Help me with this Cancer man!!

  • Virgocookie>>Sandran and Wicked - did you guys get an answer from the other forum? The any advice one. Mine was what I expected!

    Sandran>>Not here.I can't believe all the drama behind other signs.But, nothing about a Capricorn male.And I haven't heard a word from this Cancer classmate.I mean..he came to me...the least he can do is respond.The damn dumbass.

  • Well first of all let me say that Im pretty sure I could give you some good insight into how this man feels considering Im a man and have many ater planets but also earth like yourself so dont think Im just going to go on ranting about this annoying thing I keep seeing on this board because my real goal here is to try to help, but Im really starting to get frustrated with how so many people who claim to be astrologers,astrology students ect ect or even they claim nothing but they put enough weight into there belief in astrology to base life desicions with it or seek guidance in the stars yet they dont even know that persons sun sign could mean pretty much close to nothing in some situations. For those of you who dont know and have only read a horoscope in the newspaper that says something like "you are virgo of great mother earth, you will be in a mood today, for that we could be certain" obviously Im being sarcastic to point out how general of a statement that is, NO CRAP Im gonna be in a mood, were forever in a mood! . . . . Well thats basically what youre saying except to a much lesser degree.

    You say what should I do with this scorpio man but honestly his sun though it holds alot of relevance into his character really doesnt apply THAT much to your relationship. If youre truly concerned then ask the man his birthday or birthtime and get a birth chart or give us his exact birth time so we could draw one up for you. Hell Id do it for free it takes a sec if you know where to go and how to do it. When were talking about a love relationship between a male and female that involves sexual relations ect ect.. ya know gf and bf the two most relevant planets are where his venus and his mars lie. Venus will tell you where his head and heart lies in the relationship, mars will tell you where his passion, energy and sex drive get there mojo from.

    I am actually a good example of this. You see Im born Sep,12,1982 at 1:58 AM in southern cali LA . This puts my sun in the sign of virgo, also coincidently my venus is in the sign virgo. So in terms of my heart Im extremely loyal, Ive never once cheated on a serious gf. My mars however is in scorpio, the sexual deviant of all. Scorpio is notorious for being the horniest sign of all. Infact its things like this that pushed me away from believing astrology growing up. Could you imagine growing up and reading a horoscope saying yes virgos have low sex drive while here I am a virgo who started masterbating whem he was 8 years old and masterbated atleast 8 times a day untill he was well over 18. Even till day no matter how many times I have sex I still enjoy masterbating before bed. And believe me its a rarity I could find a girl to keep up with me in bed. Infact almost every x gf I have still calls me from time to time and it aint for tea and scrumpets, if im not in a relationship sure lets have fun but if I am my venus in virgo kicks in and I just click on them or tell them im involved if I once loved them.

    It sickens me that people have no clue of the real power of the horoscope and just how precise it is. I am living proof and could attest to it , you see I am on the two EXACT pollar opposite sides in terms of love, literaly, for those of you who dont know virgo and scorpio are like the yin and yang of astrology. Ive dated so many girls in my life like a man slut scorpio would, but Ive only had 2 serious gf's that I loved and I told them they are my gf and were exclusive. I was with one for 3 years and the other for 2 years, may not be that long for some but Im 27 and its long for me. But to the actual point is with my venus (the way I love, my heart and loyalty) being in virgo, I am so sincerely loyal to my G F that even attempting to cheat literaly makes me sick to my stomach. But while Im with them I am so insanely horny like the scorpio is , that I cant stop but thinking about all the other beautiful women Im missing out on having sex with.

    Not that Im saying Im Jesus's second comming or nothin but I could attract one or two hot girls if I go to club from time to time,(this is actual me being very modest believe it or not I know its pathetic)but its this Wich often creates problems in my relationships if the girl isnt attentive or doesnt display her love for me enough. Since Im constantly horny Im allways thinking about women and the second things go bad I start to think of that one hot girl staring at me from the coffee shop or the one from the bar, wich makes me go off into an ego trip with my gf. But its usually justified because if my gf is showing her love and being a loyal loving gf then everytime I see a hot girl it makes me even more in love with my girl because my heart will outweigh all else and make me feel that they couldnt hold a flame to my girl. I have turned down some of the most amazing women or not given the time of day when I was in love.. and I dont think twice about it because they mean nothing to me.

