Had a Bad Day

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Has anyone found this week to be hard? I have been fighting off negative feelings since the beginning of the week. Feel them especially at work, my co-workers are a bunch of wolves and I think I've been especially sensitive lately.

    Was on the way to work, actually was almost in front of the building and turned around and went home. I'd been feeling like I'd wanted to take off but I had a heavy intuition this morning that I should not go to work because my bad mood would have magnified plenty today.

    The person in my life did something I did not like yesterday and I wanted to throttle him. And I am usually very patient with him.

    I know there was a full moon sometime this week. As a matter of fact I was driving to work the other morning and there it was hanging in the sky in the early AM! Stuff like that used to freak me out but not so much anymore.

    Any suggestions as to why this week sucks? Lol


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