What's going on?

  • Hi, I am actually Hans, stare into the beard. Your daughters suffering belongs to her not that of her mother. Let me clarify, the daughter of the mother will suffer only of her own suffering. The suffering will have taken a life of it own and move into a red house made out of a deck of cards.

  • Chris,

    From what you have said about your daughter, she is a very intelligent and together girl. I think it will be worse for her knowing she is the only thing keeping you together, plus the fact that she will see that neither or you is happy, they can see straight through all that. So far she seems to be coping well and will probably have a better relationship with both of you separately as she won't have you both 100% of the time, and that makes you appreciate the time more together that you do have.

    I really feel she is fine with it all, I don't get any bad feelings or vibes about your daughter around this.

    Don't let her (or the fear of hurting her) be your excuse to hold you back from making changes that you know have to be made (even though it's scary to make them and you don't really want to do it). And slap me if you feel I overstepped the mark there, I can take it!

    The fact that she was keen to move to Tassie tells me that she is ok with you and her dad separating. She knows you will both always be there for her.

  • NO SLAP ME INSTEAD. I gotta go get my kids now. Comedy hour is ova. I love you guys, I mean it. ttyl. ( :

  • Lovin,

    Ohhhh......the tears rolling down my face!!!!!!! My boss walking past wondering why the hell I am laughing at my computer screen when I should be finishing my end of month and giving him some financial reports!!!!!!

    BTW, what will I see as I stare into the beard???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))))))))

  • why the H E L L !!!! Yeah.........I said a swear word!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))

  • HMMMM...you will see a lost soul serching for answers, oops nope thats a nacho. there may also be a second coming of a wandering soul that is ready to share a small amount of their life with you...no..wait thats the cheese dip. Then you will wander aimlessly through the forest of hair and find your missing car keys, a cell phone, and a copy of The Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Oh........you are too much!!! :-))

    BTW Hans, we love you and think you're awesome! You are so giving to do so many readings and the insight can be quite good, just sometimes we are confused. But we think you are great!


  • I agree with Wenchie, no harm meant. I am trying to cheer up our dear friend Cris who seems to have gone missing and just when things were starting to get fun. Ah well, maybe next time. Hans I think what you are doing is fantastic!!!!

  • good to see it's not just us Aussie chicks who have a demented sense of humour!! smiles

  • Ah, back again lovin-hans/wenchie

    I suggest a coupla things:

    Firstly we live in a big tent, but only if it is RED

    Secondly, we keep sharks in a lake beside it and those who misbehave are to wade into it at their own risk

    We all must wear beards

    Thirdly the house of cards will be Tarot cards

    Daughter will be okay if I have to beat her into it (???? as if)

    I agree with what you say: suffering is only that which is fed by those who are eating it ... swallowing .... er .... WALLOWING in it ...

    Yes I think Hans is doing just fine. I just can't get over the complete contrast between his reading and the one I had last week. Freaky to say the least and I can tell ya, my stomach sunk right down to my knees when I read it :))

    Now as to what we may see if we are wondering around in the dark without our keys and mobiles, I have this to say:

    BOLO ..... GNESE

    with Parmesan cheese pleeze. And y'know, I'd rather a copy of The Wall than the Dark Side Of The Moon. That's because I yike it better ... it's creeeepier than DSOTM ...

    Nah, who'm I kiddin??? I've lost the funnies methinks. Hubby was just here about to go to the solicitor to file for d i v o r c e and all I heard was whingeing about the amount of leave he's losing doing this, how he blames my friend's husband's death for a whole lot of stuff at the moment, etc, etc,. I realise he's frustrated, but for heaven's sake, why do I have to keep listening to this sh*t???


    I want to be understanding, but I am running out of patience. And keys. And I want the cheese dip back ... actually I'd rather french onion dip ... or maybe even pate ...

    Oh bother, I should've stayed in bed this whole week. Just cant' get it together today :((

    Btw, where exactly are we locating this big, red tent with shark lake?? Where I live, or where Talis lives or where Wenchie lives? Just askin, as I think sharks might be a bit hard to come by where I live ... yabbies on the other hand are in grand supply so I hear ...

    ah whatever ... thanks guys ... but I'm no company t'day ... :(((( sniff ....

  • Chin up sunshine and hang in there or we will through bolognese in the sharks to tempt them before you have your evening dip in the lake!!!!

    just brush off whatever s**t hits you and know it's hurt that is throwing it your way. brush it off and hold your head up knowing you are starting a process that will make you whole and strong again huge hugs

  • hokay ... * accepts hugs * just wanna run and hide t'day ... thanks tal :)) here's a hug back to you ((( )))

  • I think I'd be telling hubby to go pull his head out of his a*rse! Firstly, there is no filing for divorce until you have been separated one year and one day, so he's jumping the gun a bit. He's in victim mode, you know, poor me.....I'm so hard done by. TYPICAL male! Put up your protective armour, that lovely bubble of light and include the mirrors to deflect that negative shite back where it came from.

    He is wasting his own leave if he thinks he needs to organise all this now. You don't HAVE to divorce straight away, my girlfriend kicked her hubby out 8 years ago, and he's now filing for divorce because he wants to remarry. SO.....tell him to take a deeeeeep breath and get over himself. He's just gotta have something to b*itch about, DO NOT take it on board, it's his stuff, let him deal with it. He WILL get over it, but in the meantime, he wants you to take the blame and responsibility. Is it time to tell him to stop his needless whining, you all have stuff to sort out and him whinging to you isn't helping anyone.