    As long as the woman recipricates the feelings I have for her, then Im not tempted to cheat the least. As soon as she seems to lose interest, especially in terms of having sex less then twice a day, then my eyes start to wander. Now being that my moon wich is my inward emotions ect ect (if ur curious read) is in cancer I could obviously relate very much to them, Especially since my ascendant and north node are also in cancer and moon in conjuction with NN I have very much cancer emotion. It seems to me from what you said about this particular guy and situation from what I read and analyzed (virgo in the head .. my sun ) it seems to me that you must have been emotionaly cold to him at one point or another. There may have even been a time where you thought low of him and dident verbaly say a thing and most people wouldnt notice it but water signs are very in tune to feeling, many are psychic and all are in touch with feelings. As a taurus one thing I see to be true for all taurens despite other planet configurations is you could be very stuborn and do things that are simply wrong and not even realise it, and even if you know what youve done wrong youre likely to convince yourself that the other person is at fault and that you are the one who is the victim. If you dont acknowledge that part of your personality as a tauren then G L having a lasting relationship because nobody wants to deal with someone who does nothing but point figures but doesnt point it where it should be, at themself. Atleast as a psychotic over analyzing virgo who picks at others downfalls and tries to help correct them it derives from the heart and love, and even if it doesnt and its in pure anger and hate atleast we go home and hate ourselfs atleast a good 3 days out of the month too.... If not every day or every other hour... haha.. but no seriously my gut tells me that he found you to be emotionaly cold at some point and fealt you were shuting him out or pushing him away.

    As a cancer he is extra sensitive so stuff most of us would get over in 2 seconds, he would hurt over and not forget for a long time so he will use caution before putting his emotions out there again. Id also like to mention that Im somewhat of a psychic and I dident read all of your first post I just went over it fast and read no other posts so what Im saying is just what my gut and brain are telling me. There was something I read that made me think it but I dont recall wether you flat out said it or not, or even if it occured when I was thinking back on ur post as I typed but I am certain that this is the case and what IM saying is true.

    Also tho I may be a bit young keep in mind teachers or helpers come in all shapes and forms, my father is my student on how to use a computer. On this matter though Ive gone off in a long rant with alot of random and irrelevant lines here and there Id like to point out once again that water dominates my chart and I have a conjunction in cancer in the 12th house and ascendant , basically my chart is ruled by my moon sign wich is in cancer so I know alot how it feels to be one. And as for taurus lets see since my older brother and best friend along with first girl I ever fell in love with and still loved more then any woman till this day are all taurus, id say I know one or two things about the two sides... anyway good luck

  • Hee Hee . You do make me laugh.

  • That was for sandran.

  • Manifestdestiny88 I would love for u to read my new topic onmy cancer man and tell me what u think> I really want to get a man's point of view. I am taurus and he is Cancer. Plz read my story , i would love to have ur input.


  • Wicked moon, I think your on the right track with attracting him, cheesecake, tanning, its going to get his attention allright, the only thing is, when it comes to a cancer it may scare him a bit more possibly, he may go "whoa, she's amazing inside and out, mabe too good to wait for me" and crawl away and hide, but it will keep him looking for the time being. Now if he thinks your not open to a relationship, then that could be a huge factor in his behavior, hes not going to want to be the one to put it all on the plate until he's comfortable with where you two stand emotionally a bit more. Due to his guilt over the other person, no ones intentions have been layed out, theres no expectations as of yet, no one pictured "can I see myself with you"? in my sweats, in my worst and best moments, are we or can we be cool with one another like that? do we have something deeper then whats on the surface? From the sound it so far, it seems theres a roadblock in the way, the other person, who he's feeling guilt over, and I'm curious as to whether or not you feel he's been very honest with you about that? Is it or is not officially over? are they broke up? or "breaking up"? Reminding him that being brave enough to be honest and true to himself regarding that relationship and the feelings he wants to explore further with you is going to yeild the best possible outcome for everyone involved, he won't be doing her any favors if he thinking about you, but at the same time the ilness prevents a clean slate right away, I too would be fearful that icky relationship karma would follow me if I hurt someone, I think he can spare her the hurt by being kind yet truthful about where they stand, being a friend in a time of need, without going into detail about how he feels for you, atleast for the time being, she'll expect him to move on later anyway), it will take a careful balancing act on his part, and patience, understanding from you as well, easier said then done, yes, but if your serious about exploring the feelings you have for one another, seeing where it could go, then its possible. Stubborn pride from both of you could result in hurt feeling for both of you, do try to be as open and honest, patient as possible, remind him of your expectations as well. As far as my old taurus friend and I go, I don't know if he thinks about me or not, he's on the other side of the world at the moment, and seems to have plenty of female attention from what I can tell from his fc page, he told another friend of mine in a message that he wasn't involved with anyone seriously though. I have so many questions for him, but I too have my ego, my pride I suppose, I could practice what I preach, just say look I know its been years, but what the hell? closer please, hopefully I 'll get there, its frustrating because he is in a "busy' sort of environment, where contact isn't always possible, so a message could go sit for weeks before he has a chance to answer it, sometimes I'm just glad to see he said hi, just to know he's alive and well, and I forget all about all my "question", its been a long process, time will tell I guess.

