Help! Is my future going to be bleak

  • I have been married for about four years now, and we have had so much bad happen in our relationship no matter what we do to prevent it. I really want to work things out and he says he does too. I was hoping someone could do a reading for us to let us know if things are going to get better or worse. My birthdate is 4/1/1976 and his is 9/25/1982. I just want to thank any posters ahead of time for there efforts and advice.

  • Hi Firesign,

    Have you been together for quite a few years altogether? Like a couple for two or more years, then married for four? I just get the number seven here.

    Life is challenging in the early years of any relationship, both marriage or defacto, and I feel you are simply experiencing those teething problems involved in setting up house, combining finances and learning each other's habits, etc. It can take a number of years to adjust to all that and sometimes I think we all expect to "know" everything about the other after only a couple of years. It don't work like that!! Adn there's a thing called the "seven year itch" which you might be experiencing.

    Life won't get worse, and you don't have bleak times to look forward to, so rest easy on that. I think there is a case of high expectations going on here, but can't see if that's you expecting too much of him or the other way around. Someone in this partnership needs to ease up and the more I think about it, the more I think it's him. Is he a bit tight with money? Or are you a bit of a spendthrift? One of you seems to have an attitude of "life's too short, that bill can wait" while the other is saying "no, no, no!!". Neither of you is actually wrong, y'know 🙂 You both need to find a common ground with your spending. One of you is a budgeter, the other is a saver. Arrange your finances to suit; it's the best way. The budgeter should be the one who allocates money to the bills and other every day expenses, while the saver keeps some money back for emergencies, yearly expenses (car rego, etc) and holidays.

    But there also needs to be a "pool" of money for leisure and fun - y'know, USELESS spending. A kitty, if you like.

    You are both taking things far too seriously and I'm getting that materialism is rearing its ugly head just a bit too much in this equation. Think about what makes the both of you happy and focus on doing as much of that as possible. Money flows when the energy is not blocked, so the more you worry, the less money will come in that is actually "free" money.

    Throw the odd party here and there too. You're both young yet, so try not to tie yourselves down to too many financial obligations. I just feel that as a couple, you both need to live this part of your lives with as much fun and ease of living as you can, rather than be tied down to too many large debts. In your mid to late thirties, I see a growing family.

    There is a lot of love in your partnership and I believe that will carry you through.

    So the main message here is: RELAX and ENJOY. Life doesn't have to be all about struggle and hardship. Strike a compromise with your finances and you just might find things easing a bit. There is a mild health problem somewhere too, and it's to do with the stomach. Could be you, so please keep your eye on anything which makes you feel a bit "odd" and get it treated before it becomes something more than mild.

    Hope this makes some sense! Let me know; feedback is always a good thing :))

  • Thank you so much cris1962. It was a pretty precise reading. We will be married for four years this month. We have had tremendous financial problems that are slowly getting better. We have been seperated for about a year now because of our money situation. He was laid off many times and he had to move in with his family and I had to take the kids and stay with mine. We are supposed to move back in together in May, but a lot of people are trying to tell me that he has probably cheated on me after so long of a time and that we will keep having problems. After reading your post it gave me some hope for the future and discribed both of us to a T. Thank you again.

  • I forgot to also tell you that I suffer from Crohn's disease and tend to get bad flayer ups that land me in the hospital if I am not careful. I am surprised you caught that. Your very good.

  • You husband has not cheated on you. Who are these negative people who say this to you? He works hard for you and the marriage, and of course, like all human beings under great duress, he wonders if it's all worth it due to the stress you're both under. He may have chatted to the odd female, but as far as I can see, that's it 🙂 And gee, I don't mean to sound rude, but you would've had as much chance to "cheat" as him, eh? Sad to see double standards are still prevalent in this world gone mad!! You just stick to your guns and your faith. That'll get you both through.

    But glad the rest of the reading made sense for you. Good luck with everything. Happier times are a-comin :))

  • I am so glad that you had responded to my post. You are right these people have really no idea what is going on. I have had chances myself too but never acted on anything. You have hit everything right on the nail. Your amazing. Thanks so much for the hope and for making my day.

  • Glad to be of help :))

  • Hey cris...Its Danielle.

