• Hi again all,

    I am worried about my daughter who seems to have suffered a great deal from the recent death of a close family friend. I'm torn between: is she focusing on this sad event as a way of taking her mind off me and her father splitting up, or is she genuinely upset about our friend's death? Just not sure how to help her through this at the moment, or if this will pass eventually. I realise his sudden tragic death was yet another load on her plate, but she insists she is okay about the situation with her father and me. Thanks in advance for your insights 🙂

  • Cris I knwo that fot you worried read whats going on page 3. It may help lighten your load somewhat. I am sorry for your daughter and what shes going through though. I dont mean to make light out of the situation. This is all going to take some time. She is one tough cookie is the feeling I get and you are not adding to the suffering by your choices. Its only temporary. You dont want to prolong the inevitable. and SHe has you for a mama. lucky lucky girl.

  • okay I really dont know what the heck I was trying to say that first sentence I really need to quit typing my fingers are starting to resemble a T- rex.

  • Ah, why on earth aren't we neighbours? Am so sick of having no-one much to talk to face to face about any of this. But yeah, she is one tough cookie, but I guess I worry about that a bit as while I'm a tough girl too, underneath us tough ones suffer alone (you'd know what I mean there). We're the ones who everyone looks at and says "she'll be okay" without even bothering to ask how we really are. At least I have one friend here who bothers to ask that, but it's usually in a setting where I can't talk about any of it!! So, thanks Ms T-Rex Fingas. I know what you mean too: the longer ya tap away the more thoes kesy seme to omve to other stosp on the ykeborad ...

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