  • Hey Wicked Moon,

    Here's the thing...Cancer men are deeply emotional, but tend to supress, repress, lie and deny. He may want you, but NEVER be able to publicly and fully acknowledge that. He will hide his true feelings in the shadows. The more you confront him, the more he will hide...not from you, but from himself. I have a question: what do YOU want for yourself? He is NEVER going to get a divorce, especially if he is a double Cancer. Home is where the heart is in Cancer, and even if it's the 5th circle of Hell, he will stay there, mostly because ultimately, he thinks he deserves it. He is more comfortable having someone join him in Hell, however, than giving you a pass to get out. So, I guess I am asking you if you think you deserve this roller coaster, or can you do better? Do you want better for yourself? No, actually, he doesn't deserve you. He is in this life to feel everything from his past he has failed to honor in others and himself; that is a Cancer Man walk. Do you want to ride the misery with him? You like him for all the things that are good in you. Cherish that, my Sister...and move on.

  • manifestdestiny>>It sickens me that people have no clue of the real power of the horoscope and just how precise it is. I am living proof and could attest to it

    Sandran>>I agree.But..Puhleez.You are only in your 20's.All you got is what you read.I studied Astrology in high school.You weren't born yet.Like you said we are dealing with people's emotions.Romantically..etc.Nobody can possibly know what a person is really thinking.Because a person's mind can change so fast.As why I won't do readings.Fortelling the future can change also.We are really not supposed to do God's work.It can come down to bite us.He can come along and change your circumstances in a heartbeat...This is why I don't do the Tarot Cards or the Ouija Board..

  • lindieloo>>>That was for sandran.

    Sandran>>Oh you mean my crabby crab post...LOL..Was that the gift that keeps on giving..LOL

  • Oh my so many posts to read!!!

    Sandran I agree with Lindie - what will we do without your funny posts... I can just imagine 😃 Plus I also agree with you. I have the ability but feel that the future and discussing what to come should be left with the powers above. Although there's no harm with going on your instinct and feelings and that's how I always manage. I used to be crazy about all that now I'm just, let see what happens. More exciting that way 😃

    Luan - So glad that you have great news!!! See.

    Wicked - No harm in wanting to look your best. If you have it use it. I have an email from my cancer saying that I was the first girl ever he was attracted to because of my behaior, how I act and my personality and then when he saw me again looking fab (since of course we want them to drop dead when they see how hot we are, and what they miss out on, so I am like you I make every effort) he said he realised how beautiful I was on top of that. And the more he thought about that the better that felt!! At the end of the day. We all want to look good not just for others but for ourselves and it would be the guy's insecurity if he can't handle that. I mean who wouldn't want to be with someone they don't find physically attractive or appealing!!!

    Let's all just ride the waves and see what happens!!!...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • erato, please could you read my story "have i lost my cancer b/f for good " your imput would be most welcome . llindieloo/

  • Well, I just want to add in what happened last night, also thank everyone for the recent comments, I understand what you all are saying. First, I do deserve the best in a man, and I know this. I am not looking for a "relationship" right now, as I just have recently gotten out of one that was very emotionally abusive. I want to have a lil fun, and he is giving me what I need in what I mean by that. We agreed to just a fuck thing when we started, but, even though I refused to fall for him, I believe that he ended up falling for me. Which I can not help. I do care for him in the way that he has helped me grow in some respects, and I am perfectly fine with nothing turning into a serious relationship with him, but if it turns out in the future to go out and have a lil fun, get to know eachother and see where it goes, then I'm up for that.

    He is not married.

    I do believe in my heart that he needs to be truthful with himself that maybe even so that he is with her to help her through her illness, that he obviously he has feelings for someone else, and that I am on his mind more than she even knows. But, I can not control that situation, nor am I trying to at this particular time. Time will only tell whether or not how he acts on how he feels for me...

    anyway, last night, I went to work and had a great night!!! I worked with him for a couple hours one on one, I never came on to him. We did talk about personal things, and we looked eachother in the eyes while we talked. This is how we are getting to know eachother. well, he later came onto me, and we did our thing, and he went further than he has before. He is very passionate with me. we were kissing, and he was biting my lower lip, GOD!!!