    Goodness me......how damn selfish of your friend to die and inconvenience hubby's life, well that's just not on, is it. (Note the sarcasm here).

    If you work the stuff out yourself, there is no need to use a solicitor for divorce. I used a solicitor to put in writing how we split assets (let him have nearly everything, just wanted my sanity) and we put in writing custody arrangements (which mean a pinch of shite when one parent manipulates children to not spend time with the other).....these papers are called court orders. They are reasonably cheap. I paid less than $2,000 for that - I arranged and paid for it - not him. Then I filed for divorce, just a matter of filling in paperwork you download from net. Very basic. Lodge it with courts, pay $450. Have to serve papers on ex, so if no one willing to do it, costs around $80 to have them served by professionals.

    Then court date and you're done. No biggie.

    Your daughter will be fine, they are so adaptable. They adjust better than us. As long as she doesn't have to you guys dumping your crap on her, she'll be fine. She just doesn't need the manipulation and feeling like she has to take a side and she truly will be ok. She just needs to know (which she does) that you both love her and are there for her. It's not like she won't see one of you again, she will have time with both of you and she'll have two homes. She is also used to her father being away for long periods of time with work, so I think you'll be surprised at how well she takes it all.

    NOW....the big RED tent......I would like to live more in the country, with some land and trees and mountains in the view. Kids can run around, plenty of room. Have the alpacas running free around the place, a nice big dam filled with yabbies......yummm! Used to go yabbying as a kid.

    You would love this spinach dip I make, it's so mooorish and great at a time like this. Mix one 500ml tub of Light sour cream, one box frozen spinach thawed with moisture squeezed out, one pkt Spring Vege Soup (not the cup of soup, the family sized pack.....and none of that salt reduced crap, we're going full flavour here), and one tbsp of dried onion flakes. Mix together and put into a cob loaf with the top cut off and some of the bread inside scooped out. Then eat the dip with the bread, it is soooooo good! If you want to be healthy, it's great with carrot and cucumber sticks.

    Okay, you know me.......never have much to say!!!!! And when I do, you know I hold back!!!!!!!! :-))



  • Those four stars both times hide the word C R A P!!!! Geez, I'm full of bad swear words today! :-))

  • Thanks Wenchie. As always you make things seem a bit clearer. And yep, ain't we all full of expletives today?? It's a real day for it I think. I've hidden inside on probably the most stunning day we've had since spring began, but I just don't feel like being out in it. Am tired of hubby's constant whingeing about the computer usage, etc, and my daughter's nerve to grieve for a friend who he thinks was a loser. BAH. I don't think it'll be long before I completely lose my cool, as I'm already on tenterhooks as it is. But this is just more of the same: nothing has ever been his fault, and even if he accepts his part in it, he always turns it back to being something I did or didn't do. A good man he is, but I hope the next woman doesn't wear his blame for every damned thing that goes wrong in his life. Because I sure don't want to carry it anymore; had enough.

    Might be time to go and sleep I think or something. Have a medical to go to next week for this hospital job, so hopefully I'll get some shifts soon. Even though I'm nervous about it, I think the focus on some real world energy will do me good. I feel like I've lived in a fantasy world for long enough lately, even though that can be a good thing sometimes. Time for feet to be on the ground. Just hope I hit that blo ody ground runnin' ... :)))

  • Ahhh, just the feisty Taurus in me, comes out especially when I sense some injustice...especially concerning men who need to wake up to themselves.

    Hmmmm.......the computer usage issue feels like a form of control. He knows that is a good outlet for you gives you communication with others.

    You didn't tell me that you got a job, that's really great news. It's amazing how much independence and self confidence you will gain when you know you are no longer totally relying on him, earning your own money boosts you in so many ways. I'm thrilled for you. It will be a good social outlet for you too. Give you some time just to be Chris, not be daughters's Mum or hubby's wife....you can just be YOU.

    Yeah, I feel like I've been wrapped up in fantasy world too in some ways, I've just been a hermit and not socialising much. I'm happy enough in my own company, so sometimes I need to remember to get out there into the real world too. Although in some ways, I feel like the self imposed exile serves it's purpose, that I need the time out for a reason.

    Somehow I think we're all going to hit the ground running real soon, that life is just going to take off after holding back and being stagnant for so long. I'm a little scared but SO exicted too!

  • I'm just too practical is my problem Chris, it's all that earth.....the Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon combo!

  • Talisa72......yes isn't it awesome to meet someone else with a demented sense of humour.....I love it!!!!!! Lovin would fit right in here!!!!! She really has a great sense of humour and cracks me up. What a shame Lovin's in the U.S., wouldn't it be good to have a girls road trip and meet up somewhere all of us?

  • Heyya!! Thelma, Louise, Bonnie and ... Clyyyyde ... who'd be Clyde??? Got dibs on Bonnie 🙂

  • Wenchie is right he is jumping the gun and your daughter will be glad she doesn't have to listen to the bickering. And his song of somebody done me wrong song is getting old and tell him you'll give him the money to call someone who gives a fat rats a s s. And move on down the road.

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