• Hi everyone,

    Just want to pass on my thanks to those who have been the greatest of buddies on and off this Site, and those who have been supportive on here during a rather challenging and difficult time:




    universalharmony (yes I did spot those readings you did in my place; thanks so much for this)



    I know I've left a few out, but can't remember everyone's screennames! So thanks to those who have expressed their support and understanding of late. Am still travelling a bit rough, but nothing good ever comes without challenges and/or grief. Or stumbling blocks, frustration, fear, apathy, exhaustion ... the list goes on and on and on and on ... 🙂

    Onwards and upwards as the saying goes. It's a beautiful day here Downunder, but for once I don't feel like being out in it. Guess that's part of the process, eh?

    Anyway, thanks once again for being a caring community. It makes me feel less alone as where I live I feel like I've only got one good friend I can talk to about everything. Ah well.

    Bless you all, and I'm trying to get back to doing readings (have done a very few), but sometimes my head just doesn't seem attached to the ole neck ... but maybe that's the way it always is and I've just realised it ... :)))



  •'re welcome hon!

    Thank you, you are such a lovely person, it really is a pleasure.

    🙂 xoxo

  • hahaha. I made a heart and it changed the shape when I posted. lol

    WE are rooting for you!!!!!!!

  • awwwww .... shucks ...... thanx for making me wanna cwy you two ... sniff ...

  • Besides lovin, what's wrong with the humble triangle or graph thing or pyramid sorta shape whateveritismeanttabe???? The intention was there, but computers have other ideas. Who said they were controlled by us?

  • HAHAHA. Its a heart that got ran over by a bus. Like the men in our life. Slammin the breaks when we thought we were full speed. Thats symbolic of what my heart has become. hee hee he

  • hey cris1962

    glad to see you backand about 🙂

    What part of Aussie are you in? I live in the south east of South Australia

    T 🙂

  • And mine in so many ways ... sigh...

  • In the New South Wales Central West 🙂

  • Hi fellow aussie talisa72,

    I'm in Melbourne!

  • hey there Wenchie!! 🙂

    didn't realise you were an aussie also, glad to find a few fellow locals as such 🙂

  • we come from a land downunder

    where women glow and men chunder

    can't you hear can't you hear the thunder

    ya better run, ya better take cover ....

    she pumps him full of breakfast and she sends him on his way

    what a sing-song dance

    what a per-for-mance

    what a cheap tent show

    oh no no no no no

    then the boys light up

    the boys light up


    who said us Aussies were not leaders in all things - I mean, look at our LYRICS???!!!!!

  • lol ! you need to be an aussie to understand them at times though huh 😛

  • OMG LMAO. Didnt realize you aussies were so funny too! I want to visit you guys. You guys are awesome.

  • We are the universal comedians my fine friend. Just watch Carol Baron if you ever get a chance; he's an absolute CORKER (does "observational" humour where he takes the p*ss out of every day situations and people's reactions to them). He is HYSTERICAL. Reckon youtube would have some clips of him (probably spelled that wrong: youtube .. utube ... yootube ... can't seem to connect t'day). Also call up some clips from a show called "Good News Week" hosted by Paul McDermott. This is another one that makes my stomach hurt every Monday night. Let me know what you think of our good old Aussie humour if you happen to catch some clips of these two :))

  • I think the Aussie humour is laidback style and we do take the p*ss out of ourselves VERY well!!!!!

    But then some Aussie comedians are just CRASS!!!! I mean like Kevin "Bloody" Wilson and that other guy.....whose name escapes me right know the one that does that stupid laugh then says "f*ck ya". I don't know if it's just me, but I think you need to be a bogan bigtime to enjoy them!!!!

  • I think you're talking about Rodney Rude. He's bloody awful, and even though I found Kevin Bluddy Wilson funny years ago, I find him a bit too much these days :))

  • Yes, that's it Rodney Rude. Yes they are both too much. I may have appreciated them a little (and only just a little) years ago but to be honest, can't stand them now. Find them too bogan for me (but just my opinion!!!!) Not meaning to sound snobby, just not my cup of tea!!!!! 🙂

  • I think your appreciation for humour changes over time, what once was funny cos it was crass is now just not funny. I find someone who is very off the cuff and spontaneous like Paul McDermott and ones like him to be a true comedian and I also spend my "Good News Week" time giggle away. As sad as it sounds, kinda glad that the hour is up so I can give my face and stomach muscles a break!!

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