Love Confusion

  • Hello to all. I hope everyone has created peace, and embraced it in your lives today.

    Well, down to it shall we? I'm 21, and I've just gotten out of a physically, mentally/verbally abusive relationship. I've recently been able to act in forgiveness instead of just saying it. As soon as I was blessed to understand how do that, I was blessed to find someone new, and someone new found me.

    I've smiled, laughed, and have had intimate (not sexual) moments with this person. I now am no longer interested in anyone else, and am currently having trouble keeping my feet on the ground when it comes to my feelings for this person. How can a young vigorous heart like mine, calm itself to keep from jumping the gun? I've taken space, and meditated many a night to help, but my mind plays with to love, or not to love, like a pendulum without an outside force to stop it..

  • Hi, Wow! I think it's great that you have found someone and that you think you are in love. Are you a fire sign. I couldn't help but get the impression, or sense that you are Libra or Virgo. Sometimes when you know, you know. Try not to pick abusive people, though. Also, hope it's not a re-bound type deal. Good Luck!

  • I am not a fire sign, yet an earth sign that relates to fire signs very closely, since we are so closely related. I chose to wait until I wasn't looking for love to get into this kind of thing, so I doubt it is a rebound relationship we've created. I think I know, but seeing as I'm so hesitant to admit what I feel at the moment, I just wish I knew when this time of hesitance will pass. I guess I just have to wait, just as I did to learn true forgiveness. Yes, the abusive people, not so much :). Anyways, I think it's just my colors as a Capricorn showing as to why I'm so impatient to find out when I'll be certain, as if I can really plan out a relationship. Oh me..

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