• Cris, you are very right about this pot calling the kettle black.

    After reading my tome to you, I did realize it. When I was writing it though, I was totally focused on you, not even the words. I felt light headed and dazed through most of the writing, like there were two of me fighting for space, one with the feelings and thoughts and the other trying to figure out what was going on.

    I have only just begun to figure things out in my own inner self and I AM really, really trying to smack myself into shape, as well.

    I do have to say that, as new to this site as I am, there were some, very few that leapt out at me and got my attention. The one I felt the biggest pull to was YOU. Something kept dragging me to your side. Now I know why and I count myself blessed.

  • As I do my friend, as I do! It's funny how you feel strongly pulled to one or two when there's so many you could choose to read for. That happened to me with lovinmylife in the first instance on here and then a couple of others followed. Guess that's the hand of the Higher Ups at work, leading us to who we can help rather than it being entirely our choice.

    I find it can also be hard when someone specifically asks you to read for them as it's not always possible to "get" impressions when asked. I take my time with most requests really as these things have got to flow rather than be forced.

    And it's also very true that when we read for someone, we are being used as "vehicles" to bring the messages through which explains your dizziness and light-headedness. Your inner self was battling with your ego self (the part wondering what was going on), so when a reading is being done you are better to just go with it rather than worry about what something means or whatever. Ego has no place in the world of the "seers" as we're all finding out.

    As to your situation with your soulmate, well just let me sit with that for a bit, as my own reading from you is too fresh in my mind and I don't want to feel that I'm writing things relevant to me (again). Hopefully will get to it after I've cleaned the bathroom ... groan 🙂


    Good that you have some positive news on the horizon. Now don't send it away by being negative or thinking it's gonna fall thru. It won't, so long as you believe it's yours for the taking. You've waited long enough and besides, didn't I say once one of us got a place, the other one would? So, don't push this opportunity away by being doubtful or negative as you just might wreck my chances too!!!! Who's being self-centred today? hehe ...

    Best of luck my friend. I think you will be very happy with what's coming for you, and goodness knows, it's overdue :))

  • Wow Cris, thank you for clarifying it. I don't even know that I have any spiritual gifts. I never thought I did until I got here and started learning. From what I can tell, I probably am an Empath with maybe some touch of something else but you're right, my Ego keeps saying "No way! Simple, useless me? Impossible!" while the Virgo in me demands "research! think! not so hasty there Miss Know It All!"

    You can Imagine how hard it is for a Virgo to just let go and NOT think! Easier to run naked as a jaybird down the street...well maybe not EASIER:)

    But, your letting me know that what I am experiencing (and have been all my life) makes sense here really helps!

    As far as reading anything for me, please don't bother yourself with it. I only asked because the pull I feel towards you is so strong I thought you might be getting alarms on your side too and maybe hesitating to tell me.

    Other than that, PLEASE keep me updated with you and if anything lights up on your end:) I TRULY care very deeply, as insane as it sounds. I haven't turned off my computer all day and it is soon to become another limb:)

    Sending you heartfelt love and blessings ALWAYS

  • Ah another Virgo ... veeery interesting ... My (soon to be) ex is a Virgo, but a very confident, take charge one, and that comes from his military background, with a spattering of his family thrown in who are all very take charge people. They can be a bit overbearing too, truth be told 🙂

    Now you ain't useless. That's one thing I need to say to you straight off the bat. Who told you that anyway? Get rid of that thought my friend. "Useless" is an inanimate object that has broken, neither of which you are.

    I know you have that very logical side which all virgoans do, but in this field, you can't let that rule you all the time. Logic has its place, that's for sure and being a virgo, you will be able to see through the flowery, over the top sort of stuff and get to what's real a whole lot quicker than most others. Still, keep a good balance between that and your higher (or inner) self and you'll be reading up there with the best of 'em. Virgo's also can be a bit aggressive, given the right circumstances. AGain, hubby comes in here as he was a very arrogant lad when I first knew him. It took a lot of gentle persuasion on my part to bring him round as he had such a dreadful way of putting things that people would run away from him rather than listen. He's learned a great deal over the years, due to me to a degree, but also life has taught him that. He's no longer in the military and is now having to tread carefully amidst the world of "civvies" as we're called in military-speak (civilians in other words). Hasn't been easy for him. But I think you have a more soft and accepting side of you in there somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me to see a water sign floating round in your chart.

