• Hi all,

    Can anyone see a house coming up for me? Rental houses are a bit thin on the ground where I live, so can anybody see a house coming up for me soon and are you able to describe it? Never make it easy, do I ... 🙂

    Can anyone see when this house will turn up, or at least if I will be moving into it before Christmas?

    Please, could I have psychic insights here too, not advice? Hope y'all can understand why ...

    Thanks in advance for your "visions of my future roof" :))

  • Red and white house. Long front porch with light brown rooftop. Carport with a gate inside of it. Theres a blue truck parked inside maybe a chevy. Hope that helps chris 🙂 goodluck and god bless.

  • Thanks serious7! Sounds very much like what I have envisioned (pic of my "house" on fridge door as we speak). ARe you able to see a timeline at all? I realise that's always a tricky one ... 🙂 The chevy is interesting. Wonder who belongs to that??? Bless you. xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • Mainly just pictures for me chris :(. I will pray for you. Im sure god will come through he always does 🙂

  • Thanks again! Just have to wait and see, won't I? Frustratin tho' ... :))

  • I know, its never easy but all we can do is wait :), I often refer to life as a very long line.

  • Thanks again serious7. It sure can be like a long line ... 🙂

  • Yes it can 🙂 but definatly worth the wait ! and the waiting

  • and waitin and waitin and waitin ......... zzzzzz :)))

  • lol

  • Hi, I see a house in an open area. Be careful as it may not be the right one for you. The one in the open area has a flat roof. Keep looking, you'll find something else. Maybe a condo.

  • Thanks Dalia; will keep that in mind 🙂 Condo's don't exist here in my little town, but houses in open areas sure do (acreage that is)! Maybe you're seeing something that is situated on a hill rather than being on level ground ...

  • Still wondering ... and just want to keep this question up the top of the threads ... 🙂

  • I too am looking sorry don't mean to intrude on your thread but I am getting sooo frustrated because people I know seem to be getting a place to live...and I really need a place but it just seems to forever and nothing short of this a test???? In addition to all of the other stresses I have....

  • Hi Chris,

    Have you advised the real estate agency in town that you are looking for a place so that when something becomes available they can let you know? Also is there a public notice board in town or a shop window where you can put up your own sign of "Rental Wanted" with your details on it so that people can call you if they are thinking of renting out a property?

    I'm praying for you. 🙂

  • sapphire,

    I'm beginning to think it is a test of resolve to do what has been decided. The further along this goes, the weaker and more worn down I'm getting, but still come back to it being the right thing to do. Doesn't make it any less frustrating though, so maybe when you get a place, I will too!!


    Sure have notified both real estates, plus a few other people who know someone who knows someone, etc. As to putting a notice up, am hanging off on that at the moment as - and I know how this'll sound - I feel a bit "obvious", like I won't stand outside the real estates looking at the windows or even go in there (except when I left my details) but rather I ring them once a week or so. Sound paranoid? Probably is, but it's a small town and in so many ways, I have my pride and too many people know us and our situation; I just can't bear the thought of anyone saying "Oh hey, saw your wife looking in the real estate windows " ... or "saw your wifey putting up a notice about ... " or "saw such-n-such's wife doing blah blah today .. " ya get the picture!!

    Time'll tell ...

    Thanks all! And good luck sapphire :))

  • Yep, I know what you mean.

    As I read through what you wrote, I got the message in my head that you will be offered a house to rent. Someone who knows you or knows of you.....knows you are looking for a place will come to you and offer you a place to rent.

    I know that doesn't help much, but that's what I got. I wish it came through more clearly and with more detail like you. I have no control over what comes through and when.

  • SapphireDiamond,

    I hope you find something soon too!

  • Ah my little Wench, things come as they come. EVen though I supposedly get more detail in my readings there are still things I can't seem to get, like ages of children, gender of children and other things.

    A friend was over this morning and she knows someone who knows someone (!) and is going to ask for me. She's been a rock this friend, and the only real one I've got, so it seems, here in my little town.

    So you just might be right. Part of Hans' reading in another thread has me piqued though and it's stuck in in my head: look for signal red. So I guess it might be a place near a stop sigh (we have no traffic lights ..) !!??

    Thanks again. Am nursing a very sore, crinked neck today and it's not got much better as the day has worn on. Bit worried as I have my medical check tomorrow for the job. I feel as though all things negative are happening to block my progress and am wondering where is it coming from?

    Bah 🙂

  • I will do a healing for your neck tonight.

    Get some Nurofen Plus into you in the morning and you'll be as right as rain for the medical tomorrow. If you are not used to them, only take 1 because they do contain codeine and can make you feel a little high!

    Good luck for tomorrow, but you know you won't need it. It will go well and you'll be working soon. Gee we sure are going to miss you online!! 🙂

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