    I asked him before it really went far "why do you do this to me?, and he said "why do you do this to me?" personally, I needed this and it felt good, and yes, he may just be a horny man, but I also think he wanted to take care of this for me, and I'm cool with that. We did agree to get together again.

    my confusion comes from never being with a man that did not outright tell me how he felt for me. This man does not really tell me in so many words, he shows me in a lot of ways that he feels something for me, and I'm not just talking sexually. I think that b/c I have not really told him I'd go for seeing where this goes, that he is afraid of telling me his feelings b/c I may reject him, but I do see that he is not giving up on me. He is confused b/c I feel we have a connection that in some way he may not know what to do about it. This whole thing is a little confusing, I know. Whether or not he is just fucking me, he could have any woman, and very well could have others, but he won't let me go for sure, I have tried and tried. I kinda feel though that if he is playin a little mind game, why can't I? Life will move on the way it's supposed to. If I happen to meet someone that I am interested in, I would end this wilth him for sure if that's what I wanted, he would have to deal or tell me how he feels...

  • Virgocookie>>Although there's no harm with going on your instinct and feelings and that's how I always manage. I used to be crazy about all that now I'm just, let see what happens. More exciting that way 😃

    Sandran712>>I go on feelings and instincts.I am not a psychic.But, I have psychic abilities.My son is special needs.He cannot talk.He is 24 years old.For me to communicate with him.I have to have some kind of gift where we can communicate.So I read body language.And the way I helped hurt77 is because she had a picture.It was a visual for me.And I felt from it.Why I cannot do predictions.I would have to know the person really well to give insight like that.And..Tho it works for me.To predict what could happen does not work on a whim.This is the kind of thing a Cancer sits alone and think on it.We are busy solving our own problems.

  • manifest destiny, i understand that the positions of all the planets, rising signs, etc are also important. So what if he's a cancer with moon in aquarius, venus in cancer and mars in virgo? Extremely passionate for mars in virgo, but i also have mars in virgo.

  • @Wicked> You are a seduction goddess! Go ahead and have fun. I do want to know how this pans out with you.. I reckon, and don't take me too seriously, as it is just an inkling. You my dear, may well fall for this guy when you least expect and when he doesn't want to play anymore. Just be careful and play fair 😃

    @Sandran> I'm telling you lately I've been so in tuned. I did stop with this new age and spiritual stuff awhile back and started focusing on work and social life. But I've been drawn to it again.. I used to know things that may/can happen (and still do, but block it out) and if I felt they were negative feelings I didn't want to say. It really don't like it, it's driving me nuts!!!. Like I said lately, especially since finding this forum, it's like I'm being called to do so again. Apparently Cancers (incl male) are naturally born with greater insight and intuitions and many have natural psychic abilities. It's a good gift/ability for you to have especially with your son. I have no idea where mine comes from, since we don't have any in the family. I'm the odd one. It sorta just happened to me. And I am not sure why I'm so hesitant about having this ability/gift. It confuses me more than Cancer men. Maybe I should post in another forum. Find out what I'm suppose to do with it, if this is my calling... Any recommendation which one I should post on? and I want to know what you think?... oh and I don't think anything will come of this cappy, you'll get frustrated and move on just a hunch 😃

    @Luan> there's this site called cafe astrology. I tried it and read about the moon in wherever and mercury, mars, venus in wherever sign blah blah. Just confused me more. Yeah, we can read it and say, ok, this is how we will love, communicate, respond etc. and build the person on what theysay. But what does it really all mean...what does it really gives us. In reality it takes a lifetime to know a person. Even couples who've been married for yonks still find out something new about their partner even at 83 yrs of age...

  • I am not taking anything too too serious with him. My intuition tells me to not have any expectations if you know what I mean. Of course, I will miss it if it/when it ends, but I can let him go. The past 2 serious relationships have taught me to not ever again get too wrapped up in a man, and lose myself. Those have been life lessons for me.

  • Virgo>>Apparently Cancers (incl male) are naturally born with greater insight and intuitions and many have natural psychic abilities

    Sandran712>>I used to talk to a guy a long time ago that was a Cancer.I met him on the internet..He drove me nuts..LOL..He was trying to read my mind.It was freaky.He said are you in pain?I said no.A few days later I fell outside and twisted my ankle.I could swear he made me twist it..LOL..We were supposed to hook up.But, He was 1,000 miles away.He swore I would meet someone in church and would not meet me.Well..I am still single and no one in church.But, I hold out hope on what he said.Because his psychic abilties were coming true.We used to talk on the phone.Ain't heard anything in years.He keeps changing the phone numbers.That is a big downfall to communication on the internet.

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


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