Drugs...good or bad?

  • Hi,

    I've done my share of drugs - NEVER SHOT UP - and for the most part I've felt drugs have helped free my mind.

    If it hadn't beeen for pot, I would still hate my parents for not loving me when I needed them to love me, when I was a child.

    If it hadn't been for pot, my mind would never have slowed down enough to enjoy the simple things in life, and see how simple things can be.

    If it hadn't been for smoking big doobies, I don't think I would've learnt to appreciate music.

    Mushrooms, Acid and Extacy allowed me to open my heart, and see into the hearts of others.

    I understood the drama that we create, and worked with it.

    So is that bad?

    I still smoke pot, but yearn for more spiritual awakenings, yet my life is so cold.

    Does anyone else miss the carefree days?


  • well it seems like alot of drug users are from bad familys, BUT I am the exception, the only drug ive ever done is pot and nothing more, and i had a very very tough childhood growing up, i was so depressed i thought about killing my self alot, and other people, i was indeed the quiet scary kid back then, but nobody ever knew that cause i seemed like everything was fine when it wasnt, and also all my child hood friends went into pot around 13, which got me to try it when i was 13 to like 18 ive only done pot 50 times maybe(peer pressure) cause they know i didnt do it and didnt want to hurt my parents, all i can say is that i dont understand drug users, it seems like they are so weak, cause when they have a problem they cant deal with so they have to use drugs, alot but not all of my friends have gone into shrooms,Coke, and shooting heroine, which i might add that they all have issues that they run away from when using drugs, and about 90% of my friends have parents that are divorced, or dont pay attention to them enough, so they use? does that not seem like they are weak?

    ive had a worse childhood then im sure all of my firends and yet i sit here not using drugs, but yes i am more screwed up more than them cause i faced my problems head on, and all my friends come to me when they need something cause im sure they can see how strong i am mentally and phyiscally but not emotionally, cause i care too much about my friends and try to help them anyway i can, but yes sometimes when im mad or depressed, i get urge to be self destructive, and go get drunk(thats my drug of choice) but still i dont cause i deal with it.

    im sorry if im not being helpful and i sound like a major ass**** right now but i had to sit here and see my friends throw there lives away when it wasnt that bad, everything that you think that you couldnt have learned without pot, YOU COULD HAVE LEARNED BY YOURSELF, i did and many other people do also, the reason your minds slowed down now is because you have killed brain cells, (trust me 2 friends of mine have smoked themselves retarded i swear) and a few friends on mine that are girls even smoked pot when they were pregnant,.

    jesus i just realized what i wrote, and im sorry if your angry, but what i just typed is what i really need to say to my friends to maybe help them get their lives turned around cause i havent said anything over the years, so i guess i kinda took it out on you, so sorry again, im always very nice on these forums but the drugs topic struck me the wrong way, why do you still smoke pot? its not addicting well yeah it is for some people, is there something your running away from? or you smoke to take phyiscal pain away?

  • all things are good in moderration, pot can only get you so far, and after awhile she really only brings you down. It;s going through the motions of smoking that keep me at it now, not the high.

    drugs can open you to your spiritual journey, but after your open now you must turn to study. also when you have children anything more than pot and maybe even pot is playing with fire.

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  • but like it or not,,,,,,, pot IS a gateway drug, it starts off pot then the high isnt good enough then alot of people move on the something stronger(which alot of my friends ended up doin) so i know this first hand and this is why i might seem like im being a jerk right now but i lost alot of friends cause of there stupid choices, and i tried to help them sooo much, but then after a while i realized that im not a super hero and i cant save someone that doesnt wanna be helped, i have listened to my friends complain how when there not high that they get depressed cause they have to deal with there issues, brothers death, parents not caring,parents being divorced, all but ONE friend of mine had a broken family, and he still does pot, i just dont get it i geuss, i think drugs is the easy way out from your problems, everytime i did pot, it didnt get me anywhere lol it makes you hungry,happy,sleepy thats it lol

  • pot is not a gateway drug. thats propaganda. Also not everyone does drugs to get away from their problems some of us experiment to experience. Iv tried em all, and I can honestly say that I dont regret it. I am sorry that all of your friends seem to have turned into addicts...You seem young so I am sure that they are too, hopefully they will get over it when they move past the teen angst stage. I spent atleast six years of my life smoking weed everyday, now that I have a child I get stoned when I have time maybe once every two weeks late at night. It's nice...something like nostalgia maybe...I will probably always identify with it! "I love you sweet leaf" lol

    to quote you chevelle, I dont want to sound like a jerk but you seem a little "rigid bud!" maybe you should try to open your mind a little...you dont know it all yet, not even close! : - )

    Pot is not for everybody, but you shouldnt judge.

