Cancer man split personality?

  • I am a 50 yr. old Taurus woman married to a 66 yr old Cancer man. I have recently found out things about him that lead me to believe that when he is away from the house he presents himself as someone completely different. Has anyone else had this experience with Cancer Man?

  • is he a cusp? if not maybe some planets on his birth chart somehow shape the personality. and he is probably raised in a home where he can't fully express himself or has been in quite a few relationships where if he express himself fully, he would be denied or shunned.

  • i don't think so as his bday is july 2, 1943. Is he maybe just a player?

  • probably. anoyone can be players, not just one zodiac in particular. what about his upbringing? do you know anything about his family? I noticed a gemini and a libra do the same but they were raised in such family.

    you may also want to get birth chart done. if you know birth time and location, someone can make you one. there are threads about cancer here too, maybe check them out also.

  • here is a thread

    highpriestess can read for you

    sorry I don't have good experience with water sign males, too much emotion, on and offs, just doesn't blend with my personality so I married a Cap steady and blissful marriage almost 9 yrs

    but since you are earth sign, you probably can get along with them better

    also check this website out

    www dot novareinna dot com

    for more info on zodiacs hope this helps

  • As a Cancer, I can safely say that with different groups of people I act entirely differently. I'm always quiet upon meeting people, until I can sense the dynamics and personalities of whomever I'm with.

    Does he typically act different with different friends?

  • intuitive crab, I am glad to read your posts, thank you for clarifying the cancer man actions.

  • also: do cancer men come back?

  • Cancer men always come back to those that are in their heart

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