• sapphire,

    You ain't wrong! Yet at the same time, the more you push a situation to happen, the less chance there is of it happening, so I'm just trying to ride with it at the moment, regardless of hubby's itchy feet. He can't direct what happens at the moment and I've told him that. So, that said, I'll just finish my iced coffee, go have a fag and put my feet up for a bit until the next round starts. But I reckon that phone's gonna ring v. soon with good news at the end of it which'll involve a roof ... a red roof mehopes ... 🙂 Ta for your thoughts.

  • Cris, thank you for being so patient and understanding. Ignorance is not bliss when you inadvertently do something shifting the focus in this very important thread and I will keep bumping this,praying, and nagging until we get you the outcome you deserve:)

    I too feel that it is coming soon, though. I really do. I say this while impatiently tapping my foot at fate:)

    Blessing (red roofed and lovely,perhaps?) galore to you!

  • Hey do we want a white picket fence and a red barn too?

  • Don't slap me cris.

  • Oh, a red and white shed (or barn as you Americans call 'em) would be nice. Or a green a nd white one. And a picket fence'd be good in any colour.



    Gee. Those Higher Ups can be a bit deaf ...


    THANX GUYS xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  • Heya Cris1962

    have been thinking about you and hoping things are coming along well for you 🙂


  • I'm shouting right along with you Cris! If only we could make things happen on OUR time! Come to think of it, I'd like to make my WAY,too!!

  • No cris not all Americans call a barn a shed its two different things. I would put my lawnmower in the shed and its a whole lot smaller. With other garden tools. The barn I would put the big John Deere Tracker and the horses and hay. Ok

  • Ah, a John Deere ... would love to have one of those just for the sake of having it. And a big barn to put it in. Guess I'll have to make do with glimpses of my mother-in-law's old Massy Ferguson when it comes labouring over to our paddocks tho' ...

    No talisa, things ain't going along well really. They ain't going AT ALL :)) So I guess you could say they ain't going bad either. Just not going. I, like a fair few of us, am hanging in that limbo state and I think when something happens, I'll just fall off my branch upside down and hit the ground broken rather than running as the shock'll be too great. UGH. Hope all's going well with you my friend :))

  • Oh my darlin cris let me tell you what happened to me.After my husband dropped the bomb that he didn't love me anymore and for me to call my son and have him come pack me up and take me back to Calif. It all made sense why I couldn't find another place to move to since the trailer I was in was being repossessed. By the way it belonged to a friend whose parents had died and we lived there. But the money wasn't coming in either his checks weren't coming in like they should and so it finally made sense I wasn't suppose to stay there in Mo. And that's why I couldn"t find another home and I wasn't getting the money to do it. He didn't need a place to live he was living in his truck driving cross country. The light came on. Hind site I so clear now.

  • @!libraslair, hindsite is always 20/20.

    @cris, they are not listening to me up there either. I am extremely annoyed and burnt out at the moment.I am waiting for things to turn aruond on this side of the equator as well. COME ON UP THERE WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?

  • Hey Lovin, how are you sweetie? You haven't been around much lately, are you doing ok?



  • Lovin your very right. But my point was if things aren't moving maybe there is a good reason or it. Whether you like or not. You might have something really great come from waiting.

  • Hey Wenchie, Im just not feeling good. I am trying real hard not to smoke and its turning me into a monster. You know the saying if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all? Well Im not feeling a whole lot of positivity. After this last week I have had enough. My grandfather's death, seeing my friend Mandy in not so good of shape, missing my ex like crazy and finding no hope of getting over him anytime soon, and yesterday was my sons doctor appointment. every 3 months he gets a spinal tap and I am real strong with him during these horrible appointments then I lose all my energy and I crash hard. Throw some serious money troubles on top of that and responsibility of 3 kids and youve got a woman about to explode. I bet you are sorry you asked now. lol So I have been saving everyone the grief of my wanting to complain endlessly and just checking on here, here and there just to make sure you are all doing okay. As for me this is going to take some time. ( : Love to you all and please dont worry this isnt anything new its just coming to a head for the moment. In a few days Ill be back to my perky self. This is the cycle of what I go through with my sons cancer treatments. Im on a ferris wheel going up and down. When I cycle back up Ill be back.

  • LIbraslair I hope things get better soon I really can not take anymore. ) :

  • hi chris...everyone..well I made the dreaded I have good news...I am getting a place but don't know how last a place...Thank my heart was beating very fast..but yes...finally...sending you some good positve vibes...I saw 2 red tail hawks before I made the call..showed me some good news was on the way???? Believe and have faith that the good will come...

  • lovin what kind of cancer does he have?

  • And where are you living? I am in Austin, Tx. And they have some of the best cancer doctors in the country in Austin and Houston. I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 07' and I was 3rd stage after 8 chemo treatments I am still clear. I got on Monday for my regular 3mo. check up. I was given a new experimental treatment my daughter said. I was lucky. And my doctor said if it comes back it's usually between 12 and 18 months. I have pasted that. I am going to be working with a healing circle to night. And I will be sending energy your way. Much love to you and yours, Love and Light

  • Hey all

    Well lovin, seems like you and me are on the same road here. Frustrating, disappointing and just plain not where we want to be. I wish you and your son all the best. These times must be so difficult for you, and him, but as a mother having to watch her son go through that? Nah, you are made of stern stuff my friend, and as much as it breaks your heart to have to stand by and watch this, your son couldn't ask for a better mum. Keep strong and keep the faith. Only good things can come from all of this, and I'm praying for you both.

    Libra, I do get worried that maybe I'm not meant to stay here after all, but then I couldn't see a job offer coming out of the blue like it has, plus my gut tells me not to leave. So here I stay. Could be you're right: that something great is coming and if I grit my teeth and wait it out, it'll turn up. Patience is not a quality of cancerians and I'm sure finding that out, big time!

    It's good that you have the experience of what lovin's son is going through, and can help, albeit from a distance. How lucky are we to have you in our midst Ms Southern Belle? Peace and all good things to you my friend, and thank you for helping lovin and her son out. Such a difficult spot for them, but I'm sure with all this positive energy being sent there way, they'll come out of it.

    Bless all who've been kind and generous on this thread. I sure appreciate it as I know others have. Take care, and let's see what is looming round the corner .. 🙂

  • sapphire,

    Good to hear you have the news you were waiting for. Not only am I pleased as punch for you, but that might mean things'll move for me too! So good on you and I feel you'll be very happy where you're going. Good on you and thanks for posting your positive news!


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