What's going on?

  • LibrasLair,

    i will send a reiki healing to your friend Vicki also, it all helps!

  • Thanks for the name Libras, I'll do her tonight too.

    Lovin'........awesome name you came up with! Better than what I came up with.....Marilyn. Very unoriginal, just because of Libras blonde hair, seen a photo of her, she's a blonde bombshell!

  • Thank you I was just on facebook trying to reach another friend for Reiki. Much appreciated.

  • Oh now I am blushing and you know that's hard to do. Thanks Wenchie I will love ya forever.

  • Wenchie did you catch the name she gave me? Victoria is the name of that channeler I sent to you.

  • You were vibing it hon. But that is the first time I picked up on an actual name. I am so excited about this, not whats happening with your friend of course, but i have been working real hard to develop my pshycic stuff for quite some time and this I did by MISTAKE. I need to go to meditation like right now.

  • No....April Crawford channels the entity "Veronica".

    You're welcome LibrasLair, if I look as good as you when I reach your age, I'll be a happy woman!

  • Talisa72, we'll make a good healing team tonight. I don't know how to do Reiki. But I'm thinking of learning Pranic Healing, my sister does that and says it's more specific healing than Reiki. I was going to do Reiki but she talked me around. Younger sister but damn bossy!!!!! But I love her!!!! She's such a Leo!

  • I haven't heard of Pranic Healing will have to look into that one. Ever since I was little I'e always had an interest in crystals and the like. It's just taken me til the last few years to do something about it.

  • I am going to bed now its 11:26 p.m. And my a** is dragging. Thank you girls I have to work before I go to sleep too. Much love your way.

  • A path you were meant to follow by the sounds of it!

    Don't know a whole heap about Pranic healing either except that it is healing through the energies and chakras etc. My sister says that there is a specific healing for everything you want to heal/cleanse, she felt Reiki was more generalised. You know I think I'm going to have to ask her about it again so I feel like I have my facts straight.

    I'm sure we can google it and find out some info too.

    See crystals I still have to learn about, it's on my to do list.

  • Goodnight.......sweet dreams LL.

    We'll all do our bit for Vicky today.

    You get some good rest, you need to take care of your body too.


  • stay strong LL and know that we are all here to help you hugs

  • I've just started doing meditation to help open myself up to messages and to understand the signals I am being sent. I have been working hard on trusting my abilities as I am just not really confident with them.

    I got a set of Rider-Waite tarot that I am playing with and hoping that will help with the whole process

  • That sounds perfect!

    I've been pretty much the same thing, meditating as well as joined a meditation group. Lady who runs that is really sweet and an awesome psychic. I know I am here to heal, I am a healer and empath. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. One day I want to have my own healing centre.

    I've not yet bought Tarot cards as such but have bought Doreen Virtues Angel Oracle cards. I do want to get Tarot cards too. I'm forever burning candles and incense and doing prayers and stuff. My daughter thinks it's a little weird I think but she goes with it. I get her to pick a card from the Angel deck and read it to her and explain what it means.

    Tonight I'm going to start on a mentoring program with Ahliyah, I'm keen to get my life on track and get on with things. I'm looking forward to it, but a little scared of the changes I'll need to make!!!

  • Tarot cards confused the heck outta me. I meditate and use frankinsense regularly. I also try to practice seeing into other peoples energies on people that I know so that I can get feedback. I carry a crystal that a friend "charges" for me for free. I have been learning so much about my abilities this year I have dabbled in just about everything there is. A couple nights ago I dreamed that I was facing a not so nice spirit and I woke up speaking a diffrernt language that made it disappear. 2 wks ago I dreamed of another nasty spirit which I destryed and had to put half the ashes in a box and the other half scattered so that it couldnt come back. Keep trying and you will find more and more things that you may not have known you could do.

  • Wow Lovin'!!

    I want to learn it all.

    I want to learn all about healing, crystals, wicca, runes, tarot, reflexology, massage, auras, chakras, herbs, connect with my guides, automatic writing, angels.........I'm just a big sponge wanting to soak it all in.

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