Please explain what you think is happening

  • I basically hear voices in my head. Sometimes they come across as being family members. But these family members are still alive. I am confused when I try to explain it. I get pushed by a certain thing. There is a constant conversation I hear in the background. I actually just need to talk with someone who intuitionally can explain this situation to me. Please help.

  • Hi,

    I hear voices. I've always heard them. I am often given warnings and advice. I've heard people who have crossed over. When I'm falling asleep sometimes it's like a radio that picks up on different conversations sometimes they're not even in English. I often hear the phone ring and go to answer it before it actually rings. I can say wake me up at this time and I'll hear someone call my name at that time. I had a conversation with a psychiatrist that I know, who said that if you hear them on one side you are probably just psychic but if you hear them on both sides it could be schizophrenia. I hear them like something firing off in my brain on the right side.

  • WoW manifest! I have the exact same things happening to me. Alot. Scarlet you just have to tune out what you know is you and what isnt. Also my ears seem to be ringing alot more often as well. Practice mindfulness 🙂

  • I was JUST thinking about posting this exact same thing. I was falling asleep the other night and heard all these buzzing voices. I remember wondering why i had never heard these voices before as it was so obvious that they were there...i just hadn't been listening. I was trying to hear anything that made sense but couldn't. It was just a bunch of voices talking all at once. I thought maybe I was going crazy but I feel pretty darn sane most the time. So relieved to see this thread! What the heck is that?

  • Scarlet~~~basically hear voices in my head. Sometimes they come across as being family members. But these family members are still alive. I am confused when I try to explain it.

    Sandran712>>They are not really voices in your head.But, it may be intuition talking.Things happen before they actually do.I have done this alot.I have a Pisces Moon where the intuition is stronger.I do not act upon it.Because sometimes the outcome changes.Everyone has intuition skills but, others use their skill more frequently.Like, myself.My son cannot talk and I have to rely on intuition for his wants and needs.I have scared off a boyfriend I dated because I was telling him about himself before he told me.I freaked him out.And made him nervous and scared to be around me.

  • lol, sandran Ive done that too. People get freaked out sometimes. I often hear How did you know that? or get a really confused look on peoples faces.

  • yes I have heard these voices, so clear I could remember word per word. we are hearing their thoughts. ever heard this saying 'think out loud'? that's the closest thing I could come up with. just like we sometimes 'know' that someone needs us and we will rush in to see them, without being able to explain it. in some ways, we know what people said by actually hearing them said it. so we are tapping little by little to universal consciousness. much like one day we are thinking or talking about something, the next day or near future, whatever it is become talk of te town. ever had this happened? it's the same thing with your experience, only people don't necssarily 'hear' your voice saying it.

  • Love this topic! At first the voices totally freaked me out! But I am finally starting to have some control over it! Ever since I started reading the forums and searching within myself it became so strong. Sometimes I know who I am hearing and other times it will be complete strangers. So many wonderful things have been happening inside. I can finally feel my heart again! I know that's a strange one but I can feel it!!!!!! Scarletrosebud-my advice to you is to listen and also talk back, go inside but remember you are also living and need to come out to stay sane (lol). Don't be afraid!!! You may be clairaudient or you may be listening to your own opinions or your intuition or it could be all 3. As long as your not hearing or listening to anything that could hurt others you are fine. This is your journey we can not tell you how to take each step but you are not insane!!

  • error* hurt you or others 🙂 Bless you and your adventure!

  • Leoscorpion>>>>'think out loud'?

    Sandran>>This is what I did to the guy I dated.I came out and asked are you seeing someone else?Because I didn't tell him I had a dream with him being with an Amish woman..Turned out... he goes to a mennonite church.And yes he was seeing someone else too.I had to stop seeing him.He kept blocking my thoughts.He was getting hard to read his mind..LOL...I was so freaked out.I scared myself..LOL

  • Leoscorpion>>'think out loud'?

    Sandran>>I would be at the grocery store.I will let people ahead of me because I can see on their face or read their mind that they have to be somewhere.Or...someone needs help looking for something.I would tell them where it was before they ask what they were looking for.I've been asked in the store for help.Because they thought I worked there..LOL This was at diffferent kinds of stores.

  • LOL Sandran

    you've read my words 🙂

  • O O he can block it? well that's some thing I'd like to know how

    not that I'm planning anything naughty...

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