassy. Way to awesome for just a booty call, this is a lifelong affair! I'm glad I made you laugh. I want you to know that I feel that Isaac will be fine. He's not going anywhere:) Just be vigilant-not paranoid! He has a special destiny. You lead the way.

    Sapphire-I'm sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your good news! May your new home be blessed with love, warmth, and happiness for you always! You're right, there are no quitters here!!

    Let's all try and get something for Cris. I know we are ALL sending her light and best wishes. I just can't figure out why we aren't getting any answers. Impatient me! I'm hoping us posting here keeps this thread and our friend at the top of every "list!"

    Blessings and Light to you all!

  • Thx..hbl...yes..a lifelong affair...yes..the good news..I think I am still in shock I really haven't shared with anybody yet...yes I am hoping it will be...always hoping for the best and looking for the light in the will probably hate that word now..but the good news will come...

  •'re most welcome:) you know we are all happy for you. When one of us is struggling, we struggle to. So when one of us celebrates,well then we all celebrate AND have hope. That's one of the benefits of this lifelong affair...for better or for worse, we stick it out:) I pray that this blessing of your new home is the first of COUNTLESS blessings for you. And that ALL of the great women here are blessed also.

    Patience and I have never spent much time together. We have different ideas on how things should go:) so I will stick it out here with the rest of you who do so much better...and keep posting here so cris's thread stays noticeable until someone gets something for our friend:)

    Blessings and Light

  • Hey bab please you all AFFAIR I don't swing that way! ROFLMAO

  • Well I just got done crying with Oprah and her announcement. Don't watch it if you are weepy.

  • Hi cris,

    Hope you do not mind my coming in on this topic. You will find your new home by the second going into the 3rd week of Dec. 2 weeks before Christmas.

    Hope this comes true for you!

    Light & Blessings

  • Awesome! Only another 4 weeks!!!!!

  • Libraslair....LOLOLOLOL ok, you we'll "just be friends" LOL You are TOO hilarious! Thanks for the zinger!

    Cris, I think I mentioned something about it being 3 weeks away...maybe we are all right:) YAY

    Hi wenchie,you awesome woman!

  • Well sounds like you need to get a packin. Have you got boxes? If not you better get to collecting. Didn't you say your taking the furniture? I don't know about there but here there is nobody available to help at the last minute. See if you can get some to commit even if you don't have it yet. All the Xmas parties and headaches afterward. Hope it has a red barn.

  • with a rainbow roof...LOL

  • Chris did you see my John Deere in the picture I sent?

  • "What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal"

    Hey everyone!

    Hope ya'll had a good day! Just want to say, ya'll crack me up and inspire me! There is so much love and support here, not to mention a wonderful sense of humor! Lol! Although I'm still fairly new on here and don't really know you, I read your posts and feel led to pray for all of you, for your needs to be met, for you to be blessed with peace and for strength & courage to carry you in your difficult times.

    Libra ~ I see you live in Austin. I have a high school friend, Chris Brewer that lives down there. He is a cancer survivor that works for the Livestrong foundation and was interviewed, I think this morning, on news8austin for his work with the Movember fundraiser. He motivates me everyday with all his updates on facebook and all his positive energy.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you for being the beautiful people you are and for being such a blessing!

  • Hi Danr,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and your hugs! Welcome on here with us!

    The beauty of is meeting so many wonderful Tarot family is growing bigger every day and I feel really blessed to have met such wonderful people. The love, laughter and support of people here, help me get through my day. They are the best!!! These people I can be myself with without having to worry about being thought weird, strange or just plain crazy by my less "enlightened" friends and family. And I can't tell you what a relief that is. I continue to learn so much about so many things and learn so much about myself through the beautiful people I have met here.

    Love to all


  • Danr- Welcome again:) I agree with everything Wenchie said and add that wenchie is rather fabulous herself. I can't imagine what this journey would have been like without them. Well, yes I can-and I would have gotten of the bus long ago!


  • danr thank you for your kind words. I don't watch news 8 but once in a while. I usually watch 3 which is an ABC or Kvue. I will watch to see if they rerun your friend on there this evening late. I haven't lived in Austin but 4 yrs. And I don't move around the city much cause I get lost really easy. You know I tried the leaving the bread crumbs to find my way back home but that was a lost cause. So it's a really good thing that my work and Austin Diagnostic are both only 3 miles from where I live. That's were I had my treatments and I have nothing but praise for the nurses in the infusion room who took care of me and probably 10 people during the times of the days I was there for my chemo. And they started at 7 in the morning and I don't know when they quit in the evening. My own doctor was fighting cancer for a second time while he was there for most of my treatments. He just cut back on his days there when he came back from surgery but continued to be there for us while he got chemo and radiation. They are a great group of people that did what ever it took to make it as easy as possible for all of us. They are very dedicated and we were blessed. Thank you for joining us here. Peace and harmony

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