Pisces and relationships

  • Hi everyone! It appears that all pisces these days are having some sort of relationship problems, including myself!

    I thought this would be a nice new thread strictly dedicated to the Pisces and their relationships. Maybe we can all gain some insight as to what's going on in the FISH BOWL!

    Who wants to start?


  • Hi Andrea~

    I understand you completely in the last 4 months I have broken up with my man of 5 years and have been trying to piece my life back together since then. I have even tried to date even though I know it's alittle too early I figured its never to early to hit the dating scene could I have been any more wrong Everyone I have encountered for one reason or another hasnt worked out I'm ready honestly for just something anything just to go my way for once it seems that everything hasnt worked out for one reason or another but will there ever come a time when I really want something and i actually get it I have tried everything including just being myself and doing what I want to do these days. If I know anything I think pisces should stick together if there is anything I can do for you or help with advice let me know....

  • Andrea...What is it you want to have an insight about? I'm a Piscean too and going through rough weather in life at the moment BUT I know I'd emerge a winner and a stronger one !!! And CANCERMEN...Yes, now's the time for ur Fish to stick together!!!

  • well i love pisces,they are beautiful but they like to have the power in relationships sort of my way or the high waycompromise and sacrifice is what makes the relationship keep communication open.pisces stop going for the good quickies and no hoes

  • It just appears to be that all Pisces have ended or are in the process/trying to end relationships and I was curious as to what everyone else was feeling about that.

    Sole44 - I have been married for 12 years and I know the meaning of sacrifice and compromise. I would ask that you please don't judge all Pisces for the experience you may have had with just one of us.

    Cancermen - It's only been four months. Take your time. Do the things/activities you want to do. Take some time to examine everything you'd like to have in a companion. I feel that most pisces (all signs as well), when they end a relationship, need to take a step back and look into what they have learned about themselves based on what they experienced in the relationship.

    After 12 years of marriage I know what I am missing. Do I think my husband can give it to me? Maybe. Do I think he'll try? Probably. Do I WANT him to give those things to me? Maybe not. I'm in a time of serious meditation as to what I'm supposed to do for MYSELF and sometimes that means letting go of someone or something that may be holding you back. If that time comes, I won't be bitter about it. I love him, he gave me three beautiful children, and sometimes a relationship runs its course. That's okay. He will be okay and I don't need to justify any decision I feel is right for ME to anyone other than myself.

    AstroDame - Yes! We will all emerge stronger! All pisces need to stick together but we already do that by each being an individual. That's what makes us unique. The sense of self but an inherent sense of community as well.

    Blessings to you all,


  • HI

    I am a pisces and my 3 year engagement came to an end just after easter. I have sturggled also in rebuilding my life. I have closed the door on our past but i the last coupl eof months have found that the universe has placd him back in the front of my mind again.

    As much as us pisces have so much love to give when we find hteright peson, we lso struggle not having that love in our own lives - thats what I've found hardest. That someone who makes us feel like the only person on earth!!

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