    Can you tell me anything about where Ryan might stay when he gets out of jail on the 12th? As of now he is homeless...I am sick maybe more like uber stressed with worry...thanks for your help before. It continues to be a comfort to me. Would you like a tarot reading?

  • I'd love a tarot reading! Lots going on in my life at the moment and not all good 🙂

    Ryan will opt to stay at a shelter for a while I think, then he may try to hook up with ... well I get a grand parent. He wants to avoid his step mother and father and his mother as well (very good move considering). He'd love to be able to stay with you, but I don't think you have the physical room or the emotional space for this at the moment. He'll get a job through the shelter, probably a short order cook, and then move on eventually once he is able to arrange staying with this grandparent. Cant' see where this gp lives really, but it's somewhere hilly and a reasonable distance from you. His healing will begin once he leaves prison, and in about 12 months, he'll be feeling a lot better about himself. He also won't make contact with his immediate family (except his brother) as the pain is still too raw for him to bear. I can't see him forming anything with them either until he's in his late 20's, early thirties. He'll always be in contact with you though, and I see you joining him in this hilly place now and then for the odd holiday or weekend.

    Hope this helps you some :))

  • Namaste Chris. Would you please take on my request for a reading? lol

    There seems to be few takers. ; )

    It is a simple question. What lies ahead?

    I promise you that this is as specific as it needs to be; you will have only ease in reading for me, pinkie promise.

    If you have the time, I would be honored to hear your wisdom.


    in love and light love and light love and light


  • PS: Master Sananda will graciously assist you or will assign another Master in his place, as needed.



  • Ahliyah,

    I am not an accomplished reader but I did pull 3 cards for you. I wanted to give back in some way. I respect the fact you did not ask me so you can take or leave it.

    I use the Tarot of the Spirit

    The past: came up Key12 Hanged Man, a time of retreat and voluntary withdrawal to quiet the mind. Surrender. Opening to being a receptive vessel, uncluttered universal mind.(I know you just took a week so that deemed appropriate 🙂

    Present: 3 of Wind. Recognition,the card suggests you are coming into a deeper understanding, throw off any social conditioning and follow your creative spirit, your uniqueness. Is there something in the past you have struggled to leave? In any case you have come too far, grown too much. You are purifying your motivations, surrendering to your new "process".

    Future: 5 of Earth. Nadir,this card helps us see where we may have created something, person or situation as part of a reality that does not honor our deepest truths. You may require some rearrangement in certain areas of our life so your Heart & Spirit are honored. Walking with integrity, integration w/ our public and private lives. More introspection, listen to your intuition, it's nudging you...

    Thank you for letting me share.



  • Cris thanks again. Yes your reading was very helpful. His grandfather does live in a hilly place, he has beautiful property. He is a hard man... I hope that Ryan does finally start to heal. It makes me smile that you see him possible cooking. When we 1st got togethor that was one of the things that I liked so much about him, he was always making us something late, late at night. Odd sometimes gross guy stuff like egg sandwich's. Ryan is 27 years old, lol. : - ) it dosnt suprise me however that you see him as younger, not at all. If you see anything else, anything at all please dont hesitate to tell me. Let me get to your reading, I hope that it is beneficial to you. Also if you ever feel that you would like another please dont hesitate to ask.

    Nine of pentacles reversed for the past. Judg

    ement for the present, and Death for the future. The three of wands reversed, and the Ace of swords for advice, and guidance.

    you and your current husband have been dealing with these problems for along while now. Their is a complete disconnect between the two of you. And maybe you too have even been mimicking what you both think of as a succesful relationship? I think you have ignored your problems for too long, and now they have become unfixable. At this piont the two of you dont really even know each other anymore. It is sad and it's something that you wish to end now rather than continue to live togethor. Whilst constantly being reminded of what is lost...the love and the time.

    Judgement is always the herald of "freedom" from old oppresion, and Death is usually renewal, where something is gone, now something new can take its place. That being said When the two appear togethor like this, judgement and then Death following after. It represents an inabilty to face facts, and trouble coping with change. I have read some about what you are going through on the forum. I know that you have expressed concern for your daughter, so maybe thats what these two togethor are getting at. Or maybe all this new change, and new cycle and new new new is just going to be hard to get used to and some what taxing while still at the same time being a beneficial breath of fresh air! exactly what you want and need. ...I guess it's like you told me nothing good ever comes easy. But surely you are on the right path.