    I will bother myself with a reading as soon as I can focus on it properly. Am too aware that the bathroom still hasn't been cleaned, nor the "dirty" end of the house been vacuumed (daughter's end). So must away and attend to that and see what comes at the end of it all. Plus my washing machine, which is a front loader, has decided to block up again and I have it draining out as we speak. Hope it doesn't puddle on the carpet; that wouldn't be good 🙂

    Talk again soon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  • Oh no! When it rains, it pours...or the washing machine does! i think these little things happen to make us take a break from our inner struggles. I'm being to realize that those with spiritual gifts need a shove in the mundane world in order to gasp out some plain air once in a while. The heady spiritual air can make one lightheaded to the point of collapse in some ways. Does that makes sense?

    Where did I get to useless? Like you, my dear friend, I had family and friends telling me things all my life from the standpoint of their knowing better. Unlike you, my family wasn't quite as nice about it. When I pushed back against that with my family, useless was one of the nicer things I was told I was. Growing up, I didn't fit in in my family AT ALL (though I have had friends all my life to support me, thank God.) I was just weird to them. Because of the constant criticism, I still tend to keep quiet until I either feel comfortable with someone or am compelled by circumstances to snap to it and defend someone, etc.

    Unlike the typical Virgo, self confidence isn't something I have a big dose of. I think the Virgo in me expresses that exacting, demanding, perfectionist side more towards mySELF than anyone else. It takes A LOT of effort to bring the stronger Virgoan traits out in me towards others. It has to be something HUGE like an injustice or hurting someone I love. Other than that, I'm ashamed to say I'm pretty meek.

    I don't know what other signs lurk in the depths...I never had my chart done but even I know I'm not ALL Virgo:)

    Hope your house, the external and internal one are bright and in order:) Know that not a single minute passes that I am not sending you love, encouragement, and every blessing I can think of.


  • Yegods, your life sounds like mine! A mirror of it, for heavens sake. My father once told me I needede psychiatric help and at times I felt ostracised growing up there. My own husband said that to me years ago also, and you would've thought the penny would've dropped big time then, but no ... I thought he may be right so decided never to show him my poetry again, unless it wasn't such personal content 🙂

    I think you will find out the same things I will: that the first half of our lives was meant to teach us to toughen up, learn how to deal with the dolts of the world and stand up for ourselves. When I finally stood up to my family (and it happened after I took my foster son in) they never spoke to me again until just recently, and even now we are not ever going to have the relationship we had before. They blamed me for my sister's worsening illness, even though she was the one who "started" the argument in the first place.

    No, I'm at a point now where I can't be bothered with those who tell me how to be, what to do, when and with who. Time for the soul to have its freedom and its say.

    So you go girl and once you are out of that shell completely, let me know and we can compare notes. I'm just about out of mine, but still have one foot stuck in there at the moment ... 🙂

    Remember: it's all good. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • WOW! Your family and mine are exactly the same as are our histories with them!! I am stunned! Cris, it is EXACTLY the same, right down to the not speaking for years and only barely being somewhat civil now...even the Psychiatrist...being blamed for siblings' stuff...astounding!

    My GOODNESS...I even wrote poetry and was criticized for will be amazed to know your heretofore verbose friend is speechless:) Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess!

  • Hello cris..oh no hoping for nothing but the best..cuz i deserve the like you in that I don't stand for people dragging me down...they can try and try but I won't stay down for too long..when you can feel the negative know that person is not going to be nice..or the very core of them is not good no matter what they try to tell you..(I am not a mean person etc etc) i just live my life and let others live theirs and all the drama that goes with it...there are alot of jealous people out there who love to see me fail or fall so I try to stay one step ahead of em...I used to write poetry but never ever showed the ex...not something we shared..there is a person but am thinking of just letting him go...just haven't told him yet...but it has been in the back of my mind...he keeps trying to depend on me and I don't want that or need that in my life right now.. I have my own stuff I need to take care of and to keep taking care of me...such is life and people huh?