  • i know that drugs doesnt make you a bad person, my friends are good people, but ugh you know it gets kinda annoying when they all come to me cause im the only friend of theirs that is "clean" and im the one that has to make them not go to jail, and they steal from there friends to feed there "habit" they never stole from me but other friends, and im 21 , 22 in Dec, and i do have a very open mind about alot of things, but drugs one that hits me hard, cause all the crap i went through i should have been an addict too and i still think that maybe one day ill be an alcholic but honestly the only thing that kept me from that is my video games,(yes im a video game nerd as well) but that saved my life in my eyes, cause i could escape and be someone completely different than myself, the hero for once instead of being a nobody that is depressed,, the only mind altering substance ive used is salvia and that is legal! lol, yes i dont regret doing pot and stuff cause ive learned, and i know when i have kids one day that ill be able to tell if they are doing something, i dont get bored very easily, but my friends were always bored cause they had no hobbies, which i think helped them to experiment alot,

    i usually the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but when i feel so strongly about something, and get angry about it, i can be very arrogant, almost cocky and think im untouchable, i do have a very bad dark side that i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy,(picture the hulk) plus theres alot of stuff going on in my life at the moment so i sound like a jerk right now, sorry lol and another thing i ask my friends how they gonna react if their kid does drugs? and they say oh HEII NO id kick there butt, a bit hypocritical do you think? i wont mind if i had kids and they "tried" it, but i fly off the hinges if they end up like my firends, but i geuss it depends on how you raise them huh

  • I can tell that your a nice guy, I am a nice girl, sorry if I didnt come off that way. (Im also a sag)word of advice let your friends go to jail next time. addicts use people even if they arnt stealing from you. stop helping them out. They have to suffer consequences. Also stay away from that alchohol! they dont call it the Demon drink for nothing! : -)


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  • Not judging anyone or what they choose to do.......BUT.......I have honestly seen too many friends and family suffer with depression or a mental illness from smoking marijuana, so from my perspective I wouldn't touch it. I think it does more damage than we think.

    Also, knowing how drugs etc affect and damage our aura, I would say that for anyone wanting to develop their spirituality, how can drugs possibly be any good to you? I quit smoking at the beginning of this year (after more than 20 years of smoking) and honestly haven't looked back.

    Again, NOT judging.......just my own personal opinion.

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  • my ex husband is an avid pot smoker and it ruined alot of good aspects of his personality. When we were younger it didnt seem to affect much but as years have gone by it has ruined a better part of him. I used to smoke it too then I realized it was complicating things in my life more than it was helping. It really takes away from your personality. My ex husbancd missed out on so many opportunities such as better jobs and so forth becasue he refused to quit smoking. It does cathc up to you eventually. The THC chemicals that give you the high feeling build up over time it forms a barrier around your receptors of you brain cells causing you to not be able to think as fast or as well. You have receptors on your brain cells that look like fingers and they reach out to each other to make connections. Over time they are unable to connect, see what I am saying. There has not been enough studies done to see what the effect is on your brain cells over a long period of time. But from what I have seen its not pretty. The people that I know that still smoke pot that are in their 50s have bad jobs, they are poor and have an anti social disposition. Even friends in their 30s seem somewhat hardened that are still smoking. THe reality of what you are doing to your life is not good. My ex husband has caused me and my kids so much agony because of his bad choices which I blame on pot. He still works the same crappy job, never advanced himself, has a bad attitude most of the time, and lives with his mom because he cant handle the pressures of reg life. This has had a negative impact on me and my kids lives. I have to work 2 jobs to pick up his slack leaving little time or energy for my children. They deserved a better life and so did I. Pot doesnt kill brain cells that is a myth but it does coat your brain cells making it hard to function or cope with everyday situations. I used to smoke all the time. I got sick of it and quit about the same time I left my ex. I went through a serious depression for about 6 months which is normal for quitting. after time I realized how many bad choices I had made when I was smoking and reality is so much better than I ever knew. I hate pot now and i think it is a waste of time. If you have problems slowing down your brain I suggest therapy, yoga class, or meditation. If someone had told me this when I was smoking I wouldve thought they were uptight and didnt understand me. I would think they were the ones missing out on the fun, but that was a way to trick myself into thinking it was really okay when it wasnt. I saw a lot of good people screw up theri lives because of stupid drugs and believe me they are paying for it now. Try the sober side of life for a few months then tell me how you feel.

  • Lovin, I can say that I too had come to the desision that pot was why I was depressed and had no drive, and that it was responsible for al the crap in my life, so I quit for about a year. And for me! I found that pot had nothing to do with my problems! I was lazy and unmotivated becuase I was allowing my self to be that way!

    Now I agree getting high everyday is just too much for us adults that have to live in the real world. Dont blame your ex's problems on pot, dont give him that out. Hes choosing to be an under achiever. He controls the pot, not the other way around just like you did. Also I know two fifty year olds that still smoke, that are actually very succesful, and mostly happy people. One a single self made women pays for everything in cash! lol including her nice house in the suburbs, and her brand new caddy! It's all about drive, and personal choices...

    I also agree with wenchie however, I dont know anything about auras (I'd like too) but I can see how she is right about that big time...I am glad that my full time stoner days are behind me... LIke I said I think it's just about becoming an adult.