    For advice, try to stay peaceful with your ex. It would seem that the two of you at this piont cant even listen to one another in peace. If their is some attempt being made by one of you to subconciously teach the other a lesson this obviously needs to stop. If it is your husband doing this to you then try to be the bigger person and conciously forgive him for it. If you are doing it to him try to stay aware of it and stop. All of this however will eventually come to pass and you will feel confident and at peace because you will be reasurred that you took the right step!

    Good luck! Thanks again, and any time!

    : - )

  • Namaste Pfree, thank you so much! I love the spirit deck and I think you have a great grasp of the meanings. This gives me some deeper understanding of spiritual truths I'm wrestling with and direction toward keeping an open mind.

    Thank you for giving back; I'm grateful!

    Love and light


  • Thank you Karma

    Dead on you are! Very impressive. We are going in circles at the moment and I feel overwhelmed by all the changes coming. I don't know who it is who's trying to teach who a lesson here, but I can tell you that consciously, it isn't me. I get the feeling my husband is trying to show me that I can't live without him, which gets me down a great deal as this is what made me stay the last time there were problems. He throws the past up at me and I'm sick of hearing it. We've both made mistakes, etc, but it seems I'm the one who's made the most of them 🙂 Daughter is a concern, but hopefully we'll get her through all of this. She's 15 and maybe it might have been kinder on her if this had happened when she was younger. We'll never know though.

    So thanks so much for this insightful reading my friend. I know these changes need to happen, but am nervous of them at the same time as I think they'll all come at once. Then xmas will loom larger than it is now ... 🙂 Still, I can't get away from the fact that it is the right choice and has been put off for far too long. Blessings to you and your fella!


    I will get to your reading asap. I tried to yesterday but neck was aching too much, got interrupted by the phone and had to break the connection. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I'll get to it. Though the feeling I get is that it's all good. Disruptive to a fair degree, but good ... 🙂

    Namaste to you!


  • Thanx, Chris. I sent you a touch of healing, so you may feel a tad more relaxed in the neck and spine, like butter melting. It won't impact your needs to work or function tho, and comes with no "do not operate machinery" warning. lol

    I look forward to your reading, and thank you.



  • Thank you Ahliyah, my neck does feel much better today and has receded to a niggling stiffness rather than out and out agony, so I was able to do my four hour round trip to do what was planned today without having to put it off - yee hah!! :))

    On to you:

    I feel you have been wrestling (like most of us) with a decision, but one regarding your spiritual path more than anything of late. You are a great healer, but I think you might be looking at taking a diffrerent direction to what you have. I see a family issue here also, and am picking up on a child who hasn't been well and it weighs quite heavily on you and other family members. Is this child a girl? I'm not getting that this child is all that old, more like she's younger than 10 and has suffered something quite chronic for a time now. Is it something to do with blood? I am getting the word "remission" and the phrase "just around the corner". I feel this illness is a muscular thing also which is directly linked to some sort of blood disorder. She will kick this illness right when it looks like it has her in its clutches and I feel as a teenager, she will be a bouncing, healthy person. I'm also getting fair hair here.

    I may be way off the mark with the above (regards the child) but if I am, maybe some of what I've said could be put into a different context which you'd be aware of and I'm not getting. Otherwise, well, the news is good there :))

    Now that I think about this further, have I been describing your own childhood by any chance? You see, sometimes I get images or impressions, but they may be (as said) correct in an entirely different context to what I have put them in. I'd be interested to know about this, as it's quite strong. But then again, I could just plain be wrong!!

    Back to you:

    I see you frowning a lot! Not in anger or impatience, but rather you are perplexed. Something you've been working on has not gone the way it usually would and this is causing your doubt about the direction you need to take. This is a test; a test of your commitment to your path and the methods you have adopted to walk upon it. You will overcome this, and I see you standing in a circle of light (yes, circle of gold) once again, but this time with more strength of purpose and confidence in your ability.

