Does bad karma exist?

  • Does anyone believe that bad karma exist even though you haven't really done anything to deserve it. When my husband and I first started dating he was seeing someone before me that was a little nuts. I have proof that the two of them had been broken up for sometime and she constantly makes it sound like I stole him away. Its been four years already and she has been married and had a daughter, but still puts post out on the internet that he abandoned her and I was the other woman. If this info was true it really wouldnt bother me but the fact that what she is saying about my relationship with him is false, its very upsetting. Ever since she has been doing this for the four years, we have had nothing but bad luck no matter what I do. Any ideas or advice?

  • firesign, I'm not sure what you mean by bad karma.

    we get out of life what we send out. if we send out negative energy then the universe will send that back to us. same with positive energy. but many people do not understand this and so in their anger, jealousy, sadness etc they have sent out negative energies to others. they may have done this unintentionally, however, for they do not realize what they are doing. let's say the woman was angry or jealous at you and so she spread lies about you, which is on its own negative energy. On top of that, she makes wishes that your life will be hammered with problems, which are again negative energies. also those who read her stories, might also be angered and so they sent the same wishes to you, thinking you have ruined somebody's life. These are multiple negative energies, coming from all directions towards you therefore difficulties in your life again and again. the universe however, will return these energies to them. unintentionally or not, they have sent them out and they will receive them back someday.

    The same goes to you. Any anger or jealousy or anything negative you have sent out to this woman no matter how small, will be returned to you. again, you may have done unintentionally, you were probably just thinking that she is nuts and so she wouldn't make a good partner and you are better than her. this is negative thinking on its own and ill be returned to you.

    Be very careful of your thoughts and energy you send out. The universe will return it to you and there is no way of stopping it from doing so. I am not saying that we should be perfectly positive, I am saying we should try our best, knowing that what we send out will return to us.

    I would suggest that you protect yourself from negative energies. we encounter this in our daily life. energy is an air form. you can be hit by negative energy as simple as talking to an angry person (maybe he doesn't sound angry, but he is sending it to you without you knowing) on the phone, let alone meet face to face. A mere visualization of blue/white light can work, visualize it every time you communicate with someone or whenever you feel need to. the block will return the negative energy to sender, but allow positive energy to enter.

    I have a thread about gems that can neutralize energie that you receive, if you ever forget to put up your shield.

  • this is the thread

    you need to read it through, page 1 to 3, because the info I put are sporadic

    I forgot some things and had to add them, that's why it's like that

    last but not least, refrain from negativities: revenge, despair, worries, anger, jealousy, lies, deceipt, denial, betrayal etc

    live your life in the truth, for the universe does not tolerate any other way

    when you feel down, say This too shall pass. repeat as many times, for this situation will pass if you do the right thing by staying positive

    do not let bad things that others do or say to you and about you, keep you from living your truth

    the universe will do what it always does, and they will get their share

    your future is your own making. you can decide to follow my tips or do what you wish to do

    I am just sharing what I have learned. bye now take care.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything you have said made a lot of sense to me. I have read the link you said and it was very helpful. I am going to try the crystals. Thanks again.

  • you are welcome. hope for the best.

  • Hi, I think you're concentrating too much on this. This may be an issue on a personal level that you have to deal with. She probably has issues with this guy other than you. This may not be the one for you and that is what your dealing with.

  • Hi, I'm Nahasha

    I'm a true aqurius, I am sorry to inform you but is he was in a relationship at the time with this woman then you did steal him from her and yes that would cause bad karma! You both should ask god to forgive you because he should have left her first before ha got in a relationship with you.Think if it was you in her shoes. It's still time to restore your relationship with him I think.Go to god for guidence, only he can grant you mercy through repentence!!!!

    Good luck to you and him!!

  • Actually they were broken up at the time before we started going out. She had even posted on a dating page saying that she had broken up with him and didnt want to be alone and was looking for someone before we even met. So you see I did not steal him away.

  • What do you mean by having bad luck? I am wondering if the ex girlfriend and the bad luck have nothing to do with each other. Are you having problems with the realtionship? Or are you guys having problems in other areas? i am thinking you are looking for someone to blame for the problems youve been having and directing it to her because of your anger towards her for bashing you and your man publicly. The problems you are having might just be trails in life. When I am with the guy I truly love things obstacles would get thrown in our paths constantly. Either as a test of our commitment to each other or just stuff happening forcing us to grow.

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