  • To answer the actual question of this topic however. "Drugs = bad"

    I know that now I seem a contradiction, I guess it's like Aries said, Its hard to understand, and apparently even harder to explain.

    I guess that the fingers in my brain not being able to touch anymore, lol

    ...really though everypne that has posted something on this thread is correct because they are correct for themselves.

    : -)

  • AriesPiscesCusp,

    i enjoyed reading your post, sometimes i forget to look at it that way and anyone can be addicted to anything, actually take MY DAD, he is an addicted to buying anything CAR related as long as it is a good deal, our backyard looks like an small junkyard, with stuff that has sat there since i was a little kid, kinda like a hoarder, and if we tell him to sell any of it, i can tell that it really bothers him, i think becuase he goes to car shows all the time, and when in a conversation he like to brag about what he has, "like oh i got one of those, hey i got 3 of those!"

    i think he needs to feel important or something or have the feeling of people liking, and looking up to him, cause he has been a concrete worker all his life, he's 57, and gets jealous when he sees people with money and all their "toys" (cars,sand rails) and even though he's got a 1955 bel-air,show car that is TOO nice, and has about $120,000 invested in it, which he compares to other bel-air's and loves to show how much his is better, after having this nightmare of a car, yes i do have a 1971 Chevelle but ill never be like my dad in so many ways, even when we have family get togethers for birthdays etc... he gets bored and starts to fall asleep if were not talking about politics or cars, even when we visit family in another state he wants to go to car shows, and look for cars to buy WITH NO MONEY TO SPEND, but of course if you say anything to him about this, he gets pissed and pouts like a little kid


    Friends? yes lol and yes i should have let them go to jail, this was like 3 years ago, i havent seen alot of them since then, they dont call me, i dont call them, they got all there drug buddys to hang out with and id rather not be around it, cause i feel the urge to do pot again, cause i think about what if find a job or something and i need to past a test cause it stays in your system for like a month depending on your body size, and on aries post she got it good, it is about self control, and personality, and how mature you are, which is probably why i was surrounded by drugs and yet i was still smart enough to only do pot about 50 times over 5 years, and not let it run my life like it does my friends, cause ive ALWAYS been mature for my age and get along with alot of older people cause of it, people have said to me that i do have this "Aura" about me that makes them feel at ease, and can sense how street smart, and mature i am for my age lol ive always had the "parent" role with my friends.

    ive been so mature for so long for only being 21 lol that i fear that one day (once i get comfortable in my skin, lose weight etc...) that im gonna act like the kid that i missed out on being, but then again ill still be mature when i NEED to, but then with friends ill be the loud craziest one there BUT i know my limit lol

  • Chevelle you should post a pic of your sweet ride!

    I used to have a 72 cutlass supreme, big block 350! I loved that car, I sold it at others urging to be more adult and get something more gas efficent...Its probably the biggest regret of my life...it also drives me though becuase I'm determined to make enough money to get another one day and fix up the way I always wanted. I cried when they drove my car away and to this day I still have dreams about things happening to him when im going through alot of stress. Strange how much a inanimate object can affet you if you let. I miss you car!

  • and oh yeah, i just thought about this, how i said i played video games ALOT and that it helped me threw hard times, well i have to say that im probably addict to video games, not so much anymore but when i was a kid i WAS BAD, i skipped school to go play video games, stole money from my parents(i had too of stolen maybe $400) this was all threw 8th grade, and they never caught on!!!, yes im a sag and i guess sags dont lie i heard, but not me, im very slick when i need to get out of something. but also people saw me as this great kid so it was easy to fool them. i geuss i can say that im addicted to something lol, would you have your kids play video games all day? or be out there using drugs? i say games lol cause lets face it, all kids nowadays play videogames, but i think why, NO i KNOW WHY i got addicted to video games, my parents didnt give me any life experiences when younger, went camping a little bit yeah, but no baseball games, no basketball, no football games, no monster trucks LOL we didnt do anything really, so what else was i supposed to do? i was fairly active outside bike riding(BMX) basketball out side(by myself), my oldest brother has changed the way he raises his kids cause seeing how we got raised, which i will follow him, hes the person i look up too, cause he (broke the cycle)

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  • Laithano are you in cosmetology school? Me to! The working to hard thing is a scorpio trait, its a good one. ; -)

  • smoking dope heightens your senses it also opens your aura to other energies, some people can smoke it and it doesnt appear to have bothered them in the slightest, but their are a percentage of people of whom it has done a great deal of harm, and maybe thats because of the pot that has been laced with other drugs such as horse tranquilisers, its the individuals choice of wether they do it or dont, anything taken in large quantities is bound to have an undesirable effect on any 1 person in the short or long term, it does cause paronoinia and schzophrenia, its a well known fact and its sad to see people suffering from the use of it, i say no to drugs, as i have seen the devestation and destruction that it has caused in many peoples lives, and i speak from truth not facts and figures, and one of experience

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