    You need a holiday too. I know you went on a recent sabbatical, but I feel in mid-2010 you will need to take a proper break from all of this and just sit, like Buddha in a sense, no email, no phones, no anything except the twittering of birdies :)) You have helped so many people and given of yourself very freely, but even though you protect yourself and nurture yourself, you need to step back properly for at least a month to properly recharge yourself. There is a retreat I think you go to quite often and this is where you will go in 2010 again, but for longer than you have in the past.

    I see you thinking about writing either a novel, or another novel. I get this sense of one written, but sort of "binned" and never published. It needs to see the light of day again. This "other" novel could well be a re-write of the "binned" one and it will be successful. I actually can see you up there with the Doreen Virtue's and even Louise Hay's of the world if you might only trust in your ability to educate people, not only with healing and your very strong sense of spirituality, but also the written word. Poetry is quite big in your life too, and is something you are very good at yourself, along with painting and sketching. This book will combine all this and I think it will be one treasured by those who own it, like those who own The Secret or ... dare I say it ... The Bride Stripped Bare ... 🙂

    Money will always be plentiful for you as you share it where you can. YOu will always be comfortable, if not well off, and that is because you have such a positive attitude towards money. Money is energy. If only we could all believe that, we'd be much better off as a collective, eh? 2010 will be particularly lucrative for you.

    Health for you is a bit fragile. You do need to preserve yourself, but you know this. You will live a long life and I don't see the hand of physical death coming for you until you're at least in your eighties. I see you surrounded by many grandchildren too.

    I don't get that you have any major relationship issues either. Rather, you are able to take them as they come and accept them when they go. Only a few have hurt you in the past, but you had so much else to do in this world, that you never really let them rule who you are and what you do. I don't get that you're actually married in the classic sense either, but could be wrong there! I also see a pregnancy ... could that be you?

    I think you may go back to school for a time, maybe to study philosophy or similar (I think you may have already studied this topic in the past, but you wish to learn more about the ancient philosophers than you already know). This will enrich the content of your book, and I see publishing coming in about 2-3 years of this novel. The cover of the book will have quite a bit of blue in it.

    Now one last thing: there is a red car which seems to have some sort of problem with it's steering. Don't know if this is your car, but if not, it is someone close to you. They should get it checked as I'm sensing something about ball bearings and ... the term "not far off" comes in here. So this should be dealt with asap, otherwise it could be a worry.

    I have typed as the thoughts have come here Ahliyah, so if any of it seems a bit way out, please bear with me!

    I sure hope some of this makes sense to you and await your feedback. I just hope I haven't been getting things for others who have posted into this thread (or even me as that has also happened), so please forgive me if that has happened this time.

    Again, thank you for being a thoughtful friend and - to repeat myself - I hope this reading has been of some help to you 🙂

    Take care and many blessings back to you and yours. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Namaste Chris. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. The little blondie is my son, who at times may look a bit effeminate. (I use that not with its typical negative connotation) His features are very soft. He is struggling with a physical issue right now, kind of ongoing and then recedes. I think the red car is my little put put, and which needs an oil change badly. : )

    I once had a car that blew its bearings because i didn't change the oil. lol

    Red is a color of caution or urgency; this is what I have applied to this. Great job!

    When I was a child, my hair was gold.

    I am frowning; I am perplexed. I've asked for a level Six teacher (in physical form) to help me complete the multidimensional walk between worlds. I have also been considering getting a degree in spiritual studies or transpersonal psych, just because I enjoy studying. Something for me, rather than "in order to get a job" . lol

    Interesting about the books because there are two that are binned and which I am considering massive re-edit to cut them down to novella size. Just not sure where I want to start. One received honorable mention in a contest, the other was considered by three major publishing houses. I always felt the first one was publishable, just not in its current form. Hmm. Chewy. Your comment about trusting my ablility to also educate people was phrased in such a way that I received the higher message. Thank you.

    Very fine work, Chris. This gives me a place to regroup in all that is happening right now.

    I'm honored you took the time to share your wisdom with me. It has been a pleasure sharing sacred space with you.

    Love and light,

    Ahliyah xoxoxo

  • I'm happy for you Ahliyah! 🙂

  • Thanks, Poetic!


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