  • Such it is. Good to hear you won't be kept down. Neither will I, but it gets hard this damned waiting ... 🙂

  • Hisbablove,

    Sounds like you might be my doppelganger. Please don't say you're blonde, busty and blue eyed ... because if we ever physically meet that means we're gonna die if that old myth is correct!! Yegods, 'tis uncanny ...

  • Oh my I just read what hisbablov said to you Cris about your life and your sadness and she is so right. Wow double wow. You got some nerve comin on here and one uping the rest of us with your words of wisdom. Just kidding, I am actually really glad you are on here. ( : I keep seeing you (hisbab) on alot of the same threads I am on. So welcome to you. Cris she is so right and the way it was said was so beautiful. Go ahead and cry your precious lil heart out so you can be ready to move on. You also know that I know better about your lil soulmate problem. He isnt going anywhere. Hes giving you time to heal your wounds. He will be there soon and you know Im right. ( ; winka winka. I love what you are all saying. How do we get so lucky to have so many fabulous people all at once? Im lovinmylife a little more when I see everyone being so supportive to each other. Especially to you cris you deserve people to be extra nice to you right now and to be kind to yourself as well. You are the most unselfish person I know.

  • Cris-I am not near as fortunate your description sounds, but LUCKY YOU:) As sexy as a busty blue eyed blond sounds, I certainly hope I'm as far from being a doppelganger as I can be and will do my very best not to haunt you in any way. LOL . If you ever need anything, know that I am here and ready to do anything I can. I hope things are shaping up for you. I'm here in your very large cheering section.

    Lovinlife-Between you and wenchie, I would get a quite a swelled head if I didn't know that none of it is actually little ol me:) I'm listening in with everyone else. I completely agree that there are MANY truly fabulous people here(like yourself, missy! and my dear Cris and Wenchie...such a long list and my postings are too long already) We are quite lucky in SO many ways and I am eternally grateful.

    Love and hugs to all of you!

  • Bump.........anyone else get anything on when Chris can expect to get a house to move to???


  • I still say we all live in a tent. Caveman style then we can just beat our men over the head and drag them back to the cave where they belong!!!!!

  • Yes, well they all do deserve to be beaten over the head that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would we waste that energy dragging them back to the cave, we'll just kick their sorry ass out the tent door!!! 🙂

  • The topic at hand, as my dear Wenchie says: house or hovel? Or footpath ... perish the thought ...

  • I'm bumping this back up because I'm hoping that someone will get an answer for cris1962 who ALWAYS helps everyone.

    I'm sorry for hijacking your thread. I didn't even know what that was until yesterday:(

    I know one you wonderful people has the answer for my kind and very generous friend.

    Blessings Always

  • sending some good thoughts and blessing your way for a more day to go to find out if I get some good news..I am so praying that it will be..

  • Thanks all! Guess things will happen when the time's right; I'm just impatient, as hubby is to get on with our lives.


    The news will be good. Maybe not quite what you expect, but it will be good as you will soon see 🙂


    There are thread hijackers and there are thread participants. You are a participant 🙂 I can tell you, I've already identified at least ONE who is a thread hijacker, then complains when her threads bring a similar result. Some people ... grrr ... Wenchie, y'know who I'm talkin 'bout :)))

  • hi chris yes I am hoping for good news at this w/some one else..well thats another story although..they don't complain..I am sure they would like their space also...just that you try to do good for others no matter what they say or do to you...and then..all of a sudden its this shock of losing everything..I don't know what the lesson does have its moments of helplessness & hopelessness...its not easy..but life never was easy..but I do have my blessings so I guess it balances it out..I could be in a worse situation. I hope you have some good news doesn't feel right to be in limbo..just waiting and waiting.

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