Why can't my 'Cancer' leave me alone !!!

  • why dosent he trust me? I never cheated or gave him a reason not to trust me

  • Sandran712>>What zodiac sign are you?

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  • keldjoran>>What sign are you? lol Maybe if I ask too we'll get an answer this time 😉

    Sandran712>>I am not asking a dozen times.I quit...LOL.Damn I get so emotional on dumb stuff.lol

    My son puts me through this every morning getting him out the door for work in the morning and each damn time My blood pressure raises 10 points.LOL

  • keldjoran>>Maybe if I ask too we'll get an answer this time 😉

    Sandran712>>My mom does this to me everyday.I am going to guess she is a Capricorn. I hate Capricorn females.I just want to pull all my hair out.LOL

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  • LoL Sandran, C'mon asking one more time wouldn't kill ya Lady ... 😉

    @keldjoran --- LoL. Moms can do that to ya! Although mine is an aquarius and so thankfully both of us can be equally detached and aloof at times (from each other) but there still are times when I feel like I should jump off a cliff! But I love her a lot still and can not imagine my life w/o her 🙂

  • astrodame>>LoL Sandran, C'mon asking one more time wouldn't kill ya Lady ... 😉

    Sandran712>>You are working my last nerve...If I cannot get that info from her one more time.I am choking something...LOL

  • keldjoran>>equally detached

    Sandran712>>My brother is Aquarius and so is his wife.This detached you speak of are we thinking the feeling you get when they change the subject? Like a Capricorn?Not one sign in my family I am close with.. I feel like an orphan..LOL

  • keldjoran>>I think Cancers have a good knack for guessing people's signs, I do it all the time and am right about 90% of the time

    Sandran712>>I am somewhat good at guessing people's signs.But, I am better at judging if someone is not good with a certain sign.I am thinking that is the intuition part.What is Empath??Someone said I had this.I'm a dumbass...LOL

  • Sandran712>>keldjoran>> lol no im not a Capricorn im a Virgo... thats what Im sayin cancers are always guessing and not giving people the benefit of the doubt or a chance to respond but always have an opinion that just "has" to be right...

    I wanna love him and sometimes its like the past relationships always stand in the way of the moment. Just because an ex did you wrong doesnt mean the whole world is out to get you... I dont wanna b compared to the "ex" cause Im here now and then I always have it in my head that your just not over them... jeez that erks me I dont bring up my ex's and would appreciate the same... try goin with the flow sometimes stop over analysing and let love in without the pressure of OMG what if they do the same thing my ex did I gotta leave you now, that hurts people to and your not the only ones with feelings of a heartbreak or a heart...

  • Im just takin it day by day livin my life everyone loves and lives and expresses themselves in different ways Im not perfect and thats what makes people beautiful in my eyes flaws and all

  • Im living in Texas have been here for about 12 years and very established so my time away may be the cause since travel for business trips

  • ConfusedNpatience>>Sandran712>>keldjoran>> lol no im not a Capricorn im a Virgo

    Sandran712>>Whew! Thank You.I didn't know how to post without knowing your sign.

    i will have to get back with